Quick Ways to Get Cool this Summer

The summer months in the Philippines are notorious for the heat and humidity that can be very unbearable at times. It is not surprising that a lot of people constantly look for ways to get cool during the hot summer months. If you are looking for some ideas as well, below are some of the quick and easy ways to alleviate the heat and humidity this summer season.

  • Turn on the air conditioner. One of the quickest and most common ways of getting cooler during summer is to stay in your room and turn on the air conditioner. No wonder many appliance stores get to enjoy an increase in their air conditioner sales right before and during the summer months. The only drawback with this method is the higher electricity consumption – you might find yourself with a very high electric bill next month.
  • Go to the mall. Shopping malls in the Philippines are more crowded during two seasons of the year – Christmas and summer. If the Christmas season is for shopping, the summer months are for the free use of cold air conditioning while walking around. This is the best option for those who do not want to pay for expensive electric bills or those who do not have air conditioning at home. Aside from providing much needed cold air, malls like the Ayala Center offer a lot of activities that you can do. You can even treat yourself to some cold drinks to further cool you while walking around.
  • Eat some halo-halo. There is a reason why the Filipino dessert halo-halo is popular during summer season. This cold dessert is fun and enjoyable to consume just when you need to get cool. You can either make it yourself or buy one from the many halo-halo stands that sprout like mushrooms during summer.
  • Take a quick shower. Aside from higher electric bills, a lot of households also get higher water bills during the summer months. This can be attributed to longer and more frequent bath/shower times taken by most people. A quick shower can do wonders for making you feel cooler and more refreshed.
  • Drink a slushy fruit shake. If you are not a halo-halo person, a slushy fruit shake will do. All you need are some days old fruit which is plentiful during summer months, some ice, and a blender. You may want to add some milk and sugar for a more delicious fruit shake.

(Guest Post)The Tricky Business of Looking for an Office Space: A No-Fuss Guide

When you think of starting a business, one of the first things that will probably come to mind is where your office will be. Since this is where everything will happen, you have to find the most suitable one for your budget, needs, and preferences.

However, searching for the perfect office space can be more challenging than you think. Just like looking for a house, you would need to consider several things before making that final purchase. More often than not, that decision is very hard to make.

A sketch of an office building

Choosing office space doesn’t have to be rocket science Image credit

Would you just settle for the first office space you see? Of course not! Make your search a whole lot easier with these tips:

  • Give yourself some time to look for options

Planning is everything when looking for an office space to rent, especially since you will need to stay in your chosen place for at least a year or more, depending on your contract. To avoid rushing with your decision and to make sure that you have enough time to look for options, start your hunt at least 18 months before your opening day.

  • Create a list of all your business needs

Since your needs can be different from other businesses, it’s best to have a list of your office requirements so it’s easier to narrow down your options to those that are most suitable for your company. Here are some of the things that you need to determine before looking for an office space:

  1. Number of Employees
  2. Office Equipment and Supplies
  3. Storage
  4. Number of Rooms Needed
  • Look for a location that’s nearest your target market

If you want your start-up to succeed, you would need to be accessible to your customers. Your address would also play a huge factor in your company’s image so it’s best to rent an office space in a place that people know about. The good thing about looking for an office these days is that so many companies offer good options in the best addresses in town. One good example of this is Regus Philippines. The company has a huge selection of office spaces to rent in some of the ideal locations in the country including Makati, Manila, and Cebu. They also offer other business solutions including day offices, business centers, virtual offices and meeting facilities in over 600 cities and 100 countries around the world.

  • Look at the big picture before making that final decision

After you’ve narrowed down your options to at least two, it’s time to think about the big picture. How do you see your business three years from now? Do you foresee the need to hire more employees after a year or two? Are you planning to expand your company? By asking yourself these questions, you could choose on an office space that could cater to the growing needs of your business. This way, you wouldn’t need to go through the motions of looking for another office and adjusting to a new working environment again.

Once all these steps are done and you’ve finally decided on the best office space for rent, make sure to review the contract first before signing it. This is to make sure that you’ll really be getting everything that you need and require for your business. This is also the best time to choose a reliable office rental company to avoid any problems later on.

After everything is done, you shouldn’t also forget to follow some good practices to keep your office organized and productive as possible. You can teach your team some tips for a more organized work desk in the office so they can maximise their space. You can also follow the seven basic tips on how to become productive at work so you can really make the most out of your time in your office.