Where to Dine in UP Town Center

There are a number of Ayala Malls, but UP Town Center is something special. The idea is that for the students, workers, and residents around the area to have a place which would respond to their needs and wants. The 7.4 hectare UP Diliman East Campus property will be reconstructed to become a hub of opportunities and businesses. Aside from the stores and restaurants in this establishment, there are a lot of events and activities held in UP Town Center. UPTC, as fondly called by their visitors, is open every day, from 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening every Sunday to Thursday, and until 10 pm during Friday and Saturday. Some stores have their own schedule so check them out as well.

To give you a quick food trip in UP Town Center, here are the ten places where you could (and should) try dining in:

Silantro Fil-Mex

Silantro Fil-Mex, Silantro for short, is known for serving Mexican food infused with Filipino taste. You’d get delicious food and fine service with a good price. Since the place is superb, expect a lot of people dining so if possible, get a reservation before you visit.

What you should try: Beef nachos, Beef Quesadillas, Chicken wings, Seafood Paella (and you can order alcoholic beverages too!)

St. Marc Café

If you’re out for a quick snack and some refreshing drinks or desserts, St. Marc Café is your go-to. This specialty bakery and patisserie is a well-known place from Japan. They envision and work towards satisfying the needs of their customers, as well as making them “need” some more.

What you should try: Little Fuji, Kyoto Delight, Mango Fantasy, Nara, Matcha Latte, Freshly Brewed Coffee, Egg Salsa, Chococro, Salmon Cheese Potato, Carbonara

Cold Stone Creamery

Serving the finest, freshest ice creams, cakes, smoothies and shakes for 25 years, Cold Stone Creamery is really something. This international franchise from Arizona has a signature way of delivering ice creams as it’s created on a frozen granite stone.

What you should try: Berry Berry Berry Good, Birthday Cake Remix, OREO Overload, Midnight Delight (and you can also create your own mix)

Pepper Lunch

ペッパーランチ Peppaa-ranchi is a “fast steak” restaurant in Japan and was established in 1994. The customers can cook their food choice of beef, chicken, pork and salmon over an electromagnetic plate which is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius to make sure that your meat is perfectly cooked. You can also pick your seasoning and sauce – Amakuchi or the honey brown sauce, or Karakuchi or the garlic soy sauce.

What you should try: Beef pepper rice, Shimofuri pepper steak, Salmon pepper rice, Beef BBQ Yakiniku with egg

Rodic’s Diner

Since 1949, Rodic’s Diner serves nothing but the best beef tapa and garlic rice. They are known for being a budget-friendly restaurant for classic Filipino food.

What should you try: Tapsilog, Kare-kare, Sisig with egg and rice

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

As what the name suggests, Mama Lou’s offer yummy Italian cuisine along with a relaxing ambiance. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen started in 2010 and still delivering good food which they are known for.

What should you try: Spinach and goat cheese pizza, Italian sardine pasta, Gnocchi, Vesuvio, Take the Cannoli

Backyard Kitchen + Brew

If you are looking for a chill place to eat or grab some drinks alone or with friends, Backyard Kitchen + Brew offers good food, drinks, and company. It also has an artsy interior to add on its ambiance and comfort. The servings are enough for you to share, but you might want to eat it alone because the dishes they give are nothing less than perfect.

What should you try: Slow roasted pork and beef belly, Salted egg chicken skin, Buffalo wings, Tinapa and Quinoa Salad (and alcoholic drinks as well)

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Feng Shui 101: 3 Ways to make your Home a haven of good Fortune for the year of the Rooster


“Feng Shui is the study of the environment and how it affects people. It has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with space that promotes feelings of happiness and well-being”- Cathleen McCandless

“Feng Shui is about reclaiming your life’s energy and directing it towards balance and purpose. The result is greater harmony in your space and life.” -Wahida Young

One of the best ways to usher in the new Chinese New Year is to make certain that your home is auspicious to the designated Chinese Zodiac. According to Chinese Zodiac enthusiasts, 2017 marks the year of the Fire Rooster or alternatively known as the Fire Phoenix. Feng Shui experts have slated this year as an excellent time for transformation. Incidentally, homeowners are known to make some new changes during the start of the year which would make it the perfect opportunity to begin your own home’s transformation. To make it more favorable for this year of the rooster, utilize the tips below so that regardless of whether you are living in Ayala Bacolod or elsewhere, you would invite good fortune in.

