9 Home Decorating Finds To Score This 2018

Shopping for home decoration is similar to buying clothing.

You must take note of the measurements, quality, color, and material among other things. A lot goes on with interior decoration. Visiting the right store on top of scouring the pieces you wish to include in your home proves to be a source of a headache when you are at a loss for ideas.

A new condo for sale in Makati is in dire need of decorating. Luckily, luxury malls like Glorietta and Greenbelt are just around the corner to provide you with your decorating needs. If you plan to go for a haul or just redecorate, you must add these ten items on your list to score during your shopping trip.

1. Contrasting palettes

pantone 2018 ultra violet
Fusing bright and unexpected colors such as oranges and blues or purples with earth tones complement audacious personalities. These color combinations can work on small items and trinkets as well as pieces of furniture. Ashley Home Store at Glorietta 3 has signature home furniture, accessories, and mattresses.

2. Dark paint

Rooms with enough light from windows can take on a dark color. Midnight blue, charcoal or terracotta are some hues you can try for a bold interior. True Value at Glorietta 1 offers a wide selection of paint colors

3. Decorated fireplace

wallpaper fireplace
A standard feature on top of chimneys is the mantel-piece design. It makes the area feel outdated. Covering the outer walls of the fireplace with wallpaper or paint is more tasteful.

4. Disco ball

silver disco ball
Adding a disco ball in the living room or entertainment area makes an instant party place. The ball doesn’t provide illumination, but it’s an excellent reflector. Contemporary home stores like Dimensione may have one lying around their showroom.

5. Geometric shelving

wood triangle shelf
Irregularly shaped storages double in form and function. They are highly useful in keeping the space organized while adding design.You can opt for a standee that is a work of art in itself, or you can install some storages on an empty wall. Paint its inner part with bright hue to make the items out. A store like Home Bound has stunning pieces of functional furniture.

5. Lampshades

lamp shade
An efficient way to change your home without spending too much, you start with the small items. Changing your lamps shades with bolder patterns and brighter colors improve the aura of the room. Try exploring A Touch of Elegance at Glorietta 4 for lighting inspiration.

6. Patterned flooring

floor pattern
For the bold and loud characters, you can place your focus on the floor. Stencils or printed details like Moroccan-inspired or paisley patterns effortlessly brightens the area. Paint splats over solid colors is a simple way to include design while giving life in the space. Handyman has every decorator’s needs in store.

7. Oversized pendant lights

chandelier soft light
Pendant lights or enormous chandelier changes the ambiance of the room. The oversized item dictates the personality of the area. To keep the balance of the room, ensure that the size of the light pendant is within the size of the table underneath it. Decor, a lighting boutique at Glorietta 4 has a variety of overhead lighting options.

8. Upholstery

plush armchair
Another way to include patterns in your home is by installing brightly printed fabric on your chairs. If covering the whole things seems overboard, keep one side in a solid hue. The remaining side works with loud prints or patterns. The pieces at Victoria Mondiale combines comfort and aesthetic.

9. Unpredictable side table

peacock side table
You can try a different surface instead of the usual four corners. A table with unexpected features – wooden vine-like legs or animal-shaped body – are ideal conversation pieces. Some surfaces can stand alone while others need support like a glass topper. Muebles Italiano has furniture pieces inspired by generations of culture and artistry.

Indeed, the malls of Makati CBD solves decorating woes. Glorietta guarantees to fill your condo unit with class and style. Most of all, it will amplify the color your life has to offer. These pieces will make you look forward to your time at home.


Home Decorating 101: Five Fail-safe Tips and Techniques to Picking Paint Colors

“I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I could not say any other way—things I had no words for.”-Georgia O’Keefe

It has been said that we should paint our lives with the colors of the rainbow. If we apply the same sentiment to how we decorate our houses, then our homes should not only possess interesting furniture and décor but appropriate paint colors as well. However, choosing the best color can be a bit of a challenge to most of us considering that there is a myriad of lighter and darker tones for a singular hue—and that is not to mention that the color palette itself is already a multitude of various colors. So, how do we reconcile our inability to select an excellent paint color and decorating our homes with fresh hues? How do we ensure that the colors we do choose do not clash with our furniture? Well, whether you are billeted in a condo such as Avida Towers Centera or elsewhere, here are the fail-safe techniques and tricks you can use to choosing the right paint color:

1.) Do not pick your paint color first

It may seem counterintuitive considering that it is only natural to get the biggest things done first. However, picking your paint color should be the last thing you do. Observe the surroundings of your home and have a rough picture of how you want it to look like when it is all done. With this in mind, choosing your furniture and interior decorations is paramount to selecting the right color. After you have selected your furniture, you will have a much easier time in picking the right paint color.

