Spotted: How to Handle Carpet Stains Image

Carpets are one of the things that we want to have in our homes. Of course, the carpet that we have gives us a comfy feeling whenever we use it. Whether you are living in an Alveo land BGC and/or any other real estate in the Philippines, having a carpet is a nice and comfortable thing to have in our home. However, having a carpet can also be a hassle on our part.

It is undeniable and inevitable that there are some unexpected accidents that can happen on our carpet (e.g. Spilled milk, spilled paint, sticky gums, and etc.) which leads us to feel panic whenever these incidents happen since some of us don’t know what to do when these happen. Of course, if these incidents will happen, we have to be prepared for what we are going to do for as not to spread the stains on the carpet.

Fret not! There are already solutions on how you can totally make the stain disappear; all you have to do is to follow some simple steps for you to remove the stains completely and successfully. Well if you are now ready, then here are some simple tips for you below.

1. Act fast

When a stain happens, you definitely have to act quickly as possible. Attending the stains real quick can prevent the stains from hardening. Also, there are also possibilities that the stains cannot penetrate your carpet and it is easier to remove it than waiting for it to dry.

2. Blot, don’t scrub

If you don’t want that the stains on your carpet will not spread, then try not to scrub it. Scrubbing the stain will make it worst and will spread on your carpet. All you have to do is blot it instead. With that, only the particular portion of the carpet is stained. Well, you have to use a white cloth or ink-free paper towels to avoid the danger of additional dyes bleeding into the carpet.

4. Scrape

When the stain on your carpet has already hardened, then you have to scrape it off. With the careful use of a rounded spoon, the solid stain will get off from your carpet. You just have to make sure that you scraped it in a way that your carpet will not be ruined. After scraping, vacuum the solid stains until they are completely removed.

5. Spot on

If you have spotted a stain on your carpet, there are things that you need to consider before treating them. You have to consider the cleaning solutions that you are going to use whether it can damage the cloth or not, since there are already cleaning solutions that are not applicable to cloths. Also, you have to make sure to apply it to another cloth before applying it to your carpet, for you to make sure that everything will be fine without any damages.

6. Experiment

One of the expert’s solution when it comes to carpet stain cleaning, they use coffee, tea and/or cola for the cleaning solutions. They recommend having a combination of ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with 1 cup of lukewarm water. Although you might be tempted to add more dish soap, don’t do it. The less soapy residue you have to rinse out at the end, the better.

Moreover, there are actually a lot of ways on how you can have your own cleaning solution if you are not satisfied with the simple one. Well, for as long as you have the right ingredient of the cleaning solution, then you will definitely be fine.

Yes, we cannot avoid stains from happening on our carpet. However, we can definitely get rid of them if you know what to do in removing the stains from your carpet successful. These may just be simple steps for you, yet are effective enough to remove the stains.

5 Creative Kitchen Ideas for Adventurous People Image

One of the things that inspire us whenever we are in our home in Alveo land Cebu is when we have a nice and lovely home. Especially when it comes to our kitchen, cooking and/or baking can never be this fun when you have a nice place to work with. Of course, we do not just have fun, we also feel that we can be proud of our kitchen.

In our kitchen, there will be many opportunities for design to happen – that is of course if you want to have it on your own design. Sometimes, it requires major renovation work and is worth noting now so you can pay attention to them during a future remodel, while others are easy that they require only with some weekend handiwork or rearranging.

Well, if you are one of those adventurous people who want to explore things in their kitchen, then here are some tips for you to have and apply. I bet, you will definitely love the design and the arrangements for your kitchen. Fret not! These kinds of styles are simple and easy to do.

1. Add a range back-splash

The typical kitchen just has a simple flooring for their kitchen. Well, if you are a kind of person who wants to do some extra things and/or experimentation, then you might want to try adding some back-splash on the space between the stove-top and the vet hood which presents a design opportunity. This is also a chance for you to incorporate a ceramic work of art that stands out from the rest of the backsplash.

2. Don’t get stuck in the expected kitchen furniture rut

Have you ever noticed that most of the homeowners have their kitchen almost all the same? From the furniture to the kitchen wares, they are all most likely the same. Well, if you are a kind of person who wants to have a change in their kitchen, you might as well try incorporating things from your living room to your kitchen. You can have your couch, for example, placed at the corner of your kitchen. With that kind of arrangements, you will have a new aura in your kitchen.

