Maximizing Space: How to Make your Small Office Space Look Bigger

We all do know that office spaces are important. The office is where we usually do our work efficiently and productively. However, even if you have an office space in your own condo or if you are working in a condo office for rent in Makati, if you feel that your room is not that spacious and welcoming, then the productively of your work will be compromised. Of course, if you are doing business, a compromised work is a no-no.

In times when you don’t feel like working at all, think of the things that might be the cause of it. Perhaps, you just don’t like the ambiance of your office space or the things inside the office are all messy which makes it harder for you to focus and think of a better idea. And mind, you don’t want to experience that kind of thing.

There are a lot of ways you can make your small office space look bigger than you think it is. Well, if you are curious and want to know more about it, then below are some tips on how you can achieve your desired office space.

Multipurpose everything

When it comes to the things that you want to keep, there are a lot of ways you can make a neat and clean arrangement. Of course, if you think that a particular compartment in your office is still empty and is available for other things, then you can use it. You just have to make sure that you arrange the things correctly on the empty spaces.

Moreover, you can use your walls or any other spaces where it can still be of use as storages on your other office stuff. For example, if you are planning to decorate something on your walls, you can place a book or any magazines in it. With that, it saves more spaces than before.

Flexible and moveable

When arranging office things, you have to remember that not every arrangement that you have will be permanent. Your arrangements will depend on every situation that you have. If you want to change your arrangement into a particular arrangement, then you can easily pull that off since your arrangements before are flexible and movable.

This also gives you an advantage whenever you want to decorate or renovate your office. You can decide to whatever theme decorations for your office without any worries about on how you are going to move office things.

Essential elements

One of the many things that you should not forget to consider and do is the key elements that need to be included in your office. Of course, you should not forget the lighting and ventilation of the office. Without such, it is impossible for the employees to work efficiently and productively. Moreover, if you include the essential elements such as the clock, cabinets, and other things that are useful for the office can help the productively of an employee.

Moreover, for you have a good outcome; why not consider the suggestions of your employees. With this kind of method, they might give you a beautiful and exciting idea to include in the office. And of course, when you have proper elements found in the office, you can work efficiently.


If you are planning to put some divisions in your office, you have to make sure that the measurements are correct. When you do, there will be no spaces that will not go to waste. You need to think about the measurements of a particular cubicle or division for you to know where and how much space you need to have to have a distinct work area.

Moreover, if you think that putting up a division is not that important, then you better think twice or thrice before deciding to have one. Since divisions can sometimes eat spaces in your office.

Well, the renovation of your office will be depending on how are going to make it look like what you want it to be. If you want to make it bigger, then you have to think of the things that can help in achieving such desires for your office.

Expenses a Pinoy Millenial Can Forgo To Own a Flat



Can the ordinary Pinoy Millenial today truly afford his or her own place?

Are the twentysomething’s of today’s generation truly capable of having their own condo unit?

The truth is, most Pinoy millennials can already afford to have their own flats especially with the way some are earning today. But years and years of ingrained tradition wherein we usually stay with our parents until the day we get married before we move out has become a rather impeding factor for most Pinoy millennials in making a worthy investment. Unlike westerners, Pinoys have this unfortunate notion that residential independence begins after marriage.

A rather startling thought considering that some of us are already financially independent, sound and capable. However, this is not the only major factor in preventing millennials from investing in having their own place. In fact, research has indicated that Pinoy millennials put more value on instant gratification rather than save their money for an investment that would outlast the temporary things they spend on.

However, if you truly want a place to call your own, you may have to curb your expenses on unnecessary stuff and invest in something with value and degree longevity. This might mean curbing the expenditures on a superfluity of unnecessary, extravagant items, but it will be worth your while. Here is how to start:


Millenials look forward to Friday nights as it allows them the opportunity to unwind and catch up with friends. More often than not, what goes on is either a dinner affair together, a movie then perhaps a round of drinks for a nightcap. All these can roughly cost you an estimated five hundred pesos at the very least.

So, instead of shelling out cash just to catch up, why not whip up a sumptuous dinner at home and invite your friends over? Ask your friends to bring over their favorite DVD’s for you to watch and since you are hosting dinner, why not ask them to bring a few drinks as well? Should your Fridays be spent like this, you will be saving a whole lot more than you initially imagined.


Most millennials contemplating on marriage would save months and months of their paychecks just to present their fiancées with a sparkly bauble. True enough, sparkly engagement rings may have persuasive value albeit expensive, are attractive and does increase in value over time but choosing to invest on a pretty rock rather than a livable space you can share with your spouse seems rather impractical.

Additionally, as you and your fiancée are about to start your life together, wouldn’t it make more sense if you thought of getting your own place as well?


In an era where everyone seems to be having smart everything from smartphones, smart tabs to smart TV’s, it seems everyone is making less than smart spending decisions. As millennials are constantly exposed to techy, fresh and trendy innovations in gadgets, more and more of them want to keep up with the trend. They needlessly buy new phones or tabs even when they have a still functioning one and simply brush this expenditure off as an “upgrade”, but the reality is, the developers of these techy gadgets release new models each year, prompting consumers to “upgrade and update”.

