Smart Investments: Four Ways to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Investing in Real Estate


“Persist—Do not take no for an answer. If you are happy to sit at your desk and not take any risk, you will be sitting at your desk for the next twenty years.” –David Rubenstein

Much like any other career or business in the world, real estate investment takes time, commitment and a little discipline to get good at. It does not only take a fortnight to be successful in your real estate endeavors—for some, but it can also even take years and years of trying, failing, learning and getting back at it again.

The trick here is never to give up and keep persisting. After all, every failure is a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, most novices and budding real estate investors would give up at the first brush of failure because they were under the misguided impression that a career in real estate would mean easy money. This could not be any farther from the reality of how things are. The truth is you will try, and you will fail, but this should not deter you. Study and learn as much as you can about the process and refine your techniques. Reevaluate your strategies and try to pinpoint where you have fallen short before. However, if you wish to mitigate the possibility of committing failures, here are some of the tried and tested ways to do exactly that. Whether you are planning to invest on properties in Avida Towers Centera, there are common strategies (proven by those who had already made a fortune in the industry) that would help you succeed with fewer mistakes.

When investing in real estate, here are the principles and concepts you should consider:

1.) Have an analysis spreadsheet that contains your prospective rental properties

A wise investor would not immediately close down on the first best deal he comes across. Instead, he would take note of that, find more deals, collate them and analyze them in a single spreadsheet. Commence your analysis with the Fair Market Value, money down the improvements done, the rental income, expenses and its prospective ROI figure. Weigh your options by subjecting every possible deal through your spreadsheet. This is crucial because it helps you pick out not only the best properties but the best deals as well.

2.) You are buying numbers

Do not make the mistake of envisioning yourself living in the property you are buying. Take note: You are not buying a home to live in; you are investing to buy yourself numbers. Getting far too attached to the property you are investing on can be a fatal mistake as it clouds your judgment. When you are emotionally involved, you will invest far too much time or capital than necessary which could be detrimental to your ROI. This is neither about what you want nor what you need. It is about how much you can make off the property. Remember, channeling most of your financial resources into one property so that you can bloat the rental rate is not always a feasible option. It might even backfire on you.

3.) Do your research

If you are going to be spending a significant amount on an investment property, research is not only recommended but paramount. Do your research and do it again. As stated above, do not buy the first property you see outright. Take your time and look for more properties. Weigh your options and enumerate the reasons that make a certain property great. Run it through your analysis spreadsheet and let the numbers speak for themselves.

4.) Buy local if possible

The operative word here is if possible. This means to buy local only if you can—not buying ONLY local. Do not get too focused on buying local just so you can check on the property. Quality rental properties are still superior to local ones that do not quite make the cut after all. However, if you are already lucky enough to be living in an area with a thriving rental market with proven returns on investment, then buying local should be your initial focus.

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Where to Dine in UP Town Center

There are some Ayala Malls, but UP Town Center is something special. The idea is that for the students, workers, and residents around the area to have a place which would respond to their needs and wants. The 7.4 hectare UP Diliman East Campus property will be reconstructed to become a hub of opportunities and businesses. Aside from the stores and restaurants in this establishment, there are a lot of events and activities held in UP Town Center. UPTC, as fondly called by their visitors, is open every day, from 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening every Sunday to Thursday, and until 10 pm during Friday and Saturday. Some stores have their own schedule so check them out as well.

To give you a quick food trip in UP Town Center, here are the ten places where you could (and should) try dining at:

Silantro Fil-Mex

Images are from the websit: Silantro Fil- Mex

Silantro Fil-Mex, Silantro for short, is known for serving Mexican food infused with Filipino taste. You’d get delicious food and fine service with a good price. Since the place is superb, expect a lot of people dining so if possible, get a reservation before you visit.

What you should try: Beef nachos, Beef Quesadillas, Chicken wings, Seafood Paella (and you can order alcoholic beverages too!)