1.) Make sure your home is ready

At the start of any year, whether Chinese or Gregorian, it is always best to welcome it by cleaning your home. In fact, a general practice of feng shui is to clear away the clutter in your homes to improve the flow of energy. Without a doubt, a clutter free home makes for less stress and it would be a whole lot easier to arrange and decorate as you wish and make it even more auspicious for the coming new year.
After making your place ready, you can then identify which sectors of your home are considered lucky and unlucky for this year. With a compass, identify which areas of your home are the south, north, east, and west ends.

2.) Ward off bad luck

For this year, Chinese Feng Shui master has identified the south, southwest, west and northwest as the unlucky sectors of the home for 2017. Do not place too much emphasis on these areas lest you invite misfortune such as accidents, financial challenges, accidents and even harrowing experiences. To prevent an “activation” of these unlucky sectors, it is best not to linger or sleep in any of these areas. As an added precaution, you can put five stones in a can and place it on the south side of the home. This will aid the metal element to neutralize the earth element which is the bringer of misfortune. Additionally to counteract illness, place a glass of salt or a salt lamp in the northwest area of your home. Prevention of burglary, theft, and betrayal can be done by placing a glass of water in the southwest sector and when placed in the west, it can ward off misunderstandings and anger.

3.) Inviting good fortune

Of course, there are also ways to invite good fortune and luck in the new year—particularly in the north, center, east, southeast and northeast areas of your home. The more time you spend in these areas, the better your chances are of enhancing your luck. Apart from lingering in these areas, you need to make sure that they are well-lit as this is one of the surefire ways to make them more receptive to positive energy. Additionally, colors would play a pivotal role in bringing good fortune to a home all of which would depend on the direction a home is facing. This is incredibly ideal for those with homes who are in need of a fresh coat. So, if you are planning to repaint your home, consider the color that would best enhance the energy that flows around it.

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House Shopping: Four Things to Pay Attention to During A Property Tour


So you have decided to buy a home and know exactly what you need—from the number of rooms you want down to the square footage and the type of porch it has. Fortunately, the website has provided sufficient photos for you to peruse and examine. However, these photos rarely capture the true essence of your home and though they may say a thousand words, you would never get the proper feel of the home unless you see it for yourself. Whether you choose a home in Ayala land lot in Bacolod or elsewhere, it is always imperative to check the house or lot for yourself. Pictures complemented with flowery and descriptive captions rarely do the actual house justice which is why property and on-site visits are pivotal to every potential homeowner who wishes to buy a home that he or she would love.

Additionally, as a smart homeowner, you would also ask for this to be a part of the process to be safe as you would never know if the photos uploaded online were doctored.
However, to make the most out of your property tour, you need to be critical of several aspects that would significantly affect your decision as to whether to push through the purchase of the home. Initially, you would want to check the bedrooms, the kitchen and the pavement of these prospective homes, but do not neglect to check these other areas as well:

1.) The Neighborhood

Consider that in buying a home, you are not simply buying the house itself, but you are also buying into its neighborhood feel as well. Choosing the appropriate neighborhood is just as important as choosing the right home and more often than not, if the neighborhood does not sit well with you, you would not push through with the purchase of the home situated there. On your visit, take note of how the traffic, the condition of the other homes in general proximity and whether it has convenient access to business districts, schools and amenities your family might need.

2.) The Neighbors

At some point in your stay, you are going to have to make friends with your neighbors. This is inevitable as you are not going to stay holed up in your home for a lifetime. As a wise adage would say, a neighbor can contribute to the value of a property. Consider your potential house and your neighbors as a package deal. Take a general feel of the neighbors and try to decide whether you think you can live with these persons for a considerable number of years.

3.) Privacy

As much as we want to make friends with our neighbors, we do not want them prying into our daily and private lives. On your tour, do a quick scope and see if your bedroom overlooks the neighbor’s bathroom or vice versa. If you are entertaining in your backyard, would your neighbors see what is going on? If you are a very private person, these might be just some of the things you want to consider. They are not necessarily deal breakers though as they are easily remedied by hedges.

