5 Cool Wall Arts That You Definitely Want to Have

Who says wall arts are only for streets? Nope! Wall arts can also be applied to your walls be it in Alveo condo Cebu or any other Philippine properties. We can see how creative a person can be when it is shown through arts. And we usually appreciate it when the art that is placed on our wall is creatively and amazingly made.

Aside from other decorations that we usually placed on our walls, wall arts are now a chic for a modern style house. Most people that have an art design interiors are usually people who just simply appreciates and loves the beauty of arts.

And if you are one of the people who just love arts and/or other forms of arts for as long as it suggests creativity, you will definitely want to have these cool wall art ideas for your house.

Jumping horse wall art


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They say when you have figures of a horse, picture frames of a horse that were hung on the wall, wall arts and/or other decorations related to a horse is a sign of good luck. Well, if you are a person who really believes in the significance of the horse to us humans, you can also put up a jumping horse wall art. Or if you don’t like a jumping horse, you can even have just a portrait of a horse on your wall.

Wall art quotes


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Those people who love to read quotes will surely also love to have a quote placed or painted on their walls. The good thing about having a wall art quotes is that every day whenever you wake up before you go to work or to school and before you go to bed, you will be reminded of good and inspiring words that can lighten up our day. And even we have a long and tiring day, the stress that we have can lessen just by reading an inspiring quote we have on our walls.

Wall art for bikers


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Bikers and aspiring bikers who just can’t get enough with the beauty a bike can give will surely love to have this kind of wall art. They will definitely be inspired by practicing and be a better biker than you are before. Aside from a simple wall art with a guy that is doing exhibitions with his bike, you can also have other wall art which is, of course, related to ‘biker’s theme.’

Page wall art


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Aside from having a bookshelf, book lovers can also have a page of unused books that will be used as decorations for their walls. You can use old magazines, newspapers and other papers that you can use as a wall art on your walls. Having a page wall art gives the beauty of reading book where it can bring us to the places that we were there before. Having a page wall art will also remind us that every day, we have to read to have more and more knowledge since not all knowledge is thought in school. Sometimes, you have to read to know more.

Wall art for otakus/anime lovers


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Hands up to those who are an otaku! Yes, of course! We also have our chance to paint or place a wall art on our walls. Do we want to have a portrait of our favorite characters on our walls, the reason? To be inspired, that what most otakus will tell when you ask them why they want to have a portrait of their all-time favorite anime.

And not to mention those characters with strong appeal, I bet, it will surely be placed on the main wall of your house. Who cares, right? For as long as it inspires you to do better every single day, then you are ok.

There are actually thousands of millions of wall art designs we can think of. Just think of what you really like to have on your wall that can make you inspire every day. How about you? Which of these few wall art designs do you like the most? Me? Wall art for otakus/anime lovers!


Tidy Work spaces: How it Makes You Productive at Work

Admit it! There are just times when we have our workspaces are full of papers and other documents that are scattered all over our table. Whether you are working in an office space or any other offices, we all experience a messy working space. Who doesn’t, right?


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A messy working space is inevitable to every working people especially when there are a lot of things to do. Sometimes, we can no longer pay attention to how messy our tables can be. Well, having a messy working space is normal, but it doesn’t mean that we agree to have a messy table.

Don’t you know that when you have a clean and organized working space or table can make you productive at work? Yes. Now here are some of the reasons why you need to have a tidy working space and how it can help you be productive.

It doesn’t disturb your eyes

We really hate it when there are papers and other documents that are scattered on top of our desk. It is disturbing and irritating to the eyes. Not just it, we can’t focus on our work since we can see other papers in our working tables.

But when you have a clean and organized desk, you can only see and focus on the work that you are doing at the moment. You don’t have to see other unnecessary things aside from the one that you are working on.

It gives you the peace of mind

Who among you tried being worried over an important paper which you thought you lost it? We all do. When you have a lot of paper and other documents piling on your working desk, you tend to forget that there are other important papers that were covered with the other documents. And by the time you will need it, you’ll definitely be worried finding that paper especially when it is just a piece of small paper.

Now if you have a tidy working space, you will be worrying too much since you know what and where you put that important document and you don’t have to be that furious when it comes to finding that document.

Important things can easily be found

Whether you are an employee or an employer, we all have important things in our desk aside from the papers and other documents; be it a ball pen for signing, sticky notes for the reminders, and other small things on our desk yet very useful in our work. Admit it! We take the time finding those things especially when we really need it at that moment.

You will not get to feel difficulty in finding that thing when you just have a clean and organized working desk. Placing it in the place where you can easily find it would be convenient on your part. You don’t need to take so much of your time just to find that thing whenever you need it.

