Turning Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary? Here’s How!



A lot of you here might wonder and ask “a bathroom into a sanctuary? How’s that possible?” It is possible. The bathroom is where we make ourselves clean. However, when you convert your ordinary bathroom into your sanctuary, you don’t just feel clean but satisfied as well. In fact, this is one of the times most homeowners enjoy a relaxing moment while in their bath.

And if you think that turning your bathroom into a sanctuary would be hard enough for you to do, then think again. It doesn’t matter where you live; be it in Bonifacio Global City condo or any other condominiums, having this project is within your reach. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about having no time for it at all since it doesn’t require too much of your time. All you have to do is to treat yourself a relaxing atmosphere inside.

Don’t worry if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t have any idea on what and how to start. You can apply these simple tips below to make a desirable bathroom you will definitely love. And of course, the project would only cost you less.

Bath Caddy

Having a bath caddy is helpful when you want to read a book or drink some wine while sinking yourself in the bathtub. This comes in handy especially when there is not enough space each side for you to put your things. Bath caddy has different styles, it is up to you to what style you want to have for you to use.

Scented Wax Bars

If you want to add aromatic ambiance to your bathroom, have a scented was bars inside. These bars don’t just give you a relaxing scent, but it also adds beauty to the room. Basically, you can buy it at an affordable price. But if you want to make your own, you definitely can. It is up to you on what kind of scent you want to have, but if you want to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and lift your mood, we recommend the lavender and sandalwood scent for your bathroom.

Teacup Candle

Yes, you definitely can choose different candles. But if you want your bathroom to be more elegant with a personal touch on it, then you might want to have the teacup candle. Of course, candles are one of the things you should not forget to include since it adds beauty and style, especially when it comes to its lighting.

Floral Arrangement

Isn’t it even more relaxing when you include a floral arrangement in your bathroom? Displaying flowers can liven up space. Of course, flowers and some other greens should be fresh. Plastics are a no-no. And don’t forget to put your flowers into a beautiful vase to make it more appealing to the eyes.


Who says paintings are only displayed in living rooms and bedrooms? You definitely can include paintings in your bathroom. We suggest that you include a watercolor painting of a beach since it brings calming vibes to it. However, if you want something different, just make sure that that particular painting can give you some relaxing feeling when you look at it.

Oyster Shell Catch-Alls

One of the things that frustrate us the most is that we don’t have something where we can put our jewelry. That is why having something that can hold your jewelry such as the oyster shell is advisable. You don’t have to worry about having it lost while having your bath. Moreover, these things don’t just hold your things, but it also adds beauty to the room.

Makeup Brush Holder

This is one of the things ladies should have. Instead of putting your makeup brushes in a drawer or a makeup bag, why don’t you display it? Well, you can definitely display it in a customized box where you can easily get and use it. Just be creative enough on how you can display it appealingly.

How to Read a Condo Contract




Living in today’s current perpetually busy lifestyle can make some of us consider our residential arrangements. And for some of us, this is the perfect reason for finally investing on a residence that is in proximity to our workplaces, but at a more affordable price range compared to a residential housing—complete with the house and lot.

This is where condominium salesmen who are pre-selling condo units should make their warm salutations and introductions to you. But it seems like you have hit quite a bit of a snag: you may have been contemplating buying a new condominium unit but are unsure of the logistics that go with it. Well, putting all things aside, perhaps the most imperative thing you should consider when you are buying a condo is the most pivotal piece of it all: the contract. However, for those of us who have little to no background in the study of law, most of what we can see is colored in legal jargon and may give us quite a difficulty in dissecting the real meaning of clauses and sub-clauses. If this seems to be your predicament, well then read on as this article simplifies the contents of a contract and would expound on its anatomy. Although wise and much recommended, it would be still too early and impractical to enlist the services of an attorney when you are still glossing over the details of a contract so having said that, give yourself a brief background and read on below.



This is the formal agreement between you the home buyer and the seller in written form. Once signed, this paper would signify that both parties agree with all the contents written in the contract along with all the terms and conditions which would include but is not limited to the selling price, the payment schedule, and other expenses.

This legal document is executed when one is buying real estate in the Philippines. The broker or the developer issues this contract after the homebuyer has successfully paid the deposit and has agreed to pay the remaining balance to the seller through agreed financing terms. This is the standard protocol for issuing real estate contracts in the Philippine. Note that as a homebuyer, you can demand the contract to sell before signing a home financing agreement with a lender such as PAG-IBIG and the like (Some banks would require you to present a contract to sell to have your home loan processed). It is imperative that you are in possession of this legal document before you make your monthly mortgages. Seeing as this is one of the most expensive purchases you are going to make in your life, you need a security blanket to which you can refer to shall anything go awry.

Having the process of your home buying properly documented makes you less at risk of getting scammed and would ensure that the terms of the contract are met as legal penalties will ensue should there be a failure to keep in faith with the terms and conditions of the contract.


Contract Title

Whenever you purchase property, they are all entitled as “Contract to Sell.”

Effective Date

This marks the date where the terms of the contract are already fully operative and applicable. Unless explicitly stated in the contract, the effective date is when both parties have signed the contract.


This section fully discloses the details of the property being sold to you and includes the conditions should you want to make any future upgrades and modifications to the original condominium unit.

Financial Structure

This section discusses how the property will be paid as agreed by the parties in good faith. Payment terms, miscellaneous costs, schedule of payment and other pecuniary obligations are included here.


This section basically enlists the obligations of both the seller and buyer to avoid rendering the contract null and void. In essence, this is where it is explicitly stated that your responsibility as a buyer is to make sure you do not default on your scheduled payments until the balance has been fully paid. The seller, on the other hand, has to make sure that he has the legal right to sell and transfer the property to you without any restrictions apart from full payment.