4.) Your Garage (Or lack of it for that matter)

Checking out a potential home’s garage is one of the things that is easily overlooked during an on-site inspection. However, this is one of the paramount aspects of a home you should consider. Suppose you have three cars and the potential home you are considering of buying only has room for two with no possible expansion layout schemes, what would you do? You cannot simply park your car in the driveway as this is the quickest way to rub your neighbors in the wrong way and cause traffic. Check the garage and see if it suits you and your needs.


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Four Advantages of Living with Extended Family


Family Portrait ca. 2000

“It is through our extended family that we first learn to compromise and come to an understanding that even if we do not always agree about things we can still love and look out for each other.” –Sara Sheridan


Close family ties and tight-knit relationships are two characteristics that are definitive of Filipino culture.

The typical family home of a Filipino does not only consist of the parents and the kids; but it also extends well beyond to the other relatives such as the grandparents, the aunts, and uncles (and in some cases, even the niece and nephews). It is for this reason that Filipinos foster a great relationship with their relatives as they have been known to see their formative years with them in the home. In fact, save for a different few, Filipino children are known to live in the family home until the day get married, and even then, there would be couples who would choose to continue to living with their parents or several in-laws. Well-meaning friends and relatives may offer some unsolicited advice about living independently and would regale you with stories as regards the wide liberty afforded by independent living.

True enough, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to living alone (no one to boss you around, free to make your own choices without anyone’s interference or disapproval, etc.—truly an ideal setup for a millennial to live. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to afford to live on their own and may have to continue seeking board and shelter under the roof of the very home they spent their childhood in. Here are some of the very great reasons for living with extended family in one home:



When you are billeted under one roof, regardless of whether it is a residential home such as anvaya cove or a condominium unit in east gallery place, the reality is you have to earn your keep. You cannot expect to keep on mooching off from your parents or relatives and in a sense; it would give you some semblance of financial responsibility by taking the initiative of paying a fraction of the bills. Sharing economic responsibilities would reduce the family’s money strain and would grant you a wider leverage over where your money goes.


Considering that there are more heads in one home, the division of household tasks would be incredibly easy. Additionally, parents would not have to worry about leaving kids with nannies or hired help as the grandparents can do it—a better alternative as these are people you actually trust. Similarly, young adults can take care of their older family members who might have special needs.


One of the many perks of living in a multi-generational family is hearing the many anecdotes our grandparents would tell us about their time during the Second World War, or even how the times were vastly different than it is today. In the same vein, younger kids would be able to teach them how to use the personal computer, social media, and other modern technology. This is also the type of relationship that would foster strong bonds.


Living with extended family means that the adults can share their burdens, worries, and responsibilities to the other adults,  they can also ask for advice from older family members. Likewise, kids would have a closer relationship with their cousins as they would be able to routinely play with them while they are at home just as siblings would do. As a result, a cultivation of various values and shared principles will ensue and naturally, it would form a close family support.

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Home Security 101: Five Essential Things to Have and Do

My house is my refuge, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience. ~Luis Barragan

Our homes, may it be the cheapest house and lot in Laguna, Philippines, are our personal sanctuaries where we should feel most safe, protected and at home. It is that one place that we can count on to shelter and shield us from any harm that the outside world may bring upon us. The living spaces we reside in do not only function as dwellings but safe places where we can foster the growth of our children, nurture and cultivate relationships and serve as the comfortable respite from the day’s activities.

This is why any form of breach into our private refuges is the pinnacle of any homeowner’s trepidation and anxiety. It matters not whether you are living in a lush estate or elsewhere because burglars do not discriminate. When they see an opportunity to steal, they will steal.

Installation of home security equipment and gadgets may be a way to discourage unsavory, uninvited guests and pilferers from marking your home as their next potential target. And though installation of these state of the art devices would allay your fears of possibly having your house burgled, complementing them with classic security measures would be your home’s best avenue for security.

And the great thing is? Some of these would not even cost you anything at all.

1.) Update exterior locks


Deadbolts may look clunky and may seem outdated, but they should be the primary lock when it comes to your exterior doors as this is the primary door that separates your home from the outside. Your throw bolt which is the part that enters the door frame should extend deep into the frame.

