Where Should You Locate Your Business?


One of the most important things in boosting business is its location. A great location can attract customers. It is also the key to successful operations and overall growth. However, searching for a good location can also be a challenge. Considering that there are hundreds to thousands of office spaces for rent in the Philippines, choosing the best one may not be that easy as you think it is. You don’t just think about the structure of the building, but the overall impact the location can bring to your business.

Before you decide where to locate your business, there are certain things you need to consider when it comes to finding one. Obviously, you don’t just randomly select a particular place. Here’s how:

It is closest to your customer

First and first most, knowing your target market is important since it will give you an idea of the geographical location of your potential buyer. If it is located in a place where it is accessible for them, then this will give them the convenience of finding your business. Think about the hassle of traveling far just for one product or service, this doesn’t give them a good reason to engage in your business. Make sure that your business is based on your clients.

It is closest to your talents

One big factor that improves productivity is the convenience when it comes to traveling. Your talents or employees may not be fresh enough to start their day since they feel so haggard in going to the office. Of course, this will also bring a great impact on the quality of their work. However, if the location of the office is just near to them, then they will not worry about long travel hours.

It is near transport and public infrastructure

Another factor that brings convenience to your clients and employees is how accessible it is when it comes to transportation. Make sure that your office is located where transport and public infrastructure are near. Moreover, it is also an advantage when your business location is covered by internet and telecommunication providers, especially when most of the business transactions are done online.

It fits your budget

This is one the most important things you need to consider. Never invest in an office space when you don’t have enough budget for it. Investing such space beyond your financial limits may cause you financial troubles later on. And this is not a good way to start your business. In choosing an office space, make sure it fits your budget without compromising its quality. Again, there are hundreds of thousands of office spaces available. You can choose a space that best suits your business.

It is expandable

Always believe that sooner or later your business will grow. That is why it is better for you to look for a place where it can accommodate your business once it grows. If your business needs a lot of room for your employees and some office stuff, an expandable location will suit your business. Moreover, one thing that attracts customer is how you welcome them to your office. That is why never forget to have a room or space intended for your guests or clients. In this way, they will not feel uncomfortable transacting business with you.

It has a parking space

This is one of the things most business owners forget to consider. Ample parking space is important for clients and employees. Again, think about how hard it is for them to unable to find a suitable parking space. Who knows, they might want to choose to visit your competitor who has the same quality of service yet they have the convenience to park their car. It actually doesn’t matter where you want to allocate your parking space, be it in front, back or beside your office space for as long as your clients can access it.

It has the right operations and equipment

It is a must for a business to have ample space for their equipment whenever they produce their products and services. Of course, you definitely don’t want to put it all in one corner where it is unpleasant to look at. Basically, you need a room for it. That is why choose an office space where rooms are not scarce.



5 Approaches to Earn More in Sinulog Festival

Weeks of festive celebration, how do you like that for making lots of money?!

Admit it! We are all in a high alert mode when we hear and talk about making ‘Lots of Money’. Of course, who would not like to hear about it when that is our top priority to sustain our daily needs?! And since it is a festival, eating is always present. That is why restaurants in Cebu are already hyped to let the people taste their specialties. Of course, that is also making money.

Not only restaurants, there are hundreds of vending stalls selling a variety of things. Be it bags, shoes/slippers/sandals, clothes, kitchen wares, etc. name it and you will have it. Anything that involves money, we are always on the go. That is why there is always a need to think of the things that grab the interest and attention of the people which makes them want to buy the products from you.

There are many ways and versions on how to make a profit out of your products, but most of these versions did not last long since they lack factors that can ignite the interest of the people to buy their products or services. Taking for granted with these factors is a big no for business oriented people.

Know your market

First and foremost, always know your target market. From there, you will be able to gather more information and more ideas on how to let your products be known to the people. You have to know what interests them the most, get it, learn from it and apply it to your products or services for the people to buy it.

This approach will really help in guiding you to get the people’s interest in the particular product. It is always an advance to know what market or people are you targeting to let you focused on that particular matter.

Store Extensions

When you want to let your products be known to people, you have to consider putting up another store or a stall to the places where people usually flock. And since it is a Sinulog Festival, you might want to place your stalls to where people can easily see and notice your products.

As much as possible, try not to place your stall in a place where there are only a few people who pass by. If you do, don’t expect a lot of people will buy your products or services.


This is always been effective since people always look for discounts. There will be a lot of cheap and affordable prices, but always remember that we Filipinos are known for asking lower and lower discounts. And if they feel that the price, you are offering is still higher than the other store or stall, they will definitely find another one where prices are lower than yours.

Discounts may sometimes be demanding since you are also after with a higher profit. With that, why not try another way where people will still buy your products. Buy one take one, for example, people will surely love the idea of having it buy one take one at a cheaper price. Of course, just make sure that it is a win-win situation where you can gain enough profit out of it while they can enjoy the products they bought.


Promoting your products and services is always helpful. Let the people know that your products or services exist. One way or another, they will get curious and tries to find out what your product or services is all about.

One way to let the people know your product is putting it in the tarpaulins or posters, where they can clearly see and notice it. Pamphlets and flyers are also one of the promotional materials that can help boost the familiarity of your products and services.

Be approachable

This is a must if you don’t want to let your customers go away from you and your products. Try to be friendly and ask them nicely what item they want. Make your customer as your friend; sometimes they will buy your products out of your friendship.

Also, try to be calm when they are rude to you, trust me; it will make your day.