2.) Start small

It is pretty often that big projects such as painting a home can be a bit overwhelming and undoubtedly, some of us will have little to no idea where to start. If you are unsure of where to begin, then start with the small rooms first such as the bathroom or hallways between rooms. Should you be undertaking this paint project yourself, paint the area that is quickest for you to accomplish so that you can see the results as soon as possible. This would then make it easier for you to change should you not like the results.

3.) Consider the lighting

Before selecting a color, it is imperative that you consider the lighting of your homes. Paint stores have light boxes installed in their shops so that you can accurately test paint chips in various light settings. If you wish to see the truest color, natural daylight will reflect it; incandescent lighting brings out the yellows and warm tones while fluorescent lights tend to cast sharp blue tones. With this in consideration, choose the colors most appropriate for the type of lighting you have in your room. Intense colors would appear bright and overpowering when used next to a big window or exclusively on walls. However, it would look stunning when used as an accent wall with indirect light.

4.) Test paint colors against fabrics and furniture

The paint colors you choose should complement the furniture and fabrics within a room to ensure that they do not clash. To check if a particular color would look appropriate with your furniture, paint a piece of paper or poster board and hold it up against various pieces of furniture and fabrics contained in the room to see if it goes well together. You do not necessarily have to match colors, but be sure that the undertones work well together.

5.) Have a color theme

This does not necessarily mean you have to paint your homes in a singular color, but you have to consider how the results will look like once you are done painting the entire home. In essence, this would mean that you consider how rooms will look like when standing in another—especially if these rooms open into one another. If you wish to go with one color exclusively, then play with contrasts and paint some rooms a few shades darker or lighter.


Five Steps to Turn Your Flat into an Elegant home

“Do you know what elegance is? It is not only what you are wearing, it is how you wear it, who you are inside. It is the way you decorate your house, what you surround yourself with, what books you read and what your interests are.” -Carolina Herrera

Without a doubt, achieving elegance in our homes would be difficult as elegance is subjective, much like beauty is. Incorporating a bit of elegance in our homes is not straightforward and can feel a bit frustrating at times. However, there are universal concepts that we can all agree on that would make a home truly elegant such as the ones below. Whether you are sprucing up your condo unit in Arbor Lanes or looking for a way to bring a touch of sophistication to your homes, here are the steps to making your homes truly elegant:

1.) Select a color theme

A color theme that does not clash and highlights the most important aspects and elements of your home is imperative in turning your homes into an elegant dwelling. Select a color palette consisting of at least 2-3 main colors with 3-4 complimentary colors—make sure that these colors go well together and would work in harmony. A good example is to tale main colors such cream, brown, and green while your complimentary colors should be shades lighter or darker than your main colors. Examples would be ivory, beige, and champagne. Do not go for colors that heavily contrast each other unless you are looking to contrast colors for a specific feature in a room.

2.) Choose the main items to highlight

Highlighting the main objects in a room not only gives it significance, but it significantly increases the elegant and sophistication factor of your room. Some of the items you can highlight are major furnishings such as bookshelves, a large sofa or even the room itself by utilizing creative paintwork and excellent carpeting.

3.) Create a focus in the room

Unlike choosing main items to highlight, the focus of a room should be the center point or feature that would catch the eye upon entrance of the room. It should draw eyes and start conversations whenever people are in the room. It can be a rather uncanny object such as an unusual chair or bookcase, an intricately framed mirror, a wall of photos or an abstract painting. Let this be the one attraction of the room and let everything else support and complement it. Remember to only add one focus as when you incorporate too many aspects; it creates visual noise that would result in a stressful rather than a unified look.