It does not stop there, however. You should also make sure that your windows (especially the old ones) have window locks installed that still work well.

2.) Choose solid doors


When it comes to exterior doors, you should not want anything fancy such as glass doors which are not only easy to break but would give potential miscreants and thieves a peek into what they can potentially steal from your homes.

Exterior doors should be made entirely from wood or are otherwise wood covered or enclosed in a steel shell. Additionally, these doors should not be weaker than the lock you place on it.

3.) Consider having a dog


Dogs do not only function as your furry and cuddly pet companions, but they can also serve as your home’s chief in security as well. They do not have to be incredibly huge so as to deter robbers from raiding your homes as their bark would be enough to prevent thieves.

Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners and would easily recognize who is an unwelcome guest. Alternatively, if you are allergic to dogs, you can install security alarms that would mimic a dog’s bark.

4.) Trim areas where robbers may potentially hide


Having a beautiful lawn can aesthetically augment any home, but having an unkempt one can be to your disadvantage. Bushes, shrubs and trees positioned near doors and windows can be tricky spots for robbers. This why they should be routinely trimmed and cut down. Thieves can easily hide behind these plants and go undetected.

5.) Have a safe


If there is an imperative need to invest in anything that would contribute to home security, acquiring a safe should be your first bet. These safes do not only function as an obstacle for your thieves in accessing pivotal documents and items, but they also keep those precious items in case of a fire which effectively doubles its purpose.

Should you have documents (marriage certificates/licenses, birth certificates, social security cards) and small items of great value (jewelry and spare cash for an instance), placing them inside a safe is the best way to conceal them or if discoveredkeep them from falling into a thief’s hands.

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Expenses a Pinoy Millenial Can Forgo To Own a Flat



Can the ordinary Pinoy Millenial today truly afford his or her own place?

Are the twentysomething’s of today’s generation truly capable of having their own condo unit?

The truth is, most Pinoy millennials can already afford to have their own flats especially with the way some are earning today. But years and years of ingrained tradition wherein we usually stay with our parents until the day we get married before we move out has become a rather impeding factor for most Pinoy millennials in making a worthy investment. Unlike westerners, Pinoys have this unfortunate notion of that residential independence begins after marriage.

A rather startling thought considering that some of us are already financially independent, sound and capable. However, this is not the only major factor in preventing millennials from investing on having their own place. In fact, research has indicated that Pinoy millennials put more value on instant gratification rather than save their money for an investment that would outlast the temporary things they spend on.

However, if you truly want a place to call your own, you may have to curb your expenses on unnecessary stuff and invest in something with value and degree longevity. This might mean curbing the expenditures on a superfluity of unnecessary, extravagant items, but it will be worth your while. Here is how to start:


Millenials look forward to Friday nights as it allows them the opportunity to unwind and catch up with friends. More often than not, what goes on is either a dinner affair together, a movie then perhaps a round of drinks for a nightcap. All these can roughly cost you an estimated five hundred pesos at the very least.

So, instead of shelling out cash just to catch up, why not whip up a sumptuous dinner at home and invite your friends over? Ask your friends to bring over their favorite DVD’s for you to watch and since you are hosting dinner, why not ask them to bring a few drinks as well? Should your Fridays be spent like this, you will be saving a whole lot more than you initially imagined.


Most millennials contemplating on marriage would save months and months of their paychecks just to present their fiancées with a sparkly bauble. True enough, sparkly engagement rings may have persuasive value albeit expensive, are attractive and does increase in value over time but choosing to invest on a pretty rock rather than a livable space you can share with your spouse seems rather impractical.

Additionally, as you and your fiancée are about to start your life together, wouldn’t it make more sense if you thought of getting your own place as well?


In an era where everyone seems to be having smart everything from smart phones, smart tabs to smart TV’s, it seems everyone is making less than smart spending decisions. As millennials are constantly exposed to techy, fresh and trendy innovations in gadgets, more and more of them want to keep up with the trend. They needlessly buy new phones or tabs even when they have a still functioning one and simply brush this expenditure off as an “upgrade”, but the reality is, the developers of these techy gadgets release new models each year, prompting consumers to “upgrade and update”.

