Shopping in the City: How to Take Advantage of Weekend Markets in Manila


You’ll discover a lot of things when you visit different organic, outdoors in Manila. From homegrown vegetables to grass-fed meat and a selection of food kiosks for the health conscious, you’ll find that it’s not difficult to stay healthy. All you need is to find a place to shop.

Some people find it a challenge to shop in other places besides the grocery store. Unfortunately, supermarkets don’t have the things you can see at a weekend market Manila. For instance, some groceries don’t have fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of their stock is outsourced from other regions and states. Supermarkets also have limited options of fresh produce. Some groceries only offer a specific type of meat or fish. Lastly, shoppers won’t get to experience the art of bargaining.

With all of these in mind, it might be better for you to take advantage of what farmers markets offer. If it’s your first time to visit one, here’s how you can make the most of your experience.

1. Get the vegetables as they are

Some produce especially root vegetables come with their greens or some roots. If you have the option to pick what to get, always those that are in their natural form. For one, they last longer when they’re not trimmed. Next, you get to have free food. You can use the greens to make pesto or cook the radish and beets the same way you prepare chard or kale.

2. Consider what’s in season

Most weekend markets only offer fruits and vegetables that are in season. Once you decide on a date to visit a market, you should first research what farmers grow during that time of the year. That way, you can avoid apples that lack texture or bland oranges. It’ll also help you look for substitutes and avoid having your expectation thrown out of the window.

3. Think of the market’s location

Besides what’s in season, the market’s location can also influence what’s on the stores. Some weekend markets only have fresh produce while others have food stalls or sellers that feature locally sourced clothing, accessories, and other items. Markets that are near plantations and backyard farms are likely to have fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat while those near the seaside have a greater chance of selling seafood.

4. Be an early bird

Since weekend markets are sparse in Manila, the stock quickly runs out. Most people want to get their hands on the best products, so they get their early. If you don’t want to get the scraps, then you should be an early bird. You have a chance to pick the best items in the stalls when you make time for your shopping. If you’re after perishables such as meat and seafood, then you should visit the market in the morning.

5. Know how to pick your produce

Fruits and vegetables can look odd or feature a different shape, but that doesn’t mean they won’t taste great. Before you shop for greens and colorful crops, you must first know how to pick the best tasting ones from those that aren’t. You can always ask the farmer or the seller to pick them for you, but it’s much better to know you got the things you need by yourself.

6. Pick your purchases

An organic market is not always the best place to get your goods. You can get bread at a local bakery or jams and sauces at the grocery store near your home. Of course, you’ll be helping farmers when you choose their stuff over commercially produced ones. If you are already a patron of a brand or a store, then you shouldn’t trade your favorite over what you saw at the market. Pick your purchases and only choose those that interest you and those you need.

7. Look around

Don’t stick to the same store to get everything off your shopping list. Remember, several stalls are selling the same item. However, their goods can have different quality and prices. You should look around before getting your stuff. Try their samples, look at the prices and talk with the farmers. Learn how they grow their produce or what are the ingredients they use for their creations. You’ll end up with more options than when you first came to the market in choosing your goods.

8. Try the unusual

An organic market is a great place to find items that aren’t on the shelves of grocery stores. You can find irregular shapes vegetables, exotic fruits, and other homemade creations. Don’t be afraid to try all of them. If you’re not sure how to use them for your recipes, you can ask the farmer or seller for ideas. You can also search the Internet on how to prepare them or come up with unique meals for your family.

Each market has a specific structure. Knowing how the market works and its different characteristics can help you prepare accordingly. But, you don’t have to worry so much. These tips can back you up and help you have a great time shopping. With these tips, you won’t have a problem navigating a weekend market.

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Back to School: Top 4 Ways on How to Avoid Rush Buying

Say goodbye to summer and say hello to School days! Image

School is cool. Agree? Of course, who wouldn’t? Especially when you want to meet your friends again and/or even your crush, you’d definitely love to go to school. Well, that of course, aside from the fact that you want to learn. That is why; most of you here are already buying school supplies in shopping malls in the Philippines.

For those people, students specifically, who are excited to go to school, they are already have prepared for the opening of the school days. They already have their schools supplies, bags, school uniforms and/or any other requirements for their school. They are all ready and set on going to school. Well, that would good for them because for some, have not prepared anything yet.