3. Create an accent wall

If you think that your kitchen wall is boring enough, then it is time for you to change it. You can have your wall through bright color paintings and/or wallpapers. It is up to you on what kind of decoration you want for your wall, for as long as it will change from a boring to an exciting and interesting kind of wall. Make the person who is looking for your kitchen will be amazed. With that, more and more people will appreciate you and the creative you have made.

4. Take chances with large-scale elements

As a homeowner who wants to decorate your kitchen, you also have to remember that there is beauty in a large scale decoration. Of course, these kinds of decorations can fill in the boring spaces of your wall. With that, it will not be that too crowded and not too boring whenever you are looking at your wall. Also, you just have to make sure that you are choosing the right decoration for your wall. It doesn’t mean that every large-scale decoration is also good for your wall. Nope, not all! That is why you also have to choose carefully on the things that you want to include.

5. Re-purpose something unique into your kitchen

If you have something on your home that is not already in use yet can still be re-purpose, you might as well use it as one of your decorations in your kitchen. With that, it will give you a unique and homey feeling. Well, you just have to make sure that the kind of thing that you want to include is also nice to look at for as not to defeat the purpose of decorating your kitchen.

Some of you here might think that decorating your kitchen is not important at all. Nope, definitely not! Decorating your kitchen is as important as decorating your own room since having a good and nice place to work with can inspire us to accomplish the things that we want to do.

Door Selections: What Type of Door is Best for your Home

We all walk in and out of our home every day, right? Who doesn’t? Sometimes, we never think about the importance that a door has on our life. The doors are also one of the things that contribute beauty to the interior design of our home. That is why doors are as important as the things that you have in your home. Image

As we all know, there are different kinds of doors for each home. Whether you are living in condos and/or any Ayala Land properties, we all have a different style of our doors. Well, it will always depend on the homeowner which type of door he/she wants to have in their home. Once you start designing the interiors of your home, you will realize how it is important that you also have to consider what kind of design that you want to have in your home.

If you are a kind of person who is still on the process of installing a door on their homes, then you might as well consider the types of the door that you want to have on your home. You will surely love to have one of these different types of doors below.

Hinged doors Image

Hinged doors are commonly known as the passage doors. This is kind of doors is a typical door that most homeowners have on their house. I bet, your friends, families and/or relatives have this kind of door in their house. Who doesn’t?

This type of door can be installed anywhere on your house; be it in the front or back door of your house, on your room, bathroom, and/or any rooms that you have on your house. So, if you want to have this style, then fret not since the door is just easy to install.

Sliding doors Image

Sliding doors are also called as the bypass doors. This kind of door is usually installed in the area where the opening of the door is wide enough. Sometimes, you can notice this kind of doors installed in the master’s bedroom or closet. Moreover, this kind of door does not swing open, but instead, you need to slide it on the track. And since these doors do not swing open, it cannot disturb you whenever you are inside the room.

Of course, there are also a lot of different kinds of sliding doors. You can open your sliding door wood or glass.

Pocket doors Image

A pocket door is a kind of sliding door that disappears when fully open into a compartment in the adjacent wall. This kind of door is used when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door.  When open, pocket door travels on rollers suspended from an overhead track, although some feature tracks guides along the floor.

If you are one of those people who want to install this kind of door can also be an advantage since it can add an average of ten square feet of floor space. Moreover, this kind of door is usually used when you don’t have enough space in your home. Of course, it saves up some of your spaces.

French doors Image

Homeowners who used French doors are the ones who want to have a something that would look like a dramatic and elegant. This kind of doors are hung on the hinges installed on each side of the opening, and they swing towards each other and meet at the center. When both side doors are opened, they offer an unobstructed view.

A typical French door is usually made of glass panes all throughout its length. Well, if you are a kind of person who cares about the appearance of the door, then you can also paint its side whatever color that you want to have in your door.

As a homeowner, it is your decision on what kind of door that you want to have in your home. It is also your right to demand how and where you want to put it. – it is your home anyway.

