5 Ways on How to Identify Homeowner’s Personality Based on their Home

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Whether you agree or not, each of us has our own unique personality. We have our own approach towards a specific thing or situation. And whether you like it or not, we just can’t immediately tell what kind of personality that he/she has when we don’t even know them yet. However, don’t you know that we can now identify what kind of person he/she is just by looking at their home and assessing their lifestyle?

Some of you here might find it judgemental, but nope! Definitely not! It is actually a fact that most homeowners tend to have their home exactly the way they wanted it to look like. Our home is a reflection of who we are. What we usually do in life? What kind of lifestyle we are into? We can know all of these things just by assessing on what kind of home they are living? What kind of paint color they have chosen? What kind of arrangement and/or exterior and interior design that they have? What kind of furniture they used?

Being observant is the key. If you just know how to be seen in every detail, then you will surely identify what kind of personality they have. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Dark colored furniture

Most homeowners who have dark colored furniture like their sofa, the color of their walls, their floor and/or any other things that are colored dark, are usually have children and/or are pet lovers. Dark colored furniture will help them cover the chocolates that were melted on the sofa, their drooling dogs, or a peanut-butter smeared child. Of course, they definitely don’t want their things to be stained. That is why they usually have and used dark colors.

2. Minimal home decorations/furniture

Busy homeowners usually don’t have the time to spend too much on cleaning and/or arranging things in their house. That is why most of them choose to have minimal home decorations and/or furniture to cut them a break and reduce the amount of workload they have at home. Well, that unless they have a helper at home, they can have more things that they want to include in their interior and/or exterior design.

3. Things that are placed lower or higher

When a homeowner is particularly short in height, he/she usually had their things placed lower for them to reach it. Of course, they will not put their things higher than them. Well, that unless you are a tall person, then you definitely would place your things on your height level, where you don’t need to lower your body just to get something.

4. Things are well organized

When you notice that each thing has their own place and is well organized, then you are encountering a formal person. Technically, they don’t want to have a messy home. All the things they have at home have their own place. On the other hand, an informal person doesn’t care about dividers. They are usually are not particular on the arrangements they have at home. For as long as they know and they can find the specific thing that they want to have, then they are okay with it.

5. Things have their own room

If a person wants his/her own privacy, then you will notice that most of their rooms have their own designated place. Their living room is separated by a particular divider. If you want to go to their kitchen, they also have their own room for their kitchen where they cook and another room where they would eat. Also, their bedroom is separated with the other rooms. You can distinguish what and where their particular room is located.

Home-based: How Not To Give in to Distractions

Yes! I am going to work at home! That is one of the common thoughts we have in our minds when we hear the word, home-based. Who wouldn’t want to work in the comforts of your own condo while basking at the sight of cityscapes and skylines, right? Well, that’s one of the perks of owning a condo Philippines.

For some, working at home is definitely good news. They can do whatever they want and/or wear whatever outfit they feel like wearing while they work. However, for some others, working at home is the least they want to do. Well, there are hundreds to thousands of reasons why some employees don’t want to work at home. And you can be one of them too!

Well, if you are one of those people who is struggling when it comes to working at home, then there are straightforward and easy steps for you to apply to attain the desired working environment for you.

Find your groove

Each of us has a different way and/or routines before we can start working. Some of us like to work on a table where there are no things that can be seen, or maybe you need to sit on your favorite chair for you to think properly or a blanket on your lap, lights on and blinds shut. Or even you need to see the sun for you to start working.

All of us are different when it comes to working routines. That is why we need to find our groove on which is the most comfortable way of working. With that, you can now ready for work.

Dress up

Dressing up doesn’t mean that you are going to wear your corporate attire even if you are working at home. A casual get up will do, for as long as you are not wearing you’ve worn out clothes and/or pajamas. The tendency if you wear these outfits that are intended only for home wear is that you won’t feel like working at all. These comfortable clothes may lead you to an intense desire to feel relaxed rather than working. However, if you are dressed up, you are more likely to work, like working in an office environment.