4.) Clean up the clutter

Clutter is another source of visual noise, and it tends to detract a room’s elegance and beauty. Stuff such as mail, magazines, shopping catalogs and even remote controls should be stowed away as it is not pleasing to look at with the rest of your décor. Do not have too many items or trinkets on display and set a rule on how many items should be on any counter or table surface.

5.) Select beautiful things to give your home a soul

Let your décor speak about your home’s character as well as show a glimpse of what their inhabitants are like. One of the features of an elegant home is a well-loved home, so decorate but do not go overboard. Select some of the most beautiful things that have some meaning to you and place them strategically in your home. Some souvenirs from your travels may do the trick, a unique centerpiece on your dining table or works of art you have done are great selections for this. Additionally, these items are also great conversation starters as they create a spark of interest in a home. Steer clear from overly minimalistic kind of decorating as they make your homes look dull and without life.

Awful Living Room Designs Homeowners Should Avoid

“Designing is a matter of concentration. You go deep into what you want to do. It’s about intensive research, really. The concentration is warm and intimate and like the fire inside the earth-intense but not distorted. You can go to a place, really feel it in your heart. It’s actually a beautiful feeling.” – Petter Zumthor

Let’s admit; the living room is one of the favorite places in our home. Right? One way or another, it is in the living room where we usually gather and have good moments together with our family and friends. Additionally, it is where we spend our free time to entertain ourselves whenever we feel bored. Whether you live in South Park District or any condo units in the Philippines, the living room is one thing you want to chill at home.

But sad to say, not all of us do realize that they have been arranging their furniture in a way where it ruins the style and beauty of their living room. Keep in mind that not all arrangements would look good in your living room. That means you have to think twice whether the design you choose fits your living room. To give you an idea, we list down some awful living room designs you should and must avoid.

Following trends

There is actually no wrong if you follow home décor trends. But there will also be a danger when you tend to follow different trends – it might not look good in your living room. Just because it is a trend, it doesn’t mean it also suitable for the living room. No, not all. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know your living room and the kind of ambiance your home has by heart. With that, it is easier for you to determine what design would you like to have for your living room. Give some personal touch to it, not just simply following the trend. This is also one of the many ways to give your home a homey feeling.

The wrong paint color

This is one of the most common mistakes a homeowner can do. They Paint their home with the wrong choice of color. Remember, the color of your home plays a significant role when it comes to beautifications. When you have the wrong color, you will most likely have a hard time finding the right furniture or interior design that would match the color that you choose. Moreover, you might not want that particular color which leads to not having the enthusiast to make some decorations at all in your home.

Uncomfortable furniture

One of the most common misconceptions of most homeowners is that, whenever they see something that looks great, they include it in the arrangements. Just because they look good, it doesn’t mean that it is also fine to add it to your living room. Remember, the things found in your living room are most useful. And if you think that that particular thing is not useful at all, then you better find other furniture that can be of use. It is better to find another one than filling your living room with useless things.

The wrong size rug

Whether you realize it or not, there are actually different kinds of a rug, not just the rug we have at our front door. In fact, some rugs are intended for the living room – rugs that are stylish enough for you to include it as one of your furniture. However, if you choose the wrong size of the rug, it might not look good. Before deciding on what rug to buy, you have to think first about the furniture that you have. If the rug that you want to buy would fit or match with the other furniture that you have, then you can definitely have that rug.


Top 7 Hacks to Improve Your Outdoor Décor

A lot of us here may have experience decorating the interior of their home. In fact, interior designing can be an easy task that they can do some DIYs on it. But the real question here is, do you do the same with your outdoor decorations? Some of you have tried but not to the extent they are happy and satisfied with it. Right? Generally, it doesn’t matter if you are living in Marquee Residences or any other real estate properties, improving your outdoor decoration is within your reach.

But just because it is an outdoor décor, that doesn’t mean it is going to be that hard for you to do. Well, you can say that there will also be some things that you need to consider before deciding on what you should do with it. Of course, you are not just going to do something that can ruin the beauty of it, right? However, if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t have any idea at all on what and what not to do when it comes to outdoor decorations, then below are some hacks you can easily apply when you make some outdoor improvement.