St. Marc Café

Images are from the website: St. Marc Cafe 

If you’re out for a quick snack and some refreshing drinks or desserts, St. Marc Café is your go-to. This specialty bakery and patisserie is a well-known place from Japan. They envision and work towards satisfying the needs of their customers, as well as making them “need” some more.

What you should try: Little Fuji, Kyoto Delight, Mango Fantasy, Nara, Matcha Latte, Freshly Brewed Coffee, Egg Salsa, Chococro, Salmon Cheese Potato, Carbonara

Cold Stone Creamery

Images are from the website: Cold Stone Creamery

Serving the finest, freshest ice creams, cakes, smoothies and shakes for 25 years, Cold Stone Creamery is really something. This international franchise from Arizona has a signature way of delivering ice creams as it’s created on a frozen granite stone.

What you should try: Berry Berry Berry Good, Birthday Cake Remix, OREO Overload, Midnight Delight (and you can also create your own mix)

Pepper Lunch

Images are from the website: Pepper Lunch

ペッパーランチ Peppaa-Ranchi is a “fast steak” restaurant in Japan and was established in 1994. The customers can cook their food choice of beef, chicken, pork, and salmon over an electromagnetic plate which is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius to make sure that your meat is perfectly cooked. You can also pick your seasoning and sauce – Amakuchi or the brown honey sauce, or Karakuchi or the garlic soy sauce.

What you should try: Beef pepper rice, Shimofuri pepper steak, Salmon pepper rice, Beef BBQ Yakiniku with egg

Rodic’s Diner

Images are from the website:  Rodic’s Diner 

Since 1949, Rodic’s Diner serves nothing but the best beef tapa and garlic rice. They are known for being a budget-friendly restaurant for classic Filipino food.

What should you try: Tapsilog, Kare-Kare, Sisig with egg and rice

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Images are from the website: Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen 

As what the name suggests, Mama Lou’s offer yummy Italian cuisine along with a relaxing ambiance. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen started in 2010 and still delivering good food which they are known for.

What should you try: Spinach and goat cheese pizza, Italian sardine pasta, Gnocchi, Vesuvio, Take the Cannoli

Backyard Kitchen + Brew

Images are from the website: Backyard Kitchen + Brew

If you are looking for a chill place to eat or grab some drinks alone or with friends, Backyard Kitchen + Brew offers good food, drinks, and company. It also has an artsy interior to add to its ambiance and comfort. The servings are enough for you to share, but you might want to eat it alone because the dishes they give are nothing less than perfect.

What should you try: Slow roasted pork and beef belly, Salted egg chicken skin, Buffalo wings, Tinapa and Quinoa Salad (and alcoholic drinks as well.

Rainy Season’s Food/Beverage Checklist

Rainy season is when we find ourselves wants to stay put and do nothing. Agree? Well, who doesn’t? Because the weather is cold, you really want to eat something that can satisfy your food cravings. Sometimes, we think of going to the restaurants in the Philippines to eating the foods that we like to have.

The best part when it rains is that we tend to eat something that we want to have. Of course, you don’t want to be sick due to hunger, right?! That is why we tend to eat something. And admit it! We really like the idea when it comes to eating something that we want. Agree?!

Well, there are actually a lot of foods that you can eat during the rainy season. You can eat whatever you want, but you have to be very careful when it comes to what kind of food that you are eating. Well, if you don’t want to have some indigestion; here are some healthy foods that you can eat during rainy seasons.

Hot soups Image

Rainy season is the best time to have some hot soups. Of course, the weather is so cold, our body wants something that can make us feel warm inside. It is also a good way of getting nutrition from vegetable soup without consuming any harmful bacteria in the process.

Well, you don’t have to worry about what kind of soups that you are going to eat since there are already a lot of recipes available online that you can follow to create a delicious hot soup. You can have various soups with every meal that you have.

If you want to taste different kinds of soups, you can try to experiment your soup. Of course, you just have to make sure that it still tastes good.

 Hot coffee/tea

Having a cup of coffee or tea is also a great way to make you feel warm during the rainy season. Like hot soups, it will make you feel warm whenever you drink it. You will definitely one to have one since your body will need some of it.