Consider this, if you add up the fortune you have spent in the last five years in updating your phones, tabs, gadgets, etc., you would approximately have enough to make a down-payment for a condominium unit. Still unconvinced? Then consider that these gadgets depreciate over time as they are constantly being replaced with newer and fresher models while condo units or a real estate venture can only increase in value.


Try visiting your local flea market and you will discover hordes and hordes of branded items for a whole lot cheaper. What’s the catch? Well, they are all simply “pre-loved” which is basically semantics for used and secondhand.

However, if wearing used clothes is not your thing and makes you uncomfortable, wait for a big sale instead. In this way, you do not have to break your wallet just to buy brand new.


Long holidays are something most millennials look forward to as it provides ample time for them to pack their bags and go on an out of town trip. Other times, when millennials do need to unwind, they would not hesitate to book and schedule a trip out of town. These trips are not cheap and by refraining from scheduling a trip out of town every long weekend, you can save a fortune.

The expenses on this trip are rather big especially when accumulated at the end of the year. So, instead of booking vacations, why not reserve this for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays? If you do have the pressing need to unwind, have a staycation and search for places you can visit in your local area.


Owning your first flat and house requires a lot of effort, discipline, and finances on your part. This means making the necessary sacrifices on your part and forgoing instant gratifications for a delayed one. Delayed gratification is a great thing and though it might cause you to wait impatiently, consider just how rewarding it will be once you finally acquire your dream home. Start saving today and who knows? You might just have enough money to buy from a developer pre-selling condos.

Home Cleaning 101: Top 5 Habits of People Who Have a Clean Home



Hands up if you are one of those people who agrees that there are more benefits of having a clean home than merely impressing your visitors. For some reasons, it improves every single quality of life that we tend to have. Moreover, cleaning your home is not just about being healthy when it comes to our surroundings but also, it is one of the many ways we can achieve a healthy mentality.

Cleaning is one of the most tiring and hassle things to do. Agree? Of course, you are exerting effort when you clean. But for some healthy people, they can’t just live when their home is not properly clean. Whether you agree with me on this or not, when you have a clean home, it will reflect on your outward appearance. Of course, you cannot properly clean yourself when you can’t even clean your home.

If you have just noticed, clean people have this habits that they tend to do when it comes to cleanliness. Well, if you are one of those people who are curious about what things they usually do, then below are some habits of people who have a clean home.

1. They put their clothes in a proper place

Whether you realize it or not, your clothes are one of the things that contribute to the mess in your home. Sometimes, we tend to put the used clothes over a chair or throw them on a floor. However, people who have a clean home don’t do such. They see to it that their clothes will be in their proper places. If those particular clothes are already dirty, then they will immediately put the clothes in the laundry basket. And those clothes that are clean, they also see to it that it is properly folded and placed in their proper places.

2. They don’t keep unnecessary things

Your extra things that are not that important or useful to you is one of the common things that adds the mess at home. However, if you just know what are the things that you need to keep and things that need to get rid of, then you will achieve a clean home. If you think that that particular thing can be still of use but not useful to you anymore, then you might want to consider giving them away.

3. They keep papers and other documents organized

Whenever you leave your papers and other documents scattered on your table, it is going to be messy to look. This is also one of the many reasons why you tend to lose important documents since you don’t know which paper should throw away and which is important to keep. Being organize includes piling your documents properly where you can immediately determine which is which. When you adopt this kind of habit, you don’t have worry about documents that are very important to you, since you already know where you have put it.

4. They don’t take their bed for granted

For some people, they don’t tend to care much about their room. For as long as their living room, kitchen and any other room where visitors can immediately notice are organized and clean, and then it is ok for them. Well, if you do, then you better change that kind of habit. Even if visitors won’t go to your room, it is still your responsibility to clean and organize your room. Why? Because it is where you tend to sleep and have a good rest. Of course, you cannot have a good rest when you have a dirty and messy room. It is going to be a no-no.

5. They wash their dishes right away

Clean people hate using dirty kitchen utensils, especially when they are going to eat their food. Of course, we are already talking about health here. You don’t want to get sick due to using dirty plates and spoon and fork. Moreover, washing your dishes right away will prevent from having pests crawling all over your plates and in the sink. And don’t forget to clean your counters also. Counters are where you usually prepare your food. And if you have a dirty counter, your food might be contaminated as well.

Stop! Don’t Sell Your Home! Be Thankful Instead!

Before you decide to sell your home, you better give it a second thought! Yes, some of you here might be tempted on converting a home into cash, but there are a lot of ways you can have an extra income without selling your home. Even if you are living in Park Point Residences or any other real estate property, you have all the rights to be happy with it. Of course, being happy doesn’t only mean through financially but also, you can be happy by being satisfied with the lifestyle and the place you are now living.