1. Hammocks

Hammocks are one of the things you definitely want to have for outdoor use. Of course, when you want to relax from a tiring day at work or from school, you hammocks can definitely help you get the satisfaction that you want. Moreover, this is also good when you want to have other ambiance aside from your bed. You can take an afternoon nap in your backyard. And yes, there are actually different styles of hammocks. Well, you can choose the stylish one to make a good look outside.

2. Choose a palette

If you want to have a homey feeling or a tropical one, then you can choose to use palettes for your tables or chairs. If you have a piece of the palate in your backyard that is not used to you anymore, then you might as well turn it into a table or chair for your outdoor use. With this, you don’t need to buy furniture for your backyard. Of course, you can do it on your own if you just know how. Moreover, you can also paint it to whatever color you want for it. Just make it stylish, and it will definitely be nice to look at.

3. Tropical touch

One of the many reasons why most homeowners love to have their backyard is to have some relaxation with it. Well, why don’t you bring an island or tropical feel in your backyard? Yes, you can definitely do such thing by incorporating a little palm tree print with your lounge chairs cushions. Moreover, try to add little pink flamingo whenever possible. With this, you can definitely have a comfortable feeling being around your backyard.

4. Intimate setting

As a homeowner, it is up to you on how you going to make your backyard the way you want it to be. And if you are one of those homeowners who want to have more than just a relaxation, then you can, of course, have an intimate setting in your backyard. Well, image your backyard is your room without walls, and how will you design a room to make it more intimate to have.

5. Add a fence

This is one of the many things you should consider when you want to improve your backyard. Obviously, without any fence, there might be a danger when you will not put one. Also, this will also give you a sense of safety when you want to spend your time outside your home.

6. Build a daybed

Aside from the hammocks you have, you can also build a daybed. This is one of the many things that help you feel relax whenever you want to have one. Well, building a daybed is not that hard as you think it is. You just have to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to installations, then you can have a beautiful daybed in your backyard.

7. Potted plants

Of course, this! A good tropical feel will never be complete when there are no potted plants. Yes, plants in your backyard are important to have. They don’t just add beauty, but they also are beneficial to your health. Of course, this will also give you a tropical feeling when you also include palm trees in.


Common Decorating Mistakes Most Homeowners are Still Doing

Decorating your home is one of the things that excite us the most. Although there are times home decorating can also be challenging and frustrating, but the end results would pay it off. Of course, that if you are doing the right home decorating techniques. However, there are just some homeowners who just didn’t realize that they are repeating the same home decorating mistakes all over again. And mind you, this is not a good habit to start with.

Generally, committing mistakes when it comes to home decorating is normal. In fact, it is in mistakes you will learn what and what not to do when it comes to the designs of your home. However, committing the same mistakes all over, again and again, is a reflection that you don’t care about the appearance of your home, especially when it comes to the lifestyle you are in.

It doesn’t matter where or what kind of home you live; be it in Manila properties or any other properties in the Philippines, there is no reason for you to commit the same mistakes again. And if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t have any idea what mistakes they are making, then below are some common decorating mistakes most homeowners are still doing.

Not considering your lifestyle

Just because the interior or exterior home design is a trend, that doesn’t mean it is also good for you. Nope, not all! Obviously, you are not going to do some renovations to your home if you don’t even need it, right? But if you still continue to follow the trend without any knowledge of whether or not it fits into your home, then you might regret your decision later on.

Following the trend when it comes to home design is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it is one of the many things you can upgrade your home design into something new. However, before deciding to follow such design, you also have to think again and again if you need it, or if it is worth it. Think and then decide. With that, you will know what and what not to do when it comes to the design of your home. Of course, this will also prevent you from committing costly mistakes all over again.

Having more than one focal point

Having a focal point at home is used to feel more inviting and offer a more comfortable place to stay. This feature can be your picture, mirror, or dramatic piece of furniture that catches every person’s eyes. But there’s a caveat, though, a good focal point can only do once. If you tend to have more than one focal point at home, this might not be a good idea, since it can make the room feel disjointed and leaves a person’s eye without any rest.

For you to be comfortable, you have to choose one focal point that would complement the place. Don’t be overwhelmed with the spaces you have at home and just choose one to make a good and satisfying focal point.