There are actually a lot of health benefits that you can get just by drinking it. Well, coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine that makes and improve your energy level whenever you feel like you don’t want to do something during rainy seasons.

Likewise in tea, especially green tea. Green tea contains various bio-active compounds that can improve your health. Of course, it is also antioxidants that can lower the risk of multiple types of cancer.

Tasty snacks Image

There are actually a lot of healthy snacks that you can eat during the rainy season. Of course, you have to choose wisely on what kind of snacks that are good for your health. You can definitely choose some fruits salads, macarons, fruits, and/or any other kinds of healthy snacks that you want to try.

Eating of snacks is also good for you. It is better to eat a small chunk of snacks than being hungry. Agree? Well, you just have to make sure that you eat snacks in a healthy way to make you fit and fab.

Clean water Image

There will never be a side effect when you drink a lot of water. Of course, you have to make sure that the water that you drink is clean and save enough for you to drink. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated.

There are also a lot of health benefits that you can get when you drink a lot of water. If you are a person who is on a diet, drinking water can help control calories, which can also be the cause of overweighing. It also helps energize your muscles. And of course, if you want to stay and be beautiful, then you have to drink some water.

These foods above are some of the most common food that you can eat during the rainy season. There is no actually rules on what kind of food are you going to eat for as long as you can be moderate in everything you take into your mouth. Also, know what kind of food that is good and healthy for your body.

4 Simple Tips on How to Savor a Local Food Scene

Hands up to those people who are food enthusiast! Well, we all do! There are even times that we dine in the restaurants in Greenbelt Makati just to satisfy our cravings. Eating the food that we really like is one of the things we usually do when we are into giving into our cravings. Who doesn’t, right?

Other people even consider eating as one of their favorite thing to do regarding their daily activities. Who is also into that? I bet, a lot of you here have the same interest when it comes to eating habits. We may have different eating habits, but we usually have the same interest when it comes to the food that we want to eat.

However, there are also people who usually get tired of eating restaurant foods. Of course, even if it is about eating, we also look for good food that can satisfy and fulfill our hunger. Some of them hit street vendors, while other people would prefer trying a new taste with local foods of the different places. Well, if you are one of those people, here are some tips for you to savor local foods.

1. Eat in local’s home Image

If you are a traveler and you want to taste the food of the locals, you can definitely stay in a local’s home and try their food. Some people would say, there is no better thing to have if it is a homemade food. Well, definitely it is. Since the foods that are served are cooked with the ingredients that no one else uses, except for the locals.

Also, when you try to eat in a local’s house, you will understand how the taste came up and why they add such ingredients in that particular food. Of course, don’t forget to feel the ambiance of the place, it is also one way to enjoy the food that you are eating.

2. Visit a grocery store Image

If you want to eat local foods, you can also try visiting a local’s grocery store. There are some foods or ingredients that locals usually buy and also for you to discover. You can also buy that kind of food for your taste. It doesn’t matter what kind of local food it is, for as long as it is edible, then you will be fine.

Well, if you don’t have any idea on what to buy, you can ask some locals for recommendations that they want to let you try on something.

3. Arrange a farm stay Image

Have you ever tried waking up with a cool fresh air, without worrying about the busy people around the streets and the heavy traffic? If you are a kind of person who really wants to explore the different kinds of local foods, then you might want to try going to a farm with your families and/or friends. You do not just experience a relaxing life, but also, you can enjoy the food of the locals.

If you try to visit a farm, usually, locals will introduce a local food that is new to you. Well, if you are ready to know what kind of taste their foods are, then you can go on. Of course, locals will also serve the best delicacies that they have, so you don’t have to worry about an upset stomach.

4. Bring your trip home to your kitchen Image

More or less, if you are on travel, there will be a new taste of food that you are going to like. Of course, you can definitely ask some locals on what are the ingredients that are needed to come up with the right taste of the particular food.