There are people who are struggling to get their home. Others don’t even have some places to stay. Instead of complaining the things that you have, why don’t you sort it out instead, quit complaining and be proud of your home? There might be some of you here don’t have any reasons to stay still in their home, however, here are six reasons why you should turn those restless feelings into reasons to be thankful for having your home.


Ok, let’s just admit! We hate it whenever someone reprimands us for being noisy, go home late or even do some crazy things. And if you have a landlord, you will certainly follow rules and regulations when it comes to the house rules. If you don’t follow simple rules, then you better be prepared to be kicked out of your house. However, if you own your home, you don’t have to worry about those things. You have the freedom of doing whatever you want at home.

Relaxing weekends at home

When you sell your house, you can’t freely have a relaxing weekend alone at your home. Sometimes, some landlords will come to your house without any prior notice, disturbing you from your good night sleep, or on your relaxing day. However, nobody will reprimand you for dressing like a beggar, sleeping for the whole day, or putting on your old and stained pajamas, if you just own your home.

Comfortable clutter

One of the reasons why you should not sell your home is that you don’t have to worry about the clutter in your home. If you want it the arrangement the way you wanted it to be, you can do it since it is our home and nobody is there to reprimand you for doing it the wrong way. Moreover, there is no landlord who is nosy enough when it comes to the things that you want to do in your home.

No interruptions

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to be interrupted by someone in so many ways, then you better not sell your home. There will be no landlord who will tell you to go and pay your monthly bill in the middle of your sleep or work, and there will be no roommates that are there willing to disturb you any time of the day. It is your home, your rules and your own time.

Selling sadness

Being sad when selling your home is one of the reasons why you should think again and again before you are going to decide to sell it. The memories that you have made inside your house, the sweat and effort that you gave just to achieve your desired outcome on your home or room, and other things that you are going to miss if you decide to sell your home. Of course, some of us here don’t want to feel lonely being far away from home.

Holiday cheer

When it comes to holidays, you don’t have to worry about hosting a party since you already can. There will be no landlord who will reprimand you for being noisy. You can invite friends and families to your house.
In sum, some of you here might have hundreds of reasons as to why they should sell their home. But always remember, there will always be sweet and warmth when you own your home.

Should You Go for a Remodelled or a Brand New Home?

If you think that all homeowners are happy about housing dilemmas, then you better think again! Particularly for extended families, one of their dilemmas is whether or not they are going to have a bigger home through renovations or renting  Better yet, they would contemplate whether to buy a  house and lot in Philipines. Some of you here might wonder and ask if whether of the two are advisable to do. Well, you have to expect that there will be a lot of homeowners who will answer either way.

Of course, there will also be a lot of advantages you can have when you choose either of it. But there are just times that you need to pick one for you to move on to the next process. Well, if you are one of those homeowners who is struggling in making some decision on which of the two, then you might want to know some tips for making an informed decision.

Know what you are getting into

Sometimes, not planning ahead or making an impulsive decision can ruin the things you might want to have. When you decide something, it is your responsibility to know the things that must and must not do for you to achieve your desired outcome for your home.

You also have to remember that doing things without any careful planning is also not a wise thing for you to do. Of course, you have to know if that particular property is suitable for your family or not. Moreover, you have to know how to balance which of the two are more applicable on your end. And before you make the final decision, know first the basic things.

Check your finances

Your budget is one of the most important things for you to consider. Without enough budget, it is going to be hard on your part when it comes to the down payments – that if you are aiming to have a new home. However, if you are planning for some renovations instead, of course, money is also involved. You have to have a budget of the things you should use for you to do the renovations and all.

Also, if you are aiming to invest in a new home, you have to make sure that you are free from other debts, check your credit cards if it’s still applicable to you.

Define your renovation requirements

When it comes to repairs, some of you here are planning to have a full home renovation. That means they will renovate their entire home. If you do, then you better think again first. Unless it’s your property, then it might be reasonable for you to renovate your entire home. But if not, you are just renting the lot or house, and then renovations might not be an ideal thing for you to do.

Investing in a new home might be applicable on your end. If you do, you don’t have to worry about any renovations. All you have to do is seek help from a real estate broker and do the things that need to accomplish; then you can already have your new home.

Don’t over-improve for the neighborhood

If you are planning to go for renovations, you have to know what you are doing. For instance, if you intend to extend your kitchen or any other room for an extra square footage, how sure are you that your neighborhood will approve to fit?

As a homeowner, you also have to be considerate of your neighbors. It is also one way you can get along with your them and live a healthy lifestyle.

Get ready for a different kind of stress if you move

Moving out can also be stressful. It is distinct from the other stressors that we have. Of course, there will be a lot of things for you to think about when you move. Thinking about where to put your stuff, or what kind of vehicle are you going to use to move your belongings and other big furniture.

Expect the expenses

Whether you choose to stay and renovate your home or buy/rent a new home, there will always be costs that you need to have. Either way, there will always be monetarily involved. That is why you have to prepare enough budget when you decide to do such.