Too many throw pillows

Throw pillows are one thing that gives beauty to our home. Obviously, it doesn’t just add beauty, it also gives us the feeling of comfort whenever we want to relax at home. Throw pillows can also give a homey feeling or ambiance on the place. However, having too many throw pillows at home is also not nice to look at. Instead of giving us the comfort that we want, it gives us the feeling of annoyance since we don’t know where to seat already.

When it comes to adding throw pillows on the couch, you have to make sure that there will be a space where you can still seat. Perhaps, 2-3 pillows on a couch are enough.

Not testing your paint color

Colors are important. The color of your home doesn’t just add beauty, but it can also create a mood or ambiance at home. And if you are not careful enough when choosing the right color paint for your walls, then you might not like the end result of the interior and exterior design. Before anything else, you should not forget to test the color before choosing and buying a particular paint. If you think that the color of the paint is a little bit dry to look at on your walls, then it is better for you to find another paint that would match or complete the design of your home.

Moreover, you also have to make sure that the paint is durable enough to last longer than any other paints. Yes, there are paints that can easily be torn off especially when it rains. So, you have to choose the right color paint for your home.

UTILITY HACKS: Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill



When Thomas Edison worked into the night on the electric light, he had to do it by gas lamp or candle. I am sure it made the work seem that much more urgent. ~George Carlin

George Carlin may have pegged Thomas Edison’s sense of urgency back in the day when the entire world had to illuminate their surroundings were candles and gas lamps, but I am fairly certain, the current generation does not share the same sentiment as regards to how they handle the seemingly unlimited supply of energy we have nowadays.

Today, almost everything runs on electricity, and we seem to have a boundless and perpetual supply of it leading people to neglect to conserve this. These can have innumerably varied effects, and they are all detrimental. Additionally, energy wastage is one way to prove that you will be receiving a very hefty electricity bill by the end of the month.

But, regardless of whether you are seeking to reduce and cut down your electricity bills or are just looking to conserve electrical energy, the world can certainly benefit from both. Now, you may be under the misguided notion that “going green” would mean extra costs for your pockets, but the good news is, there are many simple ways and hacks to reduce energy costs—and some of them would not even cost you a single peso.

So, if you are looking for a cheaper electricity bill to pay monthly for the rest of your life, incorporate these energy saving hacks into your homes today. Because whether you are living in a residential home or in a condo in Manila, the Philippines, conserving energy and cutting down electricity bills are two very possible things with these five easy hacks.


If you have truly made the commitment to conserve energy, take a gander around your house and observe which items you have that would consume the most energy. Notorious for being the hungriest energy eaters, air conditioners would top this list. But, apart from this, you would certainly have appliances that are causing you to rack up the energy bill. Determine what these are and use them sparingly.


When you are billeted at a high-rise condominium, it would be rather impossible to have the kind of garden you want, but if there is one possible thing you can do, it is to create shady spots within your unit. Potted plants would not only give your units an aesthetic touch, but they can also serve an energy-saving purpose. Line them up near your air conditioner so that they prevent the sun shining straight onto your air conditioning unit.


A nifty way to save more on your electricity bill is to run your appliances at night. Electrical companies tend to charge more during the daytime as everyone is up and about and doing their activities and would relatively charge you cheaper for running your appliances at night. So, stick to a nocturnal routine when it comes to your electric appliances.


For those of you who prefer to machine wash your clothes rather than handwash them, cutting costs on your laundry would require minimal effort on your part. Simply stop using heat when you are washing your clothes whenever possible and pack the right amount of clothing into the machines and like we said above, this is best done at night to lower your electricity bill.


If you keep your fridge running at maximum efficiency, you would be successful in keeping your energy usage low. To accomplish this, you should set your temperature to the recommended setting of 37 degrees Fahrenheit for the fridge and 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer. If you set it up any colder and you will be only wasting power.

Additionally, your fridge should not be teeming with food and should only be about three-quarters full as this would allow enough room for air to circulate. Do not pack your food up top as these will prevent hot air from escaping and would cause your unit to work overtime.