Also, if you know what the ingredients are, then you can make your own for you to eat. Well, if you just want to eat that kind of food, then perhaps you can bring some of the local delicacies for you to eat and for the other family members as well.

4 Signs You’re Craving for Food

Admit it! As Filipinos, we are all fun with eating good and delicious food. Who doesn’t? Be it delicacies or any other good food from the restaurants in the Philippines, we eat! Sometimes, we eat five times a day which we always include snacks in our daily menu. Image

But have you ever noticed that you are looking for a particular food that you want to eat? Even if you are still not hungry, you want to eat that specific food. Sometimes, you even feel uneasy when you don’t have and eat that food that you are looking for.

That is what we call cravings. You crave for the food that you like; be it sweets, salty or any other food that comes to your mind that you want to eat something like it. And most of the times, we give in to these cravings.

Now here are some of the signs or symptoms that you are already craving for the food that you want to eat. I bet, we all have these common signs when it comes to our cravings.

1. You always think of food

When you crave, it is just normal that you think of food. Even if you are working, all you think about is what kind of food that will satisfy your cravings. If you are craving for sweets, you will think about what kind of sweets that you want to eat. What kind of sweets that can really satisfy your crave and will not crave again.

2. You always talk about food

When we think about food, sometimes it goes with talking about it. You talk food that you like with your workmates, families or friends hoping that you will eat or taste the food that you are talking about later on. And sometimes, even if you are working or doing something, you tend to stop and ask your parents or workmates if there is food that is available in the fridge or in the store. You will not be satisfied just by talking about it. You will definitely want also to eat that food that you are talking about.

3. Mouthwatering

Who does not experience mouth-watering when see or smell a particular food that you like, or even if you are just talking about food with your friends and/or families, you mouth-watered. Well, we all have experience that situations when we can’t control our urge to mouth-water.

We mouth-water especially when we smell unripe mangoes and other sour and/or salty food or fruits and then, we give usually give in by buying and giving in to those craving that you really like.

3. When you smell food, it is always a good smell

There are restaurants that whenever they cook a certain food, the smell of it will go out and will linger in the place which we usually smell it when we pass by. Sometimes, you will even sniff the smell, since the smell is a good fragrant for you.

Even if you just smell a certain food from the restaurants, you will feel hungry and want to eat that particular food that you want or the food that you just smelled. And sometimes, you even mouth watered just by smelling it.

4. Finding some ways on how to get that particular food

Sometimes, when you are craving for food, you tend to be uneasy not getting what you want. You will not be contented just with thinking and talking about it. Even if you are far from the store or you are at work, you will find ways on how you can excuse and buy and have that particular food. Or even ask somebody to buy that food for you for as long as you can eat it and be satisfied with the cravings that you have.

These are just some of the common signs that we had experience when we crave for food. Craving for food is not a bad thing at all if you know how to control it. You also have to watch your health and be careful on the food that you are eating.

5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Food Aficionado 

February is known to be a love month. It is the time for couples to think on to where and what things they would do on a special day. Couples are now excited on to what surprise one might give to the other. And dining the in restaurants in the Philippines while spending the moment together is one of the things couples usually do.

They say one can impress the other is through his/her stomach. Well, who doesn’t want to impress your loved ones? There are couples who prefer dating in the restaurants or other places as long as they can eat something. Though it involves money, it is still worth dating. I’m sure; you too would definitely love to date someone who fills your stomach.

Dating a food aficionado is fun and exciting. Here are the reasons why you should date a food aficionado and treasure him/her.

You will never get hungry on your dates

This is one of the advantages when you date a food aficionado. You will never get hungry on your dates. They will know when you want to eat something even you won’t say a thing to them. They will notice your mood whether you are already hungry or not, and when you do, they will surely let you eat for you not to starve. Of course, they will bring you to the restaurants that you will surely be satisfied.

Knows where and what restaurant is open 24/7

When you are up for a late dinner or a midnight snack, you might want to call your boyfriend or girlfriend to ask where and what restaurant is open 24/7. They know what restaurants or food chains that is near to your house and are open 24 hours. You can rely on them especially when it comes to that matter.

