8 Things That Will Make Your Home Awesome

Isn’t it amazing if you have awesome things or appliances in your home? From smartphones and tablets you carry with you to your home’s heating and air conditioning, having awesome things at home makes our lives easier and faster. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you live in any real estate in Makati, you can still have awesome things at home.

If you have been trying to figure out what smart ways you use the things conveniently at home, then take advantage of it. This is the time where you can think creatively about how you can pull that off. Of course, you may purchase that particular thing to make it easier, or think of an alternative to achieve your desired outcome.

Well, if you are one of those people who doesn’t have any idea at all, then below are some things you might want to add to your list at home.

1. Add outlets to drawers to keep clutter off the table top

If you think that it is already annoying to see the clutter on top of your table, then you better hide those things inside the drawer. Of course, one way to make it more convenient is to add or install outlets inside the drawer. So whenever you want to charge your phone or tablets, you can place it inside.

2. Add a half-table to your bathroom for extra storage space

There are just times that you want to do something while you have our waste out. However, since there is no table where we can put the things we brought, it is difficult for us to find a place where we can put that particular thing. However, if you add a half-table to your bathroom, you will not worry about where you should put your things.

3. Build a free library for your neighbors

Building or having a free library for your neighbors is not common today. So, if you think you have this feeling to help others at least to have some knowledge about anything in this world, then why don’t you have it for free for them. Well, you can have it outside of your home.

4. Make space your fake drawers take up functional

For some cabinets or drawers, there are some fake spaces. Well, take that as an advantage and turn it into a functional space. You can add some paper towels to it. Or anything you want to have or do to make the space useful enough to you.

5. Fake drawers are also a great spot for extra outlets

Aside from putting paper towels, you can also use the fake drawers and have it as one of your extra outlets. Just be careful enough when it comes to the wires. Make sure that it is also not visible to prevent any accidents.

6. Add a shelf to a long hallway for extra storage space

If you think that you have a long boring hallway, then you better transform it into an awesome one. Well, you can install a shelf on it. This is also the time when you can maximize the spaces in your home. Instead of having a bookshelf that may eat up some spaces, you can use the hallway for it.

7. Save space with collapsible drying racks

This is one of the most convenient ways to dry your kitchen towels. You can hang it on a collapsible drying rack without any hassles at all.

8. Install dutch doors so you can watch your kids/pets without baby gates

If you are a parent, you have a concern when it comes to your kids or pets. That is why it is also advisable to install dutch doors for you to watch your kids over.

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects to Look Forward in 2016

Ok, let’s admit! If we are not satisfied with what we see, we tend to change its style or structure. Right? And if you are one of those homeowners in Marquee Residences or any other real estate properties, home renovations is one of the things that comes to your mind if you want to make your home worth living. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can achieve the desired outcome of their home. Perhaps, the renovations were not properly done. And as a result, they regret having it renovated.

However, if you are just had a careful plan on the things you want for your home, you definitely won’t regret having it renovated. Of course, you’re improving your home for the best, not for the worst. Well, if you are planning to renovate your home, then below are some home improvement projects you might like to consider.

1. Paint your walls

Whether you like it or not, the paint on your walls will eventually fade away through time. You will even notice some peeled paints or cracks on the wall. For your wall to make it new and fresh looking, you have to paint it once again. Make sure to coat it properly for the paint to last longer. Moreover, if you paint your walls with light colors, it will make your home feel brighter than before.

2. Corner shelves in the Kitchen

If you don’t have corner shelves at home, then now is the time for you to install one. This shelf is used in your kitchen. You can put your seasoning, and kitchen wares in there. Moreover, this is also one way you can save space in the kitchen without compromising its beauty. Of course, you also have to make sure that the installation of the shelf is properly done to have it durable enough to last long. You can do some decorations on the shelf. Particularly with the lights underneath, it also gives beauty to your kitchen.

3. Refrigerator workstation

Most of us here are a fun of posting bills, and other documents in the fridge for you not to miss or forget it. And since we have a lot of documents to posts, our fridge became messier than before. We can still keep our documents posted in the refrigerator but stylishly. Instead of using plain and boring paper, you can use sticky notes to jot down the things for reminders, and new magnetics to keep your documents intact. Moreover, when you upgrade the style of your postings, this will help you organize your things and tasks that need to be done.

4. Cord organizer

Having a cord organizer at home is essential especially when we have a lot of gadgets at home. If you think that the wires and other cables are already tangled with the other, you better use a cord organizer. It is useful for your TV cables, laptops, chargers, personal computer, and other gadgets or appliance you have at home. Well, just make sure to observe safety first before the arrangements. Turn off the electricity before handling or untangling the wires. With that, you don’t have to worry about being electrocuted.