Why some of the students tend to do panic buying? Well, for some reasons, they just failed to plan and/or they don’t have any idea on what they are supposed to when it comes to preparing or even don’t have enough time to buy the school supplies of their children due to the busy schedules that they have. If you don’t want to do panic buying, then here are some tips for you to prepare while saving up your time.

List down all the requirements

Some of us, if not all, have a good memory. We tend to memorize things that we need to remember, which is also good since you don’t have to be bothered by bringing a long list of paper all along with you. However, even if you have a good memory, it is still advisable for you to list down all the requirements that you need in school.

Having a list of all of your requirements will give you the convenience of thinking about the things that still need to be included in school. Also, it saves up your time.

Choose stores that are not crowded

Have you ever tried getting the things that you need but you don’t want it at all? Well, for some reasons, you tend to get what you see since there are a lot of people that are in line for a particular thing that you want to have. Of course, there are stores that are really crowded. Perhaps, since they are affordable enough for them to buy the things that they want.

There are actually a lot of stores that are affordable yet are not crowded. You just have to choose where and what store that is not into peak buying. With that, you will definitely have your time in choosing the right thing for your requirements.

Set a budget

There are really times that we want to buy the things that we want for the school use, yet we don’t have enough budget for it. One of the most important things to consider and have is your budget. Before going to the store for you to buy what you need in school, you have to know how much is your budget that is intended for you to buy the supplies.

If you don’t want to be short in your budget, then you just have to choose the things that are affordable enough for you to buy that particular thing. Do not choose the things that are expensive yet are not useful at all, be wise and think twice when it comes to money matters.

Buy the requirements early

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to be in a crowd, then you have to buy the things that are the need in school earlier than the other buyers. Also, buying early will give you the benefit of choosing and selecting the things that you want.
Also, if you buy early, you don’t need to rush things since you have all the time to choose what other requirements that are needed for you to have.

Well, these are just some of the common things that you can do for you to avoid rush buying. Buying the things that you need in a rush way might not be good and advisable. Learn to make things for you to be satisfied with everything you do.

Shopping Tips: How to Be a Smart Shopper

No man could acquire money and not spend it to buy a thing or two. He would have to experience purchasing something at least once in his life. Whether it is food, clothing or shelter, the need to purchase is inevitable as these are necessities in life. The main argument then only lies between covering the basics or ending up with pieces that are not really as important but would make living easier.

Regardless if you are scheduled to go to the groceries this weekend or have a Friday hangout with friends in one of the shopping malls in the Philippines, these tips would help you acquire the skills to shop smartly which later on could give you the balanced life you deserve.

  • You do not have the responsibility to buy all the time. You are the master of your own decisions, so you always have a choice. To cite an example, it’s rainy days once again. Natural instinct would encourage us to have extra raincoats or umbrellas in hand. Hold on for a second. This is actually an opportunity for you to sit back and think things over. Is there a way that you could get this umbrella for free? Most stores offer them as an added bonus these days if you reach certain accumulated receipts from them. You do not really need it right away in the first place, so the urgency is not there. Here’s another illustration. Say, you just bought a couple of new desktop computers. Although you have a Wi-Fi system installed, the area where you’d situate both PCs are in two separate far away rooms. Hence, it is practical to set up a LAN connection instead. You would need a crimper for the Ethernet cables to connect them all together. Would you head over to an electronics store just to get that piece of a tool which you’d probably use only once? Wouldn’t it be wise to ask a technician friend first before you make any rash decisions? Perhaps he can lend his to you.
  • Wait patiently for the right time and opportunity. It’s all about proper timing and not giving in to impulsive buying. All you need to do is plan ahead, and you could quickly save big bucks. For instance, we are in a world of high technology nowadays. Everybody has the latest gadgets – smartphones, tablets, laptops. Suppose what you have is an old model. Would you give in to the newest craze and visit the nearest PH malls as soon as you get your paycheck? Have you ever considered that in two-three-months-time, a newer and better brand would be released with the same price that is up in the market now?
  • Learn the art of substitution. Sometimes, finding cheaper alternatives works best. Case in point, your brother is celebrating his birthday next week. You have quite a limited budget so you couldn’t afford to give him his much requested iPad gadget. However, he’s been wooing you for ages for your album CD signed by his favorite band. Pair that with a personalized T-shirt bearing the artists’ signatures, and there’s your gift. Not only did it cost you less but you also made him extremely happy.