Why Hosting a Holiday Party is an Advantage

Christmas is fast approaching. And one of the traditions we usually do is to have a Christmas party to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

There are even some of us here have already had their Christmas party at their office, and their respective abode may it be a condo at BGC or a house and lot in Quezon City. While others are still planning to what they should do during Christmas.

Why not host a holiday party at home? Yes, invite some friends and families to come over! With that, you can, at least, make other people happy by inviting them over.

However, there are also some of you here who are not convinced of having a Christmas party at their house. Well, perhaps, they just don’t want any hassles at all.

If you are one of those people who just doesn’t feel like hosting a party, below are some reasons why hosting a holiday party at home is to your advantage.

Build community

When we talk about our community, it is not all the time we tend to mingle and have a good time with them. Of course, they also have a lot of things to do, especially to those neighbors who are busy with their work.

We only tend to mingle with them every weekend, and sometimes not. That is why, when you invite them to your place, this might be a chance that you and your neighbor will have good bonding moments together.

Try new food and wine

One of the things you should never forget to have when it comes to Christmas parties is the food and beverage. Of course, you should also provide your visitors good food and good wines. With that, they don’t just enjoy good memories, but they will also enjoy good dinner.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about too much food or beverage, since there are some of your friends and families who will also bring good food and good wine. Well, you all just have to enjoy what you can all bring.

Have an opportunity to dress up

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t usually does some dressing up, then here is your chance. Sometimes, it will also depend on the theme that you will have. But usually, dressing up is one of the common themes most people choose.

You got the chance to show off your best dress that you have in your closet. Moreover, this is also one way to bring good feng shui to you and your home.

Recognize employees for their hard work

If you are an employer, Christmas parties are one of the many ways or chances that you can give your employees a reward or a thank you gift. Of course, it does not end just about gifts; it is also about the bond that you will make, setting aside work.

Well, you don’t know, there are still things that you don’t know anything about your employees. With that, you will eventually realize that your staff still have a lot of skills that needs to enhance. And with that alone, you can give them a chance to impart their abilities to work.

Experience a night in the town

Christmas parties usually end up late at night. Of course, there will be a lot of chatting, mingling, eating, drinking and enjoying the evening with the others. If you go home early, you might miss something important and fun.

Well, if you are one of those people who is not used to staying up and going home late, then you might want to try for a change, even if just for a night. With that, you will eventually realize that it’s good to have fun once in awhile.

For Hosts and Guests: What You Should Know About Modern Party Etiquette

Inviting or being invited is one of the most common situations we usually encounter, especially when it’s a holiday season. Whether you are living in Ayala Land properties or any other real estates, you can always host a holiday party and invite your friends over. However, if you don’t have any idea or knowledge of what you should do to achieve a successful party, navigating modern party etiquette can be tricky.

Some of you here might have experienced hosting a party while others usually get invites from his/her families and friends. Ok, let’s be honest here! There will always be some flaws in the party that we tend to notice. You may notice it before, during or after the party. But if you are one of those people who doesn’t want to hear some bad impressions from your guests, below are the things you should know about modern party etiquette.

Do take invites and responses seriously

When you invite someone, or let’s say, someone invited you, it’s a pleasure for you to have. Of course, that means the person who is inviting you to want your presence. They want you be there and attend to the said party. That is why, you should also be serious when it comes to your response. If you are sure that you will go, then you have to inform the host, for them to know that you are going. And if you can’t attend due to some reasons, then you should properly and politely decline their invitation.

Don’t arrive early

Arriving earlier can apply to work or school, but when it comes to parties, arriving too early is a no-no. Of course, you don’t want them to feel pressured and frantic in their last minute preparations since you are already in the venue. Moreover, when they feel pressured on wrapping things up, they tend to forget something. And perhaps, that something is important. Well, for you to avoid these kinds of situations, you better arrive close to the said time. Of course, don’t be late; you might miss the most important moment of the party.

Do come bearing gifts, but don’t make more work for your host

When someone invites you, it is common sense that you bring gifts. You can have a table book, a bouquet of flowers, a basket of fresh fruits, nice and scented candles, good-smelling soap, and anything that you think that the host wants. However, you also have to make sure that you don’t have to scramble around the place to plunk your plastic-wrapped gifts. As a guest, you also have to be mindful of the things that you should do, for as not to disappoint the host.

Do offer to help

This! Ok, let’s be honest! Not all of us here tend to offer a helping hand to the host, agree? Sometimes, we just tend to enjoy watching movies or chatting with some friends, without realizing that the host is too busy with the things that need to finish. Well, if you are a good guest, it is also common sense to offer some help if you notice that he/she is busy. If you help, things will get done easier and faster. Well that, thanks for your help. And mind you, guests who help are appreciated.

Do offer an alternative to alcohol

When you host a party, you have to remember that not all of your guests and visitors are into drinking alcohol. Of course, it is also your duty to have some drinks aside from the beer that you have. You have some iced tea, or even make some delicious cocktail drinks for non-alcoholic guests. With that, they will enjoy more the party without worrying about getting drunk.

Do keep the bathroom well stocked

When there is a party, you also have to expect that your guests will use the bathroom. That is why, you also have to consider having it well stocked. If you think that a particular toiletry is getting empty, then you should replace it with a new one. Moreover, it is also your responsibility to keep the bathroom clean for your guests.