Knows where and what restaurant is best and affordable

When the budget is on tight, food aficionados know where and what restaurant that is affordable without compromising the quality the food they serve. They will bring you to that particular restaurant and let you enjoy the food without worrying how much they would pay since they can afford it.

Of course, if they know where and what restaurant that is affordable, they also know what restaurant that is good for fine dining. They will also bring you to an elegant restaurant where you can dine and spend time together. Well, it won’t hurt to bring your loved ones to an expensive and elegant restaurant sometimes.

Knows what food that is good and healthy for you

Food aficionados, especially those who are health cautious, will remind and recommend you to eat this and that is good for your health. They will not let you eat something that can make you weak and is not healthy to eat. Sometimes, they are strict when it comes to that matter. Of course, they don’t want you to get sick for, not eating something that is good and healthy for you.

He/she makes a good cook

Most of the food aficionados, if not all are a good cook. They know the kitchen well. They will make or cook you a good food. Especially when you are sick, you will surely love to taste their cooking. Sometimes, they will go to your house just to cook you a good and tasty food.

When you have that kind of boyfriend or girlfriend that will cook something for you, cherish him/her. They are a good husband or wife figure. Like they say, to impress someone is through his or her stomach. So, let them eat to their heart’s satisfaction.

The Don’ts in Fine Dining

Knowing Filipinos, we like to treat our families or friends. And there are just times when someone asks and treats you and your family out for lunch or dinner in the restaurants in Greenbelt Makati, of course, saying ‘no’ is the least you can do.

Unlike other restaurants, fine dining in Manila can sometimes be demanding. There are a lot of things that you must keep in mind when in fine dining. And if you don’t want to be embarrassed while eating a good and delicious food, try to remember these simple don’ts in fine dining and, apply it of course.

  • Annoying Kids

Carefree and playful, yes they are!

When you decide to bring your kids or your younger brother or sister, make sure that they behave. You have to tell them that shouting, roaming and running around the restaurant is a big no. Let them understand that when they do, they might annoy and disturb the people who are also eating in that restaurant. And you even don’t want them to stumble and break things that are expensive.

Another thing, making a mess out of their plate is also a big no. When your kids are still too young to eat on their own, spoon feed them so as not to waste food out of their plate.

  • Noisy mouth while chewing

Ugh! This is annoying!

There are just people who tend to eat and chew their food noisily, and it’s absurd! Some people called it ‘eating like a pig.’ Anybody, who hears it will feel gross. Please don’t do that when you are in the fine dining restaurants if you don’t want to feel embarrassed. Trust me, it is really embarrassing when someone will tell you to eat and chew your food silently.

Of course, you can definitely talk while eating. That is also one way you can bond and share your experiences with others. Just don’t crunch your food that everybody can hear it. It will kill the mood of those people who enjoy eating their food.

And another thing, when you sip your soup or hot coffee, do not sip it too loud. It is unpleasant to hear sipping it loudly. Except when you are in the other country where you must sip the soup or hot coffee to express that you like and appreciate the food that is served.

  • Using of utensils noisily

Fine dining restaurants usually use glass plates, which is why whenever we use our spoon and fork to eat, we make sounds. And that is totally acceptable, but not to the extent that it is too noisy that can already disturb and annoy other people inside the restaurant. Be moderate since we can’t avoid making the sound on our plates out of it.

And another thing, as much as possible, do not eat with your bare hands unless it is needed. Well, we can say it is unsightly eating with your bare hands especially when you are in a fine dining restaurant. You can use your fingers tho when it is really needed but not the entire hand. Always use spoon and fork.

  • Laughing out loud and chatting loudly

Yes! This is also annoying!

Sometimes, when the topic is exciting and we are so eager to express our feelings, we tend to talk or laugh it out loudly forgetting that we can disturb and annoy other people who are also eating in that restaurant. Yes, we all know that we have the freedom of expressing, but we also have to be considerate of the people who don’t want to hear your talks.

