Fine Dining Tips for First-Timers

Eating is such a basic activity for humans and yet this activity does not seem so basic at all when you do it at a fine dining restaurant. There are a lot of formalities and unspoken rules when it comes to fine dining and a person who will be trying it for the first time may get confused and overwhelmed.

fine dining in manila

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If you will be put trying out fine dining in Manila soon, it is best to familiarize yourself with what you need to know and remember. Below are some tips for those who might find themselves inside a posh restaurant in Ayala Center or any other fine dining restaurant soon.

  • Mimic other people. The safest thing to do when in doubt is to mimic other people. Unsure of how to sit? Do not know which utensil to use? Check out other diners in the establishment and try to approximate the average or the safest choice for you.
  • Work from outside in. This applies to knives and forks which can be daunting for a lot of people. Expect to see several pieces of flatware on your table and try not to be overwhelmed. The rule of thumb with flatware is to work from the outside going in. In other words, the outer most cutleries or those farthest from you are what you should use first.
  • Eat small. Fine dining is not for big bites and sloppy eating; it is for eating small portions. Cut the pieces into small sizes and put down your cutlery after every bite. Servers use your cutlery as signals for when you are finished eating which by placing your knife and fork together in the center of the plate vertically. If you are not yet done, cross the tips of your knife and fork on your plate or leave it an angle if you are using only one of them.
  • Dab, not wipe. The napkin should be unfolded and placed on your knees before eating; never put it at the front of your shirt or dress. When you need to clean your mouth, just dab your mouth and never wipe. When you need to go somewhere, place your napkin on your seat to signal the server that you are not yet done.
  • Wait for others. In fine dining etiquette, you should not start eating unless everyone has been served their food. This can be a challenge if you are attending a big event, but during these events, you may go ahead of other guests if your host has given you the signal to start.

Five Things to Consider When Picking a Hotel to Stay in

Whether you are leaving for a business convention or traveling in leisure, you are bound to stay in a hotel during one of your trips. Choosing a wrong one may lead to unpleasant experiences and wasted money. It is only sensible that you pick the right accommodation to ensure that you receive the comfort you deserve. 

Raffles Makati offers suites and Residences

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What To Consider When Picking A Hotel To Stay In

Learn some basic tips on what to consider when picking a hotel to stay in. Here are five tricks to help you through.

  1. Prices and rates. Suppose you are based in Cebu and you’ve been assigned to give an in-house training in one of your branches in Makati City. With over 60 Makati hotels to choose from, how do you know where to go to? This is where research comes in. Identify your budget and note down all the places that fall within the range of what you have in mind.
  1. Location. Another important consideration is the location of the place. Is it far from the office? How near is it from the bustling area of the city? While you may be there for business purposes, it would be nice if you can easily go around the metro to do some shopping or maybe sight-seeing, at least anytime you feel like you want to unwind.
  1. Meal options. More often than not, breakfast is usually offered for free. How about lunch or dinner? While you can always order room service or dine in on one of their restaurants, do remember that it may cost you a lot. It would be wiser than to opt for hotels that are within walking distance from local eating establishments or those with an option to prepare your own meals like a room with small kitchen perhaps?
  1. Amenities and customer service. Do you see a need to visit a spa or massage center after long hours of work? How about a dry-cleaning service? Do they have Wi-fi access inside your suite? Identify what type of facilities you want to be included for the duration of your stay. Assess how quick and responsive their customer service too. You may have found the perfect accommodation but if you are not treated well, what’s the point?
  1. Reviews and ratings. Take time to browse the internet and read customer feedbacks. If no review has been done yet, find something else. It helps to check the star ratings as well.

Daycation or Staycation – You Choose!

A vacation in the city is next to impossible. Well, that was before. What we see today is a throng of urban dwellers who chose to stay in their respective homes instead to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. Makati City is not an exemption, with all the fine-looking façades and landscapes of shops, hotels, skyscrapers, high-rise condominiums, shopping centers, etc.

The city is a haven for both daycationers and staycationers.

A daycationer is a day-tripper wherein he or she visits a particular destination and returns home at the end of the day. Daycation is suitable for families with young children and individuals and families with pets. For daycationers, a night away from home may be cost-prohibitive that’s why they chose to explore the city during the day and spend the rest of the day at home instead of staying in one of the many Makati City hotels.

Anyhow, there are various tourist destinations in Makati City that daycationers may go to. Some examples are the Ayala Museum, Makati Museum, Philippine Army Museum, Yuchengco Museum, Filipinas Heritage Library, Sanctuario de San Antonio, Greenbelt Chapel, Guadalupe Church, Guadalupe Ruins, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Washington SyCip Park, Legazpi Active Park and Makati Park and Garden. also considers Makati Malls or Ayala Centers as must-visit tourist spots.

A staycationer, on the other hand, is an individual, family or group of individuals who choose to stay at home or in any of Makati City hotels for a night or two, making the most of their stays. At home, staycationers may set up a swimming pool or other pleasurable activities. On the other hand, there are hundreds of hotels in Makati City, some of which are classified as 5-star, classic luxury and boutique hotels as well as branded and lifestyle hotels. Don’t fret though because they offer reasonably priced rates, making them suitable for a staycation.

Numerous Makati City hotels such as Fairmont Makati, Raffles Hotel, and Holiday Inn & Suites Makati boast not just of their amenities and facilities, but also of the experience that only luxury hotels in Makati can provide. It is the incomparable view of the magnificent Makati skyline at night. Not to mention, these hotels are multi-awarded and 100% family friendly, so staying for the night is a welcome idea.

Either daycationing or staycationing, bottom-line is you will get to enjoy the best of Makati City daytime and nighttime. Sometimes, it is not about the budget, but rather about the enriching experience of exploring the very place that you spend your everyday life. Who knows what you will discover on your next daycation or staycation, right?