5 Exit Strategies for a Messy Home

One of the important things every homeowner should do is to have an organized home. Agree?! Of course, if you are living in an Alveo land Bonifacio Global City, you don’t want to be embarrassed by your families and/or friends of having a chaotic and messy home. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. Right?! Image

Yes, being organized in your home is an important thing to do. However, there are people who don’t know what to do when it comes to the things that they need to keep and let go. They just can’t figure it out on how they are going to start cleaning their messy home.

Well, if you are one of those people who are desperate to know how to start organizing things, here are some effective tips for you to apply in your own home. And I’m sure you will definitely have a good day cleaning your home.

1. Assess successful systems of removal

There are actually a lot of ways on how your trash be disposed of in your community. There is some community that their schedule for their getting of trash is by Friday or Saturday. Well, that also depends on your community.

Moreover, you have to determine what kind of trash bin are you going to use. Is it the plastic bag or the trash can. With that, you will know what kind of trash are you going to put in that particular plastic bag or a trash can.

2. Identify what needs to go

This is one of our dilemmas, right? Of course, with all the important things that you have, it is not easy to let things go, especially when they hold value on your part. However, there are certain things that you have to let go since it is already not useful for you. Keeping the things that you don’t need can eat up space in your home.

Of course, if you don’t want to throw important things, you have to carefully determine what kind of things are you going to put in the trash bin. With that, you don’t have any regrets later on.

3. Designate bags or boxes

Keeping a lot of things in your home can sometimes be demanding. You need to determine what kind of storage are you going to use for you to have organized things in your home. Well, for you some of your things, you can have it on your grocery bags and/or any other bags that you have, for as long as you can put something on it.

Also, you can use or recycle boxes and make it as one of your storages at home. With that, there are a lot of things that you can keep. Well, you just have to make sure that the box that you are going to use is still usable and attractive enough for you to also have a stylish box on your home.

4. Create a schedule for your cleaning

Admit it or not, there are really times that we leave our home messy. Of course, due to our busy schedules, we tend to be in a rush all the time. With that, we sometimes forget that we already have a messy and chaotic home. Well, we all experience this kind of situation, right?

However, it is not a good reason not to clean your home up. That is why, for you to have a healthier home, you may want to have a cleaning schedule for you to have an organized home. Of course, you can have it whenever you want. You can have it once or twice a week, for as long as you can regularly clean your home.

5. Refine and tighten things as you go

There are times that we leave our home with plenty of time left for us. Well, you have to make use of that time by tightening things on your home before you leave. With that, it will be less hassle for you to clean for the next day. Also, your workload will be lessened since you already arranged your things.

Rainy Season’s Food/Beverage Checklist

Rainy season is when we find ourselves wants to stay put and do nothing. Agree? Well, who doesn’t? Because the weather is cold, you really want to eat something that can satisfy your food cravings. Sometimes, we think of going to the restaurants in the Philippines to eating the foods that we like to have.

The best part when it rains is that we tend to eat something that we want to have. Of course, you don’t want to be sick due to hunger, right?! That is why we tend to eat something. And admit it! We really like the idea when it comes to eating something that we want. Agree?!

Well, there are actually a lot of foods that you can eat during the rainy season. You can eat whatever you want, but you have to be very careful when it comes to what kind of food that you are eating. Well, if you don’t want to have some indigestion; here are some healthy foods that you can eat during rainy seasons.

Hot soups Image

Rainy season is the best time to have some hot soups. Of course, the weather is so cold, our body wants something that can make us feel warm inside. It is also a good way of getting nutrition from vegetable soup without consuming any harmful bacteria in the process.

Well, you don’t have to worry about what kind of soups that you are going to eat since there are already a lot of recipes available online that you can follow to create a delicious hot soup. You can have various soups with every meal that you have.

If you want to taste different kinds of soups, you can try to experiment your soup. Of course, you just have to make sure that it still tastes good.

 Hot coffee/tea

Having a cup of coffee or tea is also a great way to make you feel warm during the rainy season. Like hot soups, it will make you feel warm whenever you drink it. You will definitely one to have one since your body will need some of it.

There are actually a lot of health benefits that you can get just by drinking it. Well, coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine that makes and improve your energy level whenever you feel like you don’t want to do something during rainy seasons.