Always be moderate in everything you do, coz it is also not good when you do things over.

3 Reasons Why Maid Cafés are in Trendy

If you are sick and tired of the boring and lifeless ambiance of the restaurants in Cebu, why not try exploring cafés with a lot more unique than the other. Trying and exploring different cafés are one of the things teenagers and even adults nowadays love to do when they are looking for another whole new ambiance of a café.

Well, if you are really looking for a café that is new to you, try Maid Café. These cafés have a touch of Korean and Japanese culture and let you experience a new and different kind of the environment. Maid cafés will give you the feeling of what Korean and Japanese Café looks and feels like. And if you are really into these cultures, you will definitely love to come back over and over again.

There are actually a lot of Korean and Japanese Cafés, but here are the reasons why Maid Cafés are different from the other cafés.

The settings

Unlike other typical cafés, maid café has a unique style of decorating and arranging their place. They put an add things that depict a Korean or a Japanese culture. And since you love these cultures, you will also love the place. From the tables and chairs to the lightings and to the decorations of the place, all are appealing to the eyes which give you the feeling of belongingness.

photo from

photo from (CosCafe) Image

Of course, they also never forget to make their customers feel comfortable during their stay in the café. Their couch is big and comfy; one can also squat and sit in whatever position they want to. They also have stuffed toys, pillows, and even TV for you to enjoy more during your stay in the café.

photo from

photo from (Cafe Tiala) Image

Also, the color and the style of the place are soothing to the eyes which you will definitely love to take a picture of yourself to the place.

The Services

photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page

photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page Image

photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page

photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page Image

This is one of the reasons why Maid Cafés differ from the other typical Korean and Japanese Café, you will never going to hear or see a sign ‘Self-Service’ in Maid Cafés. And from the word itself ‘Maid’ Café, it is the only café where beautiful maids are there to serve you all throughout your stay in the Café. Of course, they are also dressed in maid uniforms which make them even prettier and sexier with their outfits.

photo from (Maids of Cafe Tiala)

photo from (Maids of Cafe Tiala) Image

The moment you enter the Maid Café, maids will warmly welcome you with a smile and accompany you to the place where you want to sit. The maids are very approachable that whenever and whatever you ask something from them, they will give it to you willingly and cheerfully.

photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page

photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page Image

Maid Cafés also have various activities where maids got to dress like fictional characters or dressed like something that is fitted on the theme they have chosen. When they choose an anime theme or a cute animal theme, they dressed like one. This is also the time where you can take a picture with them.

The foods and drinks

Photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page (foods and drinks)

Photo from Cafe Tiala Facebook page (foods and drinks) Image

Cute and presentable, who would think that these are tasty foods?! And yes, these are edible and delicious.  I’m sure you will love to take a picture of it first before eating it.

photo from

photo from Image

When it comes to their food servings, you will be amazed at how they carefully and creatively plated their food. Well, thanks to their skills we are able to see and taste this kind of food. Not just that, they have desserts that will surely make you want more.  And of course, they also have hot and cold drinks, which you will also love the taste of it.

photo from Tomo Cafe Facebook page (Red Forest Cake with Dusted Green Tea Powder)

photo from Tomo Cafe Facebook page (Red Forest Cake with Dusted Green Tea Powder) Image

5 Signs of a Food Aficionado

We eat. That’s inevitable! Restaurants in the Philippines caters mouth-watering foods that we Filipinos can’t resist. Especially it is now the season of Christmas; “to eat” is all in our minds. We can call it a “crime” when you reject a food that is served to you; it is a sign of disrespect. So for you not to offend someone, you have to eat what was offered. See? It’s inevitable!

Eating is one of the things Filipinos love to do. People eat not just because they are hungry, they eat because they may be depressed, to change their mood or simply for snacks. That is why we can see a lot of different restaurants because one way or another, eating is a therapy.