Interior Design Hacks for Hands-on Moms

What comes to your mind when we talk about interior designs? Perhaps, some of you here might think about class and elegance. While for some, it doesn’t matter what designs for as long as it looks great. Right?  However, most people believe that a mom can create a homey feeling when she’s hands-on with the interior design of the house. They know what to include to create an appealing and livable home.

That simply means moms don’t settle for less. They hate boring and lifeless interior design for their home. Hands down to hands-on moms! But let’s admit! Not all moms have their extra time to figure out what and what not to do to achieve a desirable outcome.  As a result, not all of them appreciate their home. But fret not! Although some of you here don’t have enough time for it, you can definitely achieve the right interior design for your home whether you are living in Amaia Scapes or any other real estate properties in the Philippines.

Well, if you are one of those moms who want to take interior design to the next level, below are some things you might want to consider and apply it to your home. Of course, these things are simple yet nice to have.

DIY Pompom Rug

A pompom rug is easy to make. You just have to follow a guide or step on how to make one. Yarns with different colors, scissors, toilet paper rolls, and strings are the main materials you need. With this project, it doesn’t just save you a lot of money, you will also enjoy making it for your family.

Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors that are typically installed on your wall can be boring, which it shouldn’t be. To make it more appealing, why don’t you hang your mirror by using ropes instead? Well, you that the rope and the mirror are properly installed to avoid falling down.

DIY Family Hand Print Tree

Having picture frames on your wall is nice, but it would be more appealing when you also include DIY family handprint tree in it. Make it a variety. Kids would definitely love to join you on this project. Isn’t it nice to look at when you have the handprint of your kids, yours, and your husband’s into one frame?

Decorate A Vase With Pennies

Unless you request the maker to personally make it, you cannot find vases in stores that are decorated with real pennies. If you like to collect old coins, why don’t you use those coins to decorate a vase? The materials you basically need are the vase, glue, and your coins. This DIY project may be simple, but it would definitely add beauty to your home.

DIY Tape Wall

Aside from the wallpaper and the paint you have on your wall, you can also do a DIY tape wall. As simple as 123, you can already decorate your empty wall with tapes. How? Just simply stick the tape on the wall with the designs you want to have. Of course, you also have to make sure that it is nice and stylish to look at.

Fresh Plants 

As a mom, you have to know that plants don’t just add beauty to your home. It is also beneficial for you and for your family’s health. Just don’t include plastic flowers, though, make it fresh to make it more appealing.

Beautify Your Shower Supplies

Taking your show supplies to the next level would definitely be nice. Instead of having your shower supplies in their original bottles, you can transfer it to stylish ones. This will give your bathroom a more cohesive and organized one. Of course, mark your bottles with what’s what for you not be confused.


Renovate or Relocate: Six Questions to Ask Yourself

A house is made of bricks and beams while a home is made of hopes and dreams

While this well-known maxim about homes and houses is true, the same could not be said about a home or a house that has been deteriorating over the years. And this may prompt you to look for an affordable house and lot Laguna, Philippines.

While our homes could withstand ordinary wear and tear, it would not stand erected perpetually as certain factors may contribute to its steady decline, some of these factors include how many years the house has stood and what sort of wear and tear the house has withstood over the years.

As you grow older and spend more years billeted at the same residence, you’ll notice the wear and tear. You would probably see more and more broken tiles, doors detached from their hinges, kitchen cabinets that no longer close properly, floorboards that creak. These are just some of the things you would routinely notice around your homes as it gradually ages with you.

And as the things you have slated for repair start to pile up, you are presented with a rather common dilemma of whether to renovate the old and trusty home you have known for years or buy an entirely new one and save yourself the time and effort of doing it all on your own.

Both options have their own respective advantages and disadvantages. One of them is the financial consideration when it comes to purchasing a new home while fixing up an old home does not always guarantee that you would get the best bang out of your buck.

However, the list of pros and cons are more extensive than the one given above, but before weighing your options, you should first consider asking yourself some critical questions that may potentially affect your decision making. To have a clear picture of what sort of questions you should be asking yourself, take a look at the listed items below.


Is the location you are staying in really that important to you? The neighborhood you are living in is a crucial factor in deciding whether you would renovate your home or just relocate to a brand new neighborhood. Because whether you are residing in a high-rise condo or billeted in residence in the suburb, it is all about location.