Consider this, if you add up the fortune you have spent in the last five years in updating your phones, tabs, gadgets, etc., you would approximately have enough to make a down-payment for a condominium unit. Still unconvinced? Then consider that these gadgets depreciate over time as they are constantly being replaced with a newer and fresher models while condo units or a real estate venture can only increase in value.


Try visiting your local flea market and you will discover hordes and hordes of branded items for a whole lot cheaper. What’s the catch? Well, they are all simply “pre-loved” which is basically semantics for used and secondhand.

However, if wearing used clothes is not your thing and makes you uncomfortable, wait for a big sale instead. In this way, you do not have to break your wallet just to buy brand new.


Long holidays are something most millennials look forward to as it provides ample time for them to pack their bags and go on an out of town trip. Other times, when millennials do need to unwind, they would not hesitate to book and schedule a trip out of town. These trips are not cheap and by refraining from scheduling a trip out of town every long weekend, you can save a fortune.

The expenses on this trip are rather big especially when accumulated at the end of the year. So, instead of booking vacations, why not reserve this for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays? If you do have the pressing need to unwind, have a staycation and search for places you can visit in your local area.


Owning your first flat and house requires a lot of effort, discipline, and finances on your part. This means making the necessary sacrifices on your part and forgoing instant gratifications for a delayed one. Delayed gratification is a great thing and though it might cause you to wait impatiently, consider just how rewarding it will be once you finally acquire your dream home. Start saving today and who knows? You might just have enough money to buy from a developer pre-selling condos.

Rainy Season’s Food/Beverage Checklist

Rainy season is when we find ourselves wants to stay put and do nothing. Agree? Well, who doesn’t? Considering the fact that the weather is cold, you really want to eat something that can satisfy your food cravings. Sometimes, we think of going to the restaurants in the Philippines in order to eating the foods that we like to have.

The best part when it rains is that, we tend to eat something that we want to have. Of course, you don’t want to be sick due to hunger, right?! That is why we tend to eat something. And admit it! We really like the idea when it comes to eating something that we want. Agree?!

Well, there are actually a lot of foods that you can eat during rainy season. You can eat whatever you want, but you have to be very careful when it comes to what kind of food that you are eating. Well, if you don’t want to have some indigestion; here are some healthy foods that you can eat during rainy seasons.

Hot soups



Rainy season is the best time to have some hot soups. Of course, the weather is so cold, our body wants something that can make us feel warm inside. It is also a good way of getting nutrition from vegetables soup without consuming any harmful bacteria in the process.

Well, you don’t have to worry about what kind of soups that you are going to eat, since there are already a lot of recipes available online that you can follow to create a delicious hot soup. You can have various soups in every meal that you have.

If you want to taste different kinds of soups, you can try to experiment your soup. Of course, you just have to make sure that it still tastes good.

 Hot coffee/tea



Having a cup of coffee or tea is a also a great way to make you feel warm during the rainy season. Like hot soups, it will make you feel warm whenever you drink it. You will definitely one to have one since your body will need some of it.

There are actually a lot of health benefits that you can get just by drinking it. Well, coffee contains stimulant called caffeine that makes and improve your energy level whenever you feel like you don’t want to do something during rainy seasons.

Likewise in tea, especially green tea. Green tea contains various bio-active compounds that can improve your health. Of course, it is also antioxidants that can lower the risk of various types of cancer.

Tasty snacks



There are actually a lot of healthy snacks that you can eat during the rainy season. Of course, you have to choose wisely on what kind of snacks that are good for your health. You can definitely choose some fruits salads, macarons, fruits, and/or any other kinds of healthy snacks that you want to try.

Eating of snacks is also good for you. It is better to eat a small chunk of snacks than being hungry. Agree? Well, you just have to make sure that you eat snacks in a healthy way to make you fit and fab.

Clean water



There will never be a side effect when you drink a lot of water. Of course, you have to make sure that the water that you drink is clean and save enough for you to drink. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated.

There are also a lot of health benefits that you can get when you drink a lot of water. If you are a person who is on a diet, drinking of water can help control calories, which can also be the cause of over weighing. It also helps energize your muscles. And of course, if you want to stay and be beautiful, then you have to drink some water.