It helps you do the work faster

Have you ever notice or experience that when something bothers you, you tend to stop working and tried thinking about it for the rest of the time you have? Yes, we all do. We can’t stay still and focus on our work when there is something that keeps bothering us especially when that thing is an important thing to have.

When we have a clear and focused mind, we tend to work faster than thinking about the things that keep bothering us which interrupts our work. Of course, you will be engrossed in the things you do since you don’t have anything else in mind but to finish the work that you have started.

It gives you enthusiasm for doing your work

Most of us, if not all, tend to be excited and enthusiastic when it comes to doing his or her work, especially when working on a clean and organized working desk. Perhaps it is because of the ambiance of the environment and the working place that you have in the office.

And when you are enthusiastic enough about doing your work, you will feel productive. The more productive you can be, the more things you can do in a day. and that what makes a good employee and/or employer.

5 Things you Usually Do in Your Bed

Soft, comfy, and warm, that is the reasons why you want to stay in your bed, right?


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The good thing is that there are already affordable yet comfortable beds available in malls in the Philippines. You can choose on to what kind of designs or styles of bed you want to have for as long as it is safe and comfortable, of course. And it will always be up to your liking.

Now, you have to erase your belief that the bed is only used for sleeping, taking some rest and or whatever that is in your mind, because aside from those things, there are actually a lot of other things you can do in your bed. Well, that, if you like doing these.

Breakfast in bed


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If a person is so sick and is having a hard time going to the kitchen for breakfast, usually, breakfast in bed is being served. There will always be a little table placed on the bed for the food. Or if you have a loving partner who is sweet enough to serve your breakfast in your bed.

Well, there is an advantage when you have your breakfast in your bed. First, of course, you don’t need to go to the kitchen and have your breakfast. Second is that it is just so sweet knowing that someone who is caring enough serving you a breakfast in your bed. And lastly, if you’d agree, it is comfortable sitting in your bed while eating your breakfast.

Studying in bed


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Oh, this! I know students can surely relate to this. Most students, if not all would prefer studying in their bed. Perhaps it is because they find it relaxing and comfortable way of studying in bed. They can lie or whatever position they want to have while studying.

While other students would prefer studying in bed, others find it uncomfortable. They can’t concentrate or focus on the topics they are studying. It makes them feel sleepy when they study in bed. Maybe it is because of the comfort the bed has that makes them feel sleepy. Definitely, both have their own reasons, whether studying in bed is advisable or not.

Playing games in bed


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Admit it! We all do love playing games in bed. It is quite enjoyable when we play in bed. Oh, and, by the way, there are actually a lot of indoor games that you can play. Board games, for example, you can definitely play it in your bed, or truth or dare, or even play games on your tab or smartphones.

Of course, that, if you don’t want to go out just to play or even sweat. Playing games in bed is a convenient and a stress-free game you can have.

Chatting in bed


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We all do this! Who doesn’t? There is no better and comfortable way to chat than chatting in your bed. You can lie down or whatever positions that you want while chatting with your families and or with your friends. This is also one way to relax and unwind in your room.

With this kind of ambiance, surely you will have a good chat since you will be comfortable in the place. And while chatting with families or friends, you can also do some other things which you both can have fun doing it together.

Watching movies in bed


jodipshaw.com Image

Aside from watching a movie in cinemas or in the living room, you can also watch a movie in your bed. This is also one way to relax and have fun watching while you are in your bed. If you don’t have a television in your room, you can have a portable DVD or a laptop to watch a movie.

Of course, you can also have any position while watching. You can lie down, or sit, it will always depend on your liking.

There are actually thousands of things you can do in your bed. This list is just a portion of what people usually do when they are in their beds. What about you? What do you usually do when you are in your bed? Anything in mind?

5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Food Aficionado 

February is known to be a love month. It is the time for couples to think on to where and what things they would do on a special day. Couples are now excited on to what surprise one might give to the other. And dining the in restaurants in the Philippines while spending the moment together is one of the things couples usually do.

They say one can impress the other is through his/her stomach. Well, who doesn’t want to impress your loved ones? There are couples who prefer dating in the restaurants or other places as long as they can eat something. Though it involves money, it is still worth dating. I’m sure; you too would definitely love to date someone who fills your stomach.

Dating a food aficionado is fun and exciting. Here are the reasons why you should date a food aficionado and treasure him/her.