5. Fix swinging door and window hinges

If you think that your doors or windows are already swinging, then you better change its hinges into a new one. Of course, they don’t just a bother, it also can compromise the beauty of your home. Moreover, you also have to fix pesky squeaking hinges to make sure that the door and windows are properly installed in their proper places.

Whether you realize it or not, home renovations are not that hard as you think it is. For you to achieve the desired style of your home, make sure that you know what you want for you to accomplish what you want.

For Home Buyers: 4 Pet Peeves You Need to Avoid

Home selling is one of the common investments most people do. Agree? Yes, since buying a property in Bonifacio Global City or any other properties in the Philippines is also an investment for the future. That is why, if you have just noticed, more and more people are now into real estate investing. Who knows, you can be one of them too.

Before you can decide on what property you would like to have, there will also be a lot of thinking on what features of a particular property you like. Some of you here might like living in a simple yet elegant property while others would prefer the luxury one. Of course, choosing what you like is a must.

However, one of the reasons why most homeowners would decline your offer is because you have some issues that you fail to oversee and fix. Of course, homebuyers are also keen when it comes to those matters. Well, to give you an idea, below are the reasons as to why your home isn’t selling.

1. Covering up potential issues

It is one of the reasons why home buyers would back out from your offer. People naturally don’t like secrets especially when they know they can be involved with that matter. How much more when you deal with home investors? Covering up potential issues such as bad odors, bad foundation, no facilities that can be of use, and other major or minor defect found at the property would cost you a big mistake.

One way or another, your homebuyers would know about secrets. As a result, some of them would make a scene and would settle things with you in court. You’re lucky if the person who bought the property is fair enough that the issues can be resolved through a good deal. However, if you’re not, then good luck on how you can resolve the issues.

That is why it is crucial for you to disclose any of the issues to your potential home buyer to know what solutions you can think of and have a better deal out of it.

2. Overpricing the home

When selling a property, always remember that home buyer would overlook an overpriced home. And if you tend to raise the value of your home, it would most likely take you some years before you can successfully sell your home. Of course, who would want to invest in an overpriced home when they can have a property that is affordable enough for them to have without compromising the quality of the place.

Moreover, you have to know that even wealthy home buyers would also overlook a property that is too expensive without any assurance that they can have what they want. Of course, the value or the price of your home is one of the deciding factors of most homebuyers. That is why you also have to be careful when it comes to deciding on what price your property should have.

3. Failing to prepare the home for listing

Never list your home online if there are still a lot of home repairs or renovations that you need to do. Well, talking about cleaning, decluttering, repairing, decorating, and other things you need to do to beautify your home. When you don’t care about all these things, this can turn-off homebuyers and would decline your offer without any hesitations at all.

The beauty of your property is one of the main factors why home buyers would choose your home. That means the interior and exterior design of your home would matter when selling your home. And when you have such beauty in your home, homebuyers would line up for that.

4. Not being accommodating for showings

If you want to sell your home, you have to expect that there would be a time where you would show your property to your potential homebuyer. And if you are not that accommodating and approachable enough with your clients, they would not like to continue investing in your property. Of course, there are a lot of home sellers who are willing to show their homes.

Additionally, showing your actual home to home buyers can also be one of the deciding factors for them. If they like what they see, then they will most likely invest in your property. But if not, then think about what other things that you miss or fail to see. With that on, you will have an idea of what and what needs to be done to make homebuyers like your property.

5 Lies Homeowners Probably Believe About Home Renovations

There will always be advantages when you renovate your home. Agree? Imagining what your home would look like would an exciting venture. How much more if you aim to achieve the desirable outcome? It is inevitable that you can do some renovations or improvements on your home whether you are living in Alveo Quezon City or any other properties in the Philippines.

Ok, let’s face it! Some of you here might think that renovations are not that important at all and will only cost you a lot. Of course, it will if you don’t know anything about renovations and all. However, if you just know the basics of what’s and what’s not to do, then you might avoid significant and costly mistakes in renovating your home.

Sad to say, some homeowners believe on lies about home renovations. That is why, they are committing costly mistakes, which they have regretted it. Well, if you are one of those homeowners who is planning to do some renovations, then you might as well know the lies about most homeowners believe – which you shouldn’t.

1. You don’t need any permits

If you think that renovating your home, do need to have permits, and then you better think again. Some properties require you to submit an appropriate permission before you can do the renovations. Well, if you don’t know anything about it at all, then this might cause you into trouble for not following the policy of your community. Moreover, permits are there to authorize you to do the renovations for any case someone is there to ask you about it.