These foods above are some of the most common food that you can eat during rainy season. There is no actually rules on what kind of food are you going to eat for as long as you can be moderate in everything you take into your mouth. Also, know what kind of food that are good and healthy for you body.

5 Things to do while Spending Summer Vacation at Home

Summer. It is the time when we can be playful and naughty sometimes. Agree?



Well, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending your summer vacation with families and friends in places where you can have fun. And aside from going and/or traveling from places to places to have a good spot for us to unwind, staying at home in the condo Cebu City can also make us feel calm and relax. For some, especially for those people who are saving up money, summer vacation would not just mean spending thousands just for a summer relaxation. For as long as you can feel relaxed, away from stress and other things that can also make us feel stress are the things one can ask during summer vacation while spending it in their homes. Of course, doing nothing is a no-no. There are also things that you can do to stay fit and be productive throughout the entire summer session. And if you feel bored just by doing nothing, then here are some tips on the things that you can do to while in your house.

1. Staying fit If you are a kind of person who have concerns about how they look, you can try some exercises. Doing yoga or Zumba for example, are the things you can do to stay fit. And if you have a gym in your community, then you can definitely join the group or the other people who are also into exercising to have a body fit. Through it, not just you will gain your desired body figure, you can also have friends within your community. Knowing each other through in the gym can never be this satisfying when you know that you have someone to talk to while doing some exercises.

2. Be a good cook If you want  to harness your cooking skills, then it is the best time to try cooking or baking. Know what taste that is good enough for us to be able to eat it. You can also practice food tasting. In that way, you can practice identifying good from bad tastes of food. And if you still don’t know how to cook, then this is also your best time to learn cooking while staying at home. You have to know what are the specific ingredients that are included in the specific menu, etc.

3. Do what you love There are actually a lot of things that we want to do during summer vacation. But when we choose to stay at home during summer, you can also have the things you love while staying at home. If you are a kind of person who wants to write, then you can practice and have your writings published in the Wattpad and/or other sites that welcomes new writers. You can write the things that are in your wildest imaginations and let other people read it for you. In that way, your writing skill will be enhanced by practicing and writing every day.

4. Slumber party Well, who would not want to have your families and/or friends having a sleepover at your house? Having them in your house can also be a lot fun. You can enjoy and do things that you have never done before. This is also the time when you can have your sharings on the happenings of your life, or what you are still up to for the following days that are yet to come, or even play truth or dare. With that, your summer vacation will also be a lot of fun, even if you are staying at your house.

5. Movie marathon Sometimes, staying up late can also be fun, especially when you do a movie marathon and watch your favorite movie of the year. Or a series for you to have a lot of fun while watching it. Just make sure that you choose the right genre to watch for you to be satisfied in the outcomes of the movie. Always remember that going to different places is not a measure of your happiness. It is a matter on how you productively and satisfyingly spend it during the session.

5 Simple and Effective Tips on How To Deal With Stress

Who in the world have not experience stress? We all do, right? We usually feel stress from work, school or even we get stress over our own problems. Stress is already part of our daily lives; even the most successful person in the world would encounter and experience stress. There are people who experience stress prefers to unwind in the best resorts in Philippines. Well that if you have the capacity to pay for your trip and other expenses.



While other people who prefers unwinding at the different resorts, some would prefer dealing their stress on their own. Perhaps they just don’t have the luxury of time to go and spend unwinding in the resorts. If you are a kind of person who just wants to deal with stress yet you don’t know how and what to do to avoid or reduce stress at least, then these tips might help you in overcoming stressful situations.

1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine

We usually can’t avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine especially when we are tight in our deadlines and we need to make an extension in our working hours. Alcohol for example, it is not advisable drinking it while you want to deal with stress. Even coffee, it hascaffeine which will make you active and that, it will increase stress than reducing it.

Constant intake of these kinds of drinks when you feel stress, will also not be good to your health. It will affect your liver and/or other organs in your body. If you feel the urge to have these kinds of drinks, just be moderate in everything you do.

2. Indulge in Physical Activity

Being active in everything you do can also reduce stress. Exercising every day for example can help you reduce stress. It can make you feel energized and active we you exercise. Even just a simple walk can already reduce stress. It can also make you productive the whole since your mind is working productively. You will really feel the difference between exercising and not exercising at all.

