5 Cool Wall Arts That You Definitely Want to Have

Who says wall arts are only for streets? Nope! Wall arts can also be applied to your walls be it in Alveo condo Cebu or any other Philippine properties. We can see how creative a person can be when it is shown through arts. And we usually appreciate it when the art that is placed on our wall is creatively and amazingly made.

Aside from other decorations that we usually placed on our walls, wall arts are now a chic for a modern style house. Most people that have an art design interiors are usually people who just simply appreciates and loves the beauty of arts.

And if you are one of the people who just love arts and/or other forms of arts for as long as it suggests creativity, you will definitely want to have these cool wall art ideas for your house.

Jumping horse wall art


alientel.com Image

They say when you have figures of a horse, picture frames of a horse that were hung on the wall, wall arts and/or other decorations related to a horse is a sign of good luck. Well, if you are a person who really believes in the significance of the horse to us humans, you can also put up a jumping horse wall art. Or if you don’t like a jumping horse, you can even have just a portrait of a horse on your wall.

Wall art quotes


designsnext.com Image

Those people who love to read quotes will surely also love to have a quote placed or painted on their walls. The good thing about having a wall art quotes is that every day whenever you wake up before you go to work or to school and before you go to bed, you will be reminded of good and inspiring words that can lighten up our day. And even we have a long and tiring day, the stress that we have can lessen just by reading an inspiring quote we have on our walls.

Wall art for bikers


abodewallart.co.uk Image

Bikers and aspiring bikers who just can’t get enough with the beauty a bike can give will surely love to have this kind of wall art. They will definitely be inspired by practicing and be a better biker than you are before. Aside from a simple wall art with a guy that is doing exhibitions with his bike, you can also have other wall art which is, of course, related to ‘biker’s theme.’

Page wall art


smple.com Image

Aside from having a bookshelf, book lovers can also have a page of unused books that will be used as decorations for their walls. You can use old magazines, newspapers and other papers that you can use as a wall art on your walls. Having a page wall art gives the beauty of reading book where it can bring us to the places that we were there before. Having a page wall art will also remind us that every day, we have to read to have more and more knowledge since not all knowledge is thought in school. Sometimes, you have to read to know more.

Wall art for otakus/anime lovers


ebay.com Image

Hands up to those who are an otaku! Yes, of course! We also have our chance to paint or place a wall art on our walls. Do we want to have a portrait of our favorite characters on our walls, the reason? To be inspired, that what most otakus will tell when you ask them why they want to have a portrait of their all-time favorite anime.

And not to mention those characters with strong appeal, I bet, it will surely be placed on the main wall of your house. Who cares, right? For as long as it inspires you to do better every single day, then you are ok.

There are actually thousands of millions of wall art designs we can think of. Just think of what you really like to have on your wall that can make you inspire every day. How about you? Which of these few wall art designs do you like the most? Me? Wall art for otakus/anime lovers!


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