Remove distractions

There are just times that we can’t avoid distractions. Cell phones, kids, roommates, pets, foods, television, and/or even parents – all of these distractions can interrupt our work anytime. However, we can control them. As much as possible, you have to get them out of your way. You can tell your parents, roommates and/or the kids that you are working and they should make their voice lower – no shouting and all.

However, if you really can’t avoid them, you can go somewhere where you won’t be distracted by your surroundings. And if you have your cell phones, you can turn it off, or turn it into a silent mode. Well, you have to make sure that you can set aside a separate time to check your phone and email so that you are not going to be distracted during your most productive time.

Set specific work hours

Scheduling your time is one of the many ways you can quickly finish your job since you have a goal in mind to finish it on time. If you have a lot of tasks to do, then you have to make sure that you divide your time efficiently for you to know what kind of work should you do at that particular time.

Log out of social media

If Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not a part of your work, then you better log it all out. It will only make you work slower than the usual pace, and you will definitely not finish the tasks that you need to be done.

Although sometimes, we feel the urge to open up our social media accounts, however, you have to fight that urge until you’re done with the work that you have. Do you know that when you have that kind of urgency, that means you are not focusing on your job? Your mind is set on opening your account and not with the work that you should do.

There will always be pros and cons when we work at home – and we all definitely know that! Distractions are there willing to attack us any time of the day while we are working. And admit it! We hate it! Of course, who would enjoy it when you are interrupted by the things that you are doing, and it is annoying to think that we cannot finish the particular task that we are working on.

Moreover, it will always depend on how you handle the situation. If you are tempted to do things that can stop you from working, whether you like it or not, then it is still on your call.

For Pet Lovers: 6 Condo Pet Policies you should Know

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Living in a condominium has become one of the top choices most people have. Who wouldn’t, when you got to live a satisfying lifestyle? Right? Renting or owning a condo unit can be one’s fulfillment of their dreams.  After all, you can definitely enjoy the amenities that are available for your use. However, for pet lovers, living in a condo might be challenging on their end, since not all condos are pet-friendly.

Generally, condominiums who don’t allow pets on their premises are avoiding unwanted situations that can destroy the condo’s reputation. Well, they have all the rights to implement that kind of policy since they are the ones managing it. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about it since there are condos who allow pets. So, fret not!

Yes, good news as it may seem. However, as a home and pet owner, it is your duty to take responsibility of your pets. Also, there will always be a certain policy when you are living in a pet-friendly condominium. And to give you a short idea about it, below are the common policies most condominiums have.

1. Only certain types of pets are allowed

If you plan on bringing and having pets in your condo unit, you have to make sure that the kind of pet that you are going to have is allowed on the premises. And the most common types of pets allowed in a condominium are aquarium fishes, cats, dogs, caged birds and other small animals such as rabbits and hamsters for as long as they are domesticated.

2. Only specific dog breeds are tolerated

Yes, dogs may be allowed in condos. However, not all dog breeds are permitted and tolerated. If you are planning on having a Pit Bull, German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, and/or any other high-maintenance, active, unsociable or aggressive, then you better think again! The only types of breed that are typically welcome in condominiums are; Pug, Yorkshire terrier, Lhasa Apso, Toy poodle, Bulldog, Shih Tzu. Well, for you to make sure that the kind of breed is allowed or not, it is better for you to ask and verify it with your Property Management Office (PMO).

3. Only up to a certain number of pets are permitted

It is definitely a no-no for you to bring many pets in your condo unit. Remember, you are living in a private property where there are also homeowners who have their own life to live, not a place for any other animals. Generally, pet-friendly condos usually permit homeowners to have at least one pet per unit, while for some; they permit a maximum of two pets. Of course, that exempts the aquarium fishes. Beyond that, you are breaking the condo policies.

4. Your pet must be vaccinated

As a pet owner, you have to know that having and taking good care of your pets can be a high maintenance on your end. One of the policies most condos has when it comes to your pets is to have it vaccinated. Usually, pet owners should have a written certification from a licensed veterinarian concerning the vaccination of their pets and submit it to the PMO. Well, it is a policy that you have to comply to avoid accidents caused by your pets.