Though reading various articles about condominium contract comprehension can never be commensurate to years of study in law school neither is it equal to acquiring the services of an attorney it would, at least, give you a brief idea of what to expect should you push through your condominium purchase. However, it is highly recommended that you avail of a legal counsel’s assistance by the time you are ready to ink the contract to sell.

Easy Hacks to Get Rid of Your Things at Home




Ok, let’ admit! We have this tendency to keep things in our possession no matter how long it is. Of course, it is our stuff, and we want to have it for as long as we want, right? It doesn’t matter what kind of things it is, we just want to keep it. For some people, getting rid of their things might be a challenge on their part since they grew fond of it.

However, if you are a kind of person who has concerns when it comes to the lifestyle that you want to live, then you better think of ways where you can get rid of it without any regrets at all. Of course, even if you are living in Amaia Homes Lipa, you can still do easy hacks to make things organized in your home.

Well, if you are one of those people who is having a hard time getting rid of his/her staff, then these tips below will give you some ideas on how to get rid of your stuff at home easily.

Limit your emotional attachment to physical things, especially if they’re bulky things.

One of the main reasons why you can easily get rid of your things at home is that you have some emotional attachment to it. Even if those particular things don’t hold any value to you at all, you still want to keep things at home. And if you can’t easily get rid of it, then. As a result, more and more things are placed at home.

However, if you know how to control yourself by limiting your emotional attachment to each of your belongings, then getting rid of it would be much easier for you to do. Yes, there might be things that hold sentimental value for you. But to those things that are not that useful to you or for your home, then you better get rid of it now.

Take photographs

If you are a kind of person who just loves to keep souvenirs even if it’s not that useful to you, then you may want to take some alternatives without taking or bringing things at home. Well, you can take some photographs or pictures of the events that happened in your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should store some things at home for you to keep those memories forever. You can definitely store it in pictures.

When you do such, you don’t just keep your memories in life, you will also have much bigger space at home. Moreover, this is also one of the many ways you can organize your things in an easier way. Well, you don’t have to worry about too many furniture or things in your home. Just have some fun and take some pictures of your life experience.

Don’t hang on the past

There are just things that remind us of our memories from the past – of what and who we are before. If that particular thing holds a bad memory, then you better get rid of it. This is not the time for you to hang on the past, you have to move on by getting rid of the things that reflect on who you are before.

Basically, getting rid of the things that remind of your past is not that hard as you think it is. You just have to make sure that you get rid of that particular thing together with those bad memories that you have with that thing. Well, you will eventually realize that getting rid of it is much better than keeping it in your home.

Don’t get too wrapped up in the future either

Sometimes, we are tempted to buy things for our home even if we don’t need it at all yet. Yes, this might be an inspiration for dreaming of a home where you can have that particular furniture, but if you think that that doesn’t suit on your home just yet, then don’t buy it ahead of time. It will only add up to the things in your home.

There will also be downfalls when you buy things for future use. That particular thing may not be used for a while perhaps for some reasons. As a result, you may regret buying it without thinking if it is useful for you in your current situation or not. So, you should also not get too wrapped up in the future to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Deciding to Live Alone? Here’s How to Plan

Living solo can be scary yet exciting. And whether you agree with me on this or not, people who decide to live alone have the courage to move out from their parents’ care and live life on their own. Well, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your parents any longer. It just means that you’re brave enough to step out from your comfort zone and face the world.

Although living solo may have a lot of adjustments, especially when it’s your first time to move out, copping up with the things around would probably easy. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you choose to live in Makati condo or any Manila properties; you can have and live the life you wanted to have. Moreover, this is also one way to learn new things out from your own experience while living solo.

However, living alone can also be daunting and frustrating especially if you are not prepared for moving in. Of course, you also have to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to easily cope up the things around you. Well, if you are one of those people who is planning to live solo, then below are some tips for you to know and apply.

Prepare to conquer your fears

First and foremost, you cannot survive living alone if you are scared to leave your parents’ side or your relatives. Perhaps, you’re too attached to them to the extent that you can live without them. Well, you’re not alone since fear is one of the obstacles for most first-timers. Your decision of moving out is crucial. Before anything else, you have to make sure that you are ready mentally and emotionally. You can live your life together with them forever, especially when you decide to settle down.

Obviously, if you conquer your fears of living alone, you can live and enjoy life without any worries at all. Moreover, it doesn’t always mean that you can’t visit your parents or vice-versa. Right? That means fear is only in your mind. Your mindset is what matters the most. If you are willing and brave enough, then there will be no fear.

Set up automatic draft for your bills

Again, there will be a lot of adjustments when you live alone. One of those things is paying your bills. Of course, there will be no parents who will remind you to pay your bills on time. That means, you only have yourself to remind every now and then to pay your bills to avoid facing electricity problems later on. Moreover, this is also one way to discipline yourself that you should also be mindful of the everyday situations that you have.

Generally, one of the most common and simple ways to keep track of your bills is to draft your bills. Perhaps, you will make a memo every month that this particular amount should be raised for you to pay your bills. Also, don’t ever forget to keep every receipt after you pay the bills to help you keep track of how much should you pay next.


Saving may be mainstream, but it is one of the most important things that you should never forget to do. When you do, then maybe you can’t raise the exact amount of paying your bills. Of course, it is going to be a problem if you miss paying your bills. As much as possible, you don’t just keep track of the bills, you also have to keep track of the things that you buy. Well, if you think that you are spending too much money on the things that are not really that useful to you, then you better stop buying it.

Yes, we may be tempted to buy that particular thing. But before buying it, you have to think again if it’s worth your time and money. If not, then don’t. Again, discipline is the key. Control yourself when it comes to the things that don’t really matter to you. As much as possible, buy the important things. With that, you can definitely save a lot!