You will never get hungry on your dates

This is one of the advantages when you date a food aficionado. You will never get hungry on your dates. They will know when you want to eat something even you won’t say a thing to them. They will notice your mood whether you are already hungry or not, and when you do, they will surely let you eat for you not to starve. Of course, they will bring you to the restaurants that you will surely be satisfied.

Knows where and what restaurant is open 24/7

When you are up for a late dinner or a midnight snack, you might want to call your boyfriend or girlfriend to ask where and what restaurant is open 24/7. They know what restaurants or food chains that is near to your house and are open 24 hours. You can rely on them especially when it comes to that matter.

Knows where and what restaurant is best and affordable

When the budget is on tight, food aficionados know where and what restaurant that is affordable without compromising the quality the food they serve. They will bring you to that particular restaurant and let you enjoy the food without worrying how much they would pay since they can afford it.

Of course, if they know where and what restaurant that is affordable, they also know what restaurant that is good for fine dining. They will also bring you to an elegant restaurant where you can dine and spend time together. Well, it won’t hurt to bring your loved ones to an expensive and elegant restaurant sometimes.

Knows what food that is good and healthy for you

Food aficionados, especially those who are health cautious, will remind and recommend you to eat this and that is good for your health. They will not let you eat something that can make you weak and is not healthy to eat. Sometimes, they are strict when it comes to that matter. Of course, they don’t want you to get sick for, not eating something that is good and healthy for you.

He/she makes a good cook

Most of the food aficionados, if not all are a good cook. They know the kitchen well. They will make or cook you a good food. Especially when you are sick, you will surely love to taste their cooking. Sometimes, they will go to your house just to cook you a good and tasty food.

When you have that kind of boyfriend or girlfriend that will cook something for you, cherish him/her. They are a good husband or wife figure. Like they say, to impress someone is through his or her stomach. So, let them eat to their heart’s satisfaction.

10 DIY Ways to Organize a Work Place

Who wants to work on a messy desk? No one, right?! We all hate working with all the papers, pens and other documents that are scattered on our desk.

It is only normal to have a lot of things placed on our desk especially when we are working in an office space Philippines. Documents that need to be signed here and there are already piling up, sticky notes all around our computer monitors since we have a lot of schedules and things to be done, and that we need to be reminded, plus other important documents that are on the table that needs to be reviewed. Chaotic, isn’t it?

We all know that the things on your working desk are important, but it is not an excuse for you to have a messy and chaotic working place. Now, if you are already sick and tired working on your messy desk, you might want to try these brilliant ways to organize your workplace.

Use empty cans, boxes, and jars to separate things


architecturendesign.net Image


architecturendesign.net Image

Instead of throwing empty cans, boxes and jars to the trash bin, use them as an organizer in your office. Recycle and reuse it. You can creatively make something for your office out of it. Make a design and transform it into whatever you like. In that way, you can put your things in order.

Use a toy as holders


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If you like displaying a toy on your work desk, why don’t you try thinking of a toy that can also hold your pens and other things on your desk? In that way, the toy is not just only for displaying, it will also help you organized the things on your table.

Use Ziploc bags


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When you have cable wires, chargers or extensions, you can place it in a Ziploc bag. In that way, it will be less hassle since the wires are separated and are not tangled. Labeling the Ziploc bag can help you find the things inside and that makes it easier on your part.

Use ice cream container for letters


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Yes, we love to eat ice cream! And don’t forget the container, don’t throw it away. You can definitely use it as a letter holder. Just creatively transform it into the design that you want, and then you’re done.

Use clips or clipboards for sticky notes


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architecturendesign.net Image

Instead of putting your sticky notes all over your computer monitor, why don’t you put it in the clipboards? Or you can hang it in clips that are labeled with dates? In that way, it is organized and neat to look at.

Use shoeboxes for keeps


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When you have a lot of empty shoeboxes at home, and you are planning to throw it away, why don’t you make it an office organizer instead? You can put the documents inside and other things that are still useful. Just do some designs and transformation on it, and then the shoeboxes are ready to use.

Improvised bookshelf


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architecturendesign.net Image

When you think that the empty spaces in your office can still be filled, you can make an improvised bookshelf. There you can put your notes, books, magazines, newspapers and other things that you want to put. Just make sure that it is not messy to look at.

Improvised drawer dividers


architecturendesign.net Image


architecturendesign.net Image

Putting your things in the drawer can sometimes be messy especially when there is no object that can divide the things from the others. Why don’t you try improving your own divider? You can create a divider out from a cardboard or a folder. Cut it into small squares, glue it and put it in your drawer. Make sure to dry the glue first to avoid sticking your things in the cardboard or folder. Or simply use small boxes that can fit in the drawer and you can now put the things in order.