2. Improvements always pay off

It is one of the common misconceptions of most homeowners. They always think that whenever they renovate, they will always have something in return. Sad to say, it is always not the case. Home renovations may not pay you off. That is why, before you decide to have some improvements on your home, you have to be sure that you won’t regret your decisions later on. Moreover, if you renovate your home without any plans at all, it might commit costly mistakes. And I’m sure, you don’t want that to happen, right?

3. Hiring a professional is expensive

Not! Of course, not all professionals have expensive fees. Some professionals offer services at an affordable price without compromising the quality of their work. Moreover, if you don’t hire professionals, doing home renovations on your own may cost you more than hiring one. You are hiring a professional that can do the work faster and easier. All you have to do is expect a better outcome.

4. Good contractors are available 24 hours

It is not true. When a contractor is good enough when it comes to home renovations, you have to expect that there are also a lot of homeowners who like to hire that particular contractor – not just you. That means they are not available anytime you want them to be. Sad to say, some homeowners fail to see that coming, that is why they tend to make last minute bookings. As a result, the contractor that they want to hire is not available. Some of them resort to a not so good contractor, which definitely can jeopardize the quality of the renovations.

5. Reusing materials is a no-no

It’s the opposite instead. If you have a lot of materials left from the previous improvements that you have, you can reuse it. It is not true that it will cost you a lot more. In fact, this is one of the many ways you can save your budget for the next renovations you have at home. Well, you just have to make sure that the materials you use are still safe and durable enough for your home. If not, then you better find another one that can be still of use.

Quality Check: What Qualities You Should Look When Hiring a Cleaning Service

It is given that a clean home is a safe and healthy home. And whether you like it or not, you have to clean your home to ensure you’re living in a clean and healthy environment. But let’s just admit! Cleaning our home is one of the hassle things to do, especially when we have limited time to tidy things up. That is why some of us here would prefer hiring a cleaning service than seeing their home in a state of mess.

Whether you are living in Amaia Pampanga or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, cleaning services are willing to extend their help wherever you live. Yes, it might be good news for some homeowners. But it doesn’t mean that their services are good enough to clean your home properly. Of course, before you are going to decide on what cleaning service are you going to hire, make sure that you are looking for good qualities of their services.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who is planning to hire some cleaning services, then below are some qualities you should look before you can decide to hire them.

Sophisticated tools and equipment

One of the must-haves of a cleaning service is that they are equipped with modern tools and other cleaning equipment. Of course, without those things, cleaning their client’s home would not be a satisfying one. Moreover, not just having good tools, you also have to make sure that their cleaning equipment is not noisy for as not to disturb your neighbors. It should be well maintained to work in good condition.

Extensive experience in the field of commercial cleaning

When you hire someone in the cleaning services, it is expected that they know what to do when it comes to cleaning your home. Of course, they should know how to clean different kinds of stains or rusts found in your home. If you think that they are not good in their field of cleaning, then you might as well find other cleanings services that can deliver a clean and satisfying outcome. Moreover, you also have to know if that particular person who will clean your home has enough experience in cleaning their client’s home to ensure that they can clean your home properly.

Professional workers

Yes, they may be working in a cleaning service, but it doesn’t mean that they are not going to apply professionalism on their work. Of course, you are dealing with your clients. You also have to approach your customers professionally in a way where they will like not just the way you deliver your task but also with your personality. You don’t know; your customers might be one of your potential repeat customers shortly. You have to value them as much as you appreciate your work.

Moreover, you also have to make sure that the workers know how to respect every decision that a client would make. That means, whatever you request to them, they would deliver the things or whatever what you want without any murmurs and showing other unwanted attitudes.

Customized customer service

When it comes to cleaning, not all homes are all the same cleaning routines or patterns. Some of you here might want an extensive cleaning, and some might want a lighter cleaning. That would depend on how messy your home is. Of course, when you hire someone, you also have to expect that they know what to do with everything you want them to do. If you want them to clean a hard and stubborn stain, you also have to expect that they can make it clean with the use of their tools. Well, you just have to make sure that it is still possible for them to clean. Just be considerate of them, though.

Quality of work

There are a lot of cleaning services in the Philippines where you can choose from. Of course, before you can decide on which cleaning service you would like to hire, you also have to make sure that they have a good background. They are known to a good cleaning company.

And if you think they are not that known to be a good one, then you better think again before hiring them. You don’t want to regret hiring them later on, right?!