3. Get More Sleep

There will always be an advantage when you have a good sleep. When you had enough sleep, you have a clear and productive mind. You can think creatively since your brain or mind is working properly. Your brain will also get enough oxygen when you sleep.

Sleeping is a form of resting where you can relax your mind and body from a long stressful and tiring day at work. Also, having enough sleep will also give you a younger looking skin. It will make you feel you since sleeping can reduce stress.

4. Manage your time

Time management is important factor that contributes to relieving or dealing your stress. Through time management, you will not be stress from worrying about how late you are in going to your class or at work, how late you are in passing the tasks that was assigned to you and you will also not panic when there are minor changes that needs to bedone when unexpected circumstances occur.

As an individual, you have to know your time and take control of it. Even if there are times when we follow schedules for our time, you have to know how to manage it. Avoiding the things that can be the cause of your tardiness for you to avoid worries as well which can caused you stress.

5. Avoid stressors

If you are a person who is prone to stress or always experiencing stress, then you have to change your lifestyle which causes you to have stress. If you usually stress over your own problems, then you have to talk to somebody for you tominimize your stress. As much as possible, do not do the things that you know it can make and cause you stress.

These are just some of the tips on how you can avoid or deal with stress. It is really up to you on how discipline you are in handling the situations for you to avoid being stress.

5 Signs of a food aficionado

We eat. That’s inevitable! Restaurants in the Philippines, caters mouth-watering foods that we Filipinos can’t resist. Especially it is now the season of Christmas; “to eat” is all in our minds. We can call it a “crime” when you reject a food that is served to you; it is a sign of disrespect. So for you not to offend someone, you have to eat what was offered. See? It’s inevitable!

Eating is one of the things Filipinos love to do. People eat not just because they are hungry, they eat because they may be depressed, to change their mood or simply for snacks. That is why we can see a lot of different restaurants because one way or another, eating is a therapy.

Be it at home, office or mall, we eat, every day. We usually tend to go different restaurants/cafes to try their specialties. They cater specific specialties for the people to eat, and for them to be recognized by food aficionados.

Unlike other people, food aficionado can be helpful when it comes to food matters. They can be expert when it comes to the tastes of a particular food or delicacies. You’ll know when you or someone is a food aficionado when you notice these signs.

  • Knows where and what restaurant is good

These people know what food specialties the particular restaurant has. They know what restaurant that is near to you and where it is located. They also know what restaurant is cheaper than the other. Food aficionado knows where to buy that particular food and they will guide and recommend you for a specific restaurant that suits your taste.


  • Knows 24-hours restaurant/fast food chains/ cafe

Being hungry at the middle of the night is a pain. Knowing where and what food chains are open 24/7 is an advantage. They usually know their contact numbers for deliveries and know what packages they can avail when budget is on tight.


  • Knows the delicacies of the specific provinces for pasalubong

One of the practices Filipinos always do is to bring pasalubong for their love ones. When ask what delicacies those particular provinces have, they can recommend you something to buy or eat. They can name every delicacy in towns and in provinces.


  • Keeps coupons to avail discounts

Food aficionados are fun of having coupons. They usually have different coupons from different restaurants. It’s a savior for barkada treats and when you are on a budget saves. Coupons are their best friend.

free subway coupons november 2013

  • Likes it when it’s free

We Filipinos are known to be generous. We usually give something to someone. And admit it! We like it when someone will treat us, especially when it comes to eating.

pabaon ni manangs(flat)

You don’t need to worry when you have these symptoms, it’s not contagious. You can even make a person happy out of it. Being a food aficionado has always its advantage, it can always satisfy our cravings and our stomach.

Filipinos are also known to be a good cook. We cook our food deliciously for us to appreciate the taste of the food. Food can never been this good when you are hungry. We also appreciate it when someone put their effort to cook especially just for us. And we can’t say ‘no’ to them.

We eat not just simply we want to eat. Sometimes, it’s also one way of making bond with your friends and families. There you can chat and laugh, and make a good memory out of it. It’s not all the time we can have a good time with our love ones, dining with them makes us feel like we belong. So go and have yourself a treat!