Likewise in tea, especially green tea. Green tea contains various bio-active compounds that can improve your health. Of course, it is also antioxidants that can lower the risk of multiple types of cancer.

Tasty snacks Image

There are actually a lot of healthy snacks that you can eat during the rainy season. Of course, you have to choose wisely on what kind of snacks that are good for your health. You can definitely choose some fruits salads, macarons, fruits, and/or any other kinds of healthy snacks that you want to try.

Eating of snacks is also good for you. It is better to eat a small chunk of snacks than being hungry. Agree? Well, you just have to make sure that you eat snacks in a healthy way to make you fit and fab.

Clean water Image

There will never be a side effect when you drink a lot of water. Of course, you have to make sure that the water that you drink is clean and save enough for you to drink. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated.

There are also a lot of health benefits that you can get when you drink a lot of water. If you are a person who is on a diet, drinking water can help control calories, which can also be the cause of overweighing. It also helps energize your muscles. And of course, if you want to stay and be beautiful, then you have to drink some water.

These foods above are some of the most common food that you can eat during the rainy season. There is no actually rules on what kind of food are you going to eat for as long as you can be moderate in everything you take into your mouth. Also, know what kind of food that is good and healthy for your body.

5 Most Hassle Task in Home Improvement

Doing some renovations? Hassle, isn’t it? Well yes, if you don’t know what to do when it comes to the things that must be done when it comes to home improvements. Whether you are living in an Alveo Cebu and/or any other real estate Philippines, you definitely have something that you want to improve. Image

There are homeowners who really have something that they want to improve. Be it in their kitchen, living room, bedrooms and/or any other parts of their home that they want to enhance. Some of them, if not all seek help with the professional people who are capable of making a particular home improvement.

Well, if you are also a kind of person who usually does things on their own, then you can definitely work on the home improvements. However, there are also things that make us irritated. Perhaps, there are certain things that we don’t understand when it comes to how to do that particular thing.

1.  Cleaning the gutters Image

One of the hardest things when it comes to cleaning is when you have to clean in small spaces. Especially when the gutter is small enough, it will be hard for you to clean it properly. Well, you really have the patience for you to successfully clean it.

Easy tips: If you are cleaning the gutter on your roof, then you have to use an appropriate ladder for you to reach it. Also, you have to use the appropriate cleaning tool for you to easily clean the gutter.

2. Replacing roof tiles Image

This. We are already talking about the roof. Of course, one of the dangerous places to clean is our roof. There might be accidents that don’t expect to happen. Well, it isn’t just dangerous, but also, it is harder for us to clean since it is far and out of our reach.

Easy tips: If you are not confident enough to do the cleaning and/or replacing the tiles on your roof, make sure that there is somebody who knows and capable enough in doing that particular work.  Also, seeking help with a professional makes the work done without any hassle on your part.

3.  Wallpapering Image

Wallpapering is also one of the things that can be a hassle thing to do when it comes to home improvements. Especially when getting the measurements on the wall, it will definitely be an inconvenience on our part. Also, you have to make sure that the wallpaper is going to be flat smooth when you place it on your wall.

Easy tips: Of course, you cannot successfully put your wallpaper when you don’t have the exact measurements on your wall. It is important for you to know the right and exact measurements to make it easier for you to work it out. Also, make sure that when you place the wallpaper, it is going to be smooth without any bumps on the surface.

4. Fixing a broken sink Image

There are just times, especially when we are not careful when it comes to the things that we put in our sink, it will be stuck up and perhaps be broken. With that, it is going to be a hassle on our part to repair. Of course, there will be right procedures for you to make it work.

Easy tips:  If your sink is stuck up and/or broken, you have to identify what makes it broken and why. There are certain procedures when it comes to a particular cause. Also, before checking your sink, you have to make sure that the water is turned off, for as not to make a flood in your kitchen.

5. Tackling a blocked toilet Image

Doing some cleaning in our toilet is one of the things that we hate the most, right?! Especially when there is something that blocks the toilet, who would like to clean that kind of stuff?

Easy tips: When there is something that blocks your toilet, you have to flush it thoroughly even if it means flushing it three times. If it doesn’t still work out, then you definitely use some gloves to get that particular thing on your toilet. Of course, use rubber gloves for your hygiene.