Tidy Work spaces: How it Makes You Productive at Work

Admit it! There are just times when we have our workspaces are full of papers and other documents that are scattered all over our table. Whether you are working in an office space or any other offices, we all experience a messy working space. Who doesn’t, right?


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A messy working space is inevitable to every working people especially when there are a lot of things to do. Sometimes, we can no longer pay attention to how messy our tables can be. Well, having a messy working space is normal, but it doesn’t mean that we agree to have a messy table.

Don’t you know that when you have a clean and organized working space or table can make you productive at work? Yes. Now here are some of the reasons why you need to have a tidy working space and how it can help you be productive.

It doesn’t disturb your eyes

We really hate it when there are papers and other documents that are scattered on top of our desk. It is disturbing and irritating to the eyes. Not just it, we can’t focus on our work since we can see other papers in our working tables.

But when you have a clean and organized desk, you can only see and focus on the work that you are doing at the moment. You don’t have to see other unnecessary things aside from the one that you are working on.

It gives you the peace of mind

Who among you tried being worried over an important paper which you thought you lost it? We all do. When you have a lot of paper and other documents piling on your working desk, you tend to forget that there are other important papers that were covered with the other documents. And by the time you will need it, you’ll definitely be worried finding that paper especially when it is just a piece of small paper.

Now if you have a tidy working space, you will be worrying too much since you know what and where you put that important document and you don’t have to be that furious when it comes to finding that document.

Important things can easily be found

Whether you are an employee or an employer, we all have important things in our desk aside from the papers and other documents; be it a ball pen for signing, sticky notes for the reminders, and other small things on our desk yet very useful in our work. Admit it! We take the time finding those things especially when we really need it at that moment.

You will not get to feel difficulty in finding that thing when you just have a clean and organized working desk. Placing it in the place where you can easily find it would be convenient on your part. You don’t need to take so much of your time just to find that thing whenever you need it.

It helps you do the work faster

Have you ever notice or experience that when something bothers you, you tend to stop working and tried thinking about it for the rest of the time you have? Yes, we all do. We can’t stay still and focus on our work when there is something that keeps bothering us especially when that thing is an important thing to have.

When we have a clear and focused mind, we tend to work faster than thinking about the things that keep bothering us which interrupts our work. Of course, you will be engrossed in the things you do since you don’t have anything else in mind but to finish the work that you have started.

It gives you enthusiasm for doing your work

Most of us, if not all, tend to be excited and enthusiastic when it comes to doing his or her work, especially when working on a clean and organized working desk. Perhaps it is because of the ambiance of the environment and the working place that you have in the office.

And when you are enthusiastic enough about doing your work, you will feel productive. The more productive you can be, the more things you can do in a day. and that what makes a good employee and/or employer.


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