5. You must register your pet with the Property Management Office

Generally, when you are a pet owner, you cannot keep a pet in your condo unit without properly informing and getting approval from the condominium management. It is in their policy that you, as a pet owner, are required to register your pet before you can actually bring your pet into your new home. Moreover, this gives the management a way to identify the kind of pet that you have when in case something might happen.

6. Don’t leave your pets unattended

One of the most important rules for you to follow is to not leave your pets unattended. If you are leaving for work or for school, it is your responsibility on how you are going to make it tame even if you are not around. Giving them enough food for the day, or tie them so that they will not break and/or destroy anything inside your home are some of the things that you can do. Moreover, this is also a way not to irritate your neighborhood with your pets.

Amazing Landscape Ideas in Designing your Oddly-Shaped Backyard

Who among you here has a backyard in your home? Well, nod if you have one!  Can you determine what shape your backyard has?

For those people who just can’t determine what kind of shape their backyard has, then perhaps, it’s an oddly-shaped backyard. Not all yards have an ideal and perfect proportion that you want to have. Sometimes, it has their own and unique space that makes it more difficult for the homeowner to decide what kind of landscape they are going to have for their backyard. For this reason, it is one of the challenges most homeowners faced when it comes to designing and beautifying their home.

Although a lot of yards are uneven in some ways, however, it gives you an interesting and a variety of purposes. Well, the key to having a successful beautification on your oddly-shaped yard will always depend on what and how you are going to do with its landscape. If you can pull it off, then it might be one of your assets in your home.

Ok, let’s admit! Not all of us are good at doing the landscape, especially when we have an oddly-shaped backyard. While other homeowners can hire some professionals, others only depend on the DIYs on how they are going to design their yard. Well, fret not! Below are some ideas that you can apply to your yard. Of course, it is simple and doable!

Problem: Yards that are long and narrow

Quick tips: Divide space and conquer it with zones

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When you divide a long and narrow yard into small and distinct zones, it will create more spaces in your yard. Moreover, you can also create different zones by using visual tricks like playing around with your furniture placement, lay down an outdoor rug or put up contrasting flooring, and/or strategically position built-ins and garden beds around the space.

Try not to slice up the space using physical structures such as privacy screens and/or tall hedges; it will make the area feel even more closed-in.

Problem: Yards that have curved edges and odd angles

Quick tips: You can play and fake with it

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Most of the yards, if not all, have curves and a lot of odd angles. Of course, as I’ve said, not all yards are in perfect proportion. Well, you can definitely play with it by filling any awkward nooks and gaps along the edge of your rear garden with trees, flowers, and shrubs. With that trick, the area that you have made will have a square or rectangular space in the center of your yard. Moreover, the vibrant colors and textures of the plants that you have included in the area can add visual interest and draws attention away from the uneven spaces.

Problem: Yards that are sloped

Quick tips: You can definitely work it to your advantage

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Don’t worry when your backyard is sloped, you can still use it to your advantage. You can make and include some terraces, which serves to minimize awkward inclines and transform the slope into a more functional and friendly outdoor area. Moreover, you can also play with space by putting a concrete slide, a pull-up rope and transform it into a play area for the kids.

Problem: Yards that have awkward corners and nooks

Quick Tips: You can add a statement feature on the corners

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One of the challenges, when your yard has an awkward corner and nooks, is how and what things that you are going to include to make it nicer to look at. Well now, not anymore! You can definitely include some water features such as fountains, sculptures, planters, sand pits and garden seating nooks are perfect fillers for oddly shaped corners and crevices that you are not quite sure on what to do with it.

Moreover, whatever space filler that you choose, you have to make sure that it fills the entire space for the area to look more cozy and complete, rather than bare and unfinished.

Problem: Yards that are large and empty space

Quick tips: You can introduce an attention-grabbing accent feature

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Having a large with an empty space yard is definitely a no-no! Of course, you cannot appreciate its beauty when you don’t do something with it. Well, you can definitely add some focal point to your backyard. With that, it deflects the focus from an empty and/or awkward space. Also, you can add some design elements like a striking sculpture, a water feature, an accent wall, etc. in this cozy rear garden are guaranteed to make a big impact on its landscape design.