Do you have the budget to renovate your home? Consider the type of neighborhood you are moving into, if it in the high-end price range, it might be friendlier to your pockets if you renovate your existing home.

Floor plan:

Deliberate on the renovations you are about to make, would it affect or change the existing structural elements of your home? Do take note that it would cost you, at least, fifty percent less if you left the structural elements as it is. If you are considering a renovation that would involve a significant change in the home’s structural elements, then it may be wiser to just invest in a new home.

Increase in value:

Remodeling your home may cost your exorbitantly depending on the type of accents and overhauls you introduce to your home. Consider the type of remodeling you would want to introduce and assess if it would potentially augment your home’s existing price in the market. A wise advice would be to consult a remodeling expert before you embark on aesthetic or altering projects as you may just be flushing money down the drain.

Long-term plan:

Reflect on your long-term plans before making any costly renovations on your home. Are you planning to expand your family? If you are, then maybe making improvements on your existing two-bedroom flat may not be the most practical route you can take and consider buying a new home instead.


Depending on the current market conditions at the time of your purchase, buying a new home might mean a lower mortgage for you. There are also some instances where you would end up with approximately the same mortgage as you had before. To weigh your options properly, consider seeking the aid of a real estate pundit and hear their counsel so that you may be able to have the best deal you can have.

Turning Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary? Here’s How!



A lot of you here might wonder and ask “a bathroom into a sanctuary? How’s that possible?” It is possible. The bathroom is where we make ourselves clean. However, when you convert your ordinary bathroom into your sanctuary, you don’t just feel clean but satisfied as well. In fact, this is one of the times most homeowners enjoy a relaxing moment while in their bath.

And if you think that turning your bathroom into a sanctuary would be hard enough for you to do, then think again. It doesn’t matter where you live; be it in Bonifacio Global City condo or any other condominiums, having this project is within your reach. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about having no time for it at all since it doesn’t require too much of your time. All you have to do is to treat yourself a relaxing atmosphere inside.

Don’t worry if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t have any idea on what and how to start. You can apply these simple tips below to make a desirable bathroom you will definitely love. And of course, the project would only cost you less.

Bath Caddy

Having a bath caddy is helpful when you want to read a book or drink some wine while sinking yourself in the bathtub. This comes in handy especially when there is not enough space each side for you to put your things. Bath caddy has different styles, it is up to you to what style you want to have for you to use.

Scented Wax Bars

If you want to add aromatic ambiance to your bathroom, have a scented was bars inside. These bars don’t just give you a relaxing scent, but it also adds beauty to the room. Basically, you can buy it at an affordable price. But if you want to make your own, you definitely can. It is up to you on what kind of scent you want to have, but if you want to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and lift your mood, we recommend the lavender and sandalwood scent for your bathroom.

Teacup Candle

Yes, you definitely can choose different candles. But if you want your bathroom to be more elegant with a personal touch on it, then you might want to have the teacup candle. Of course, candles are one of the things you should not forget to include since it adds beauty and style, especially when it comes to its lighting.

Floral Arrangement

Isn’t it even more relaxing when you include a floral arrangement in your bathroom? Displaying flowers can liven up space. Of course, flowers and some other greens should be fresh. Plastics are a no-no. And don’t forget to put your flowers into a beautiful vase to make it more appealing to the eyes.


Who says paintings are only displayed in living rooms and bedrooms? You definitely can include paintings in your bathroom. We suggest that you include a watercolor painting of a beach since it brings calming vibes to it. However, if you want something different, just make sure that that particular painting can give you some relaxing feeling when you look at it.

Oyster Shell Catch-Alls

One of the things that frustrate us the most is that we don’t have something where we can put our jewelry. That is why having something that can hold your jewelry such as the oyster shell is advisable. You don’t have to worry about having it lost while having your bath. Moreover, these things don’t just hold your things, but it also adds beauty to the room.

Makeup Brush Holder

This is one of the things ladies should have. Instead of putting your makeup brushes in a drawer or a makeup bag, why don’t you display it? Well, you can definitely display it in a customized box where you can easily get and use it. Just be creative enough on how you can display it appealingly.