Be it at home, office or mall, we eat, every day. We usually tend to go different restaurants/cafes to try their specialties. They cater specific specialties for the people to eat, and for them to be recognized by food aficionados.

Unlike other people, food aficionado can be helpful when it comes to food matters. They can be expert when it comes to the tastes of a particular food or delicacies. You’ll know when you or someone is a food aficionado when you notice these signs.

  • Knows where and what restaurant is good

These people know what food specialties the particular restaurant has. They know what restaurant that is near to you and where it is located. They also know what restaurant is cheaper than the other. Food aficionado knows where to buy that particular food and they will guide and recommend you for a specific restaurant that suits your taste.

  • Knows 24-hours restaurant/fast food chains/ cafe

Being hungry in the middle of the night is a pain. Knowing where and what food chains are open 24/7 is an advantage. They usually know their contact numbers for deliveries and know what packages they can avail when the budget is on tight.

  • Knows the delicacies of the specific provinces for pasalubong

One of the practices Filipinos always do is to bring pasalubong for their loved ones. When asking what delicacies those particular provinces have, they can recommend you something to buy or eat. They can name every delicacy in towns and in provinces.

  • Keeps coupons to avail discounts

Food aficionados are fond of having coupons. They usually have different coupons from different restaurants. It’s a savior for barkada treats and when you are on a budget saves. Coupons are their best friend.

  • Likes it when it’s free

We Filipinos are known to be generous. We usually give something to someone. And admit it! We like it when someone will treat us, especially when it comes to eating.

You don’t need to worry when you have these symptoms, it’s not contagious. You can even make a person happy out of it. Being a food aficionado has always its advantage, it can always satisfy our cravings and our stomach.

Filipinos are also known to be a good cook. We cook our food deliciously for us to appreciate the taste of the food. Food can never be this good when you are hungry. We also appreciate it when someone put their effort to cook especially just for us. And we can’t say ‘no’ to them.

We eat not just simply we want to eat. Sometimes, it’s also one way of making a bond with your friends and families. There you can chat and laugh, and make a good memory out of it. It’s not all the time we can have a good time with our loved ones, dining with them makes us feel like we belong. So go and have yourself a treat!

Fine Dining Tips for First-Timers

Eating is such a basic activity for humans and yet this activity does not seem so basic at all when you do it at a fine dining restaurant. There are a lot of formalities and unspoken rules when it comes to fine dining and a person who will be trying it for the first time may get confused and overwhelmed.

fine dining in manila

2nd Restaurant Image credit

If you will be put trying out fine dining in Manila soon, it is best to familiarize yourself with what you need to know and remember. Below are some tips for those who might find themselves inside a posh restaurant in Ayala Center or any other fine dining restaurant soon.

  • Mimic other people. The safest thing to do when in doubt is to mimic other people. Unsure of how to sit? Do not know which utensil to use? Check out other diners in the establishment and try to approximate the average or the safest choice for you.
  • Work from outside in. This applies to knives and forks which can be daunting for a lot of people. Expect to see several pieces of flatware on your table and try not to be overwhelmed. The rule of thumb with flatware is to work from the outside going in. In other words, the outer most cutleries or those farthest from you are what you should use first.
  • Eat small. Fine dining is not for big bites and sloppy eating; it is for eating small portions. Cut the pieces into small sizes and put down your cutlery after every bite. Servers use your cutlery as signals for when you are finished eating which by placing your knife and fork together in the center of the plate vertically. If you are not yet done, cross the tips of your knife and fork on your plate or leave it an angle if you are using only one of them.
  • Dab, not wipe. The napkin should be unfolded and placed on your knees before eating; never put it at the front of your shirt or dress. When you need to clean your mouth, just dab your mouth and never wipe. When you need to go somewhere, place your napkin on your seat to signal the server that you are not yet done.
  • Wait for others. In fine dining etiquette, you should not start eating unless everyone has been served their food. This can be a challenge if you are attending a big event, but during these events, you may go ahead of other guests if your host has given you the signal to start.