Property Reservations 101


You’ve been seeing this sophisticated and elegant townhouse Manila for sale. Given that it is near your workplace and your favorite Ayala Mall, you can’t help but purchase this property. What can you do? Reserve!

Reservation is your deposit when you rent a house, apartment, or condominium. You haven’t fully owned the property unless you have paid in full or partial, or depending on the terms agreed upon between you and the seller.

You can now have that condo by reserving it under your name. Property reservation is very easy as you only need the following:

  • seller or property specialist

  • Reservation Agreement Form, and

  • reservation fee

Through the seller or property specialist, you will be able to deliberate which property you should buy, depending on different factors and of course, its availability. After considering these details and confirming the property’s availability, you can continue with reserving it online. You may check the developer’s website and look for the “Reserve Now” or similar buttons to proceed. If necessary, you can also contact the developer for clarifications or reserve the property by visiting their office.

photo-1477577314779-8dd53d8e615f.jpgAnother important thing is your Reservation Agreement Form. Carefully fill out the form and check all the details and signatures before passing it. If the Reservation Agreement Form is not available online, the developer or seller will be handing it to you. You can simply mail or fax the form to the developer or seller’s office before you proceed with your reservation. If these options do not appeal to you, you can always visit their office and have this done.

Now you’re finished with choosing the property and submitting the Reservation Agreement Form, you are now to pay the required reservation fee. Reservation fee differs depending on the developer and the type of property you are interested with. It can go as low as ₱5,000 and as high as ₱100,000. Aside from cash payment, you can also pay the reservation fee through the following:

  • bank deposit

  • credit card

  • online bank transferable

  • remittance center

  • and other methods advised to you

You will be asked to send proof of payment so make sure to secure an official receipt. Some only give out acknowledgment receipt so better check with the bank or establishment that you have what you need. Afterward, the developer will confirm your payment by sending welcome letters.

Keep in mind that the validity of your reservation fee for new houses in the Philippines is 30 days. Within this period, you should be able to make a partial or full payment for your property. Better ask your developer with the different payment options that you have.

Lastly, here are some other things that you need to know about property reservations:

1. Is it deductible? Definitely! The reservation fee that you’ve made will be deducted from the total selling price. Others deduct the fee from the downpayment.

2. Is it refundable? Unfortunately, reservation fees are non-refundable. That is why you should be sure with your actions and decisions before you consider reserving a property.

3. Is it transferable? It depends on the policies of the developer or seller. Some won’t let you transfer the fees, and others will charge a transfer fee if it’s permitted.

Be reminded that not all properties in the Philippines require reservation fees so you are to confirm that with your developer or seller. Other developers immediately ask for a downpayment or initial payment. Nevertheless, in whatever reserving and purchasing you will be doing, be sure and secured. Make sure that you will be abiding by the policies you signed for so you can enjoy your property hassle-free!

Real Estate Investment 101: Strategies to Use in Selling Your Condo in the Philippines


“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity had devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” -Russel Sage

With the condo housing market at an all-time high, it would be readily apparent that condominium towers would be proliferating almost every corner in any major city in the Philippines. After all, condo living affords a unique lifestyle option that allows for convenience and maximum accessibility. Most real estate developers would build their condominium towers in proximity to major offices, schools, and entertainment hubs–making it a premier housing option for young professionals, newlyweds and families.

Considering how competitive the housing market for condominiums is, it would be no question that selling your condo unit might be a bit difficult—even in places where the demand for them is the highest such as in Arbor Lanes. However, there are a few tips and techniques to help you sell your condo a bit faster and to make your transactions a lot easier. Do not be mistaken though, the logistics in the sale of a condo unit would involve a great deal of patience (Do not expect to a close a deal right away). Do your research, be prepared to compromise and negotiate, otherwise here are some useful tips to make your condo selling endeavor a smooth-sailing one.

1.) Know when the best time to sell your condo is

When it comes to selling any kind of real estate, timing is a pivotal factor that contributes to the quickness or delay of a sale. Additionally, it would also play a crucial factor in how much you could actually profit from selling your property. Before selling your unit, have an understanding of how property cycles move. In this way, you can determine how far along the property clock would yield more and much better profit. Recurrent events such as rising prices (also known as the boom phase), fall of prices which is the (slump phase) and stabilization phase (essentially known as the recovery period) would comprise a property cycle. Familiarize yourself with this and put your condo up for sale during the market peak where the boom phase occurs.

2.) Determine your property’s market value

Apart from knowing how to time your sale, it is also vital that you know how to price your condo unit appropriately. If you price it too low and you may end up losing profit, and if you price it too high, it will take you longer to close a deal. Consult a professional and have them give you advice as regards the price of your property, or you can try a different tack by looking at online listings that are similar to your property.

3.) Look for potential buyers

More often than not, the sale of a real estate property would be significantly faster with the assistance of a professional such as a real estate broker who would serve as the middle person between you and the buyers. However, this would come at an added cost, and if you do not wish to make that monetary expense, you can always put your condo up in the housing market in online listings. There are websites that would offer free listing where you can list your property. However, do not limit yourself there, advertise wherever you can and go beyond free listing websites. Put up your listings on social media platforms and encourage your friends to share it themselves too.

4.) Secure the necessary documents

Before finally putting your condo up for sale, make sure you are in possession of all the legal documents required to sell it. This will expedite the process of ownership transfer and would make the transaction a lot smoother. Some of the documents you would need are as listed below:

*Certified True Copy of Condominium Certificate of Title from the Register of Deeds
*Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration and Real Estate Tax Clearance for the present year from the City Assessor Office
*Certificate Authorizing Registration and Tax Clearance from the Bureau of Internal Revenue


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6 Things To Do Before Hiring A Mover



What comes to your mind when we talk about moving out? Perhaps, a lot of you will think about what to do to make sure that there will be no damages while moving the things.

That is why most people would prefer hiring some professional movers to make sure that their things are still intact after the transfer. You may be moving into your new condo in Quezon City or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, hiring a mover is a good choice. However, you also have to know that not all movers are professional enough to do their job properly.

There are actually a lot of things you need to consider before deciding what moving company you should choose. And if you are one of those people who are first timers in hiring a mover, you might as well refer to these tips below on how you can effectively hire a mover.

1. Get recommendation

One of the things you might want to consider is the recommendations from your family and friends. Since they suggested that particular moving company, that means they trusted them when it comes to handling the things of their clients. Obviously, they will not recommend it to you when they know that mover is not that trustworthy enough to do the job properly.

 2. Do an initial screening

When choosing the right moving company, don’t just stick to one option. You must have a list of the companies you may want to hire. And for you to know if they are good enough, do some initial screening on them. Well, you can base your judgments on the reviews from their clients on whether they have a good service or not. And if they don’t have high ratings when it comes to the services they gave, then you might as well find another one.

3. You should end up with at least three or four companies to call for an in-home estimate

After narrowing down your options, make sure to end up with at least three or four companies on your list. Well, that is for you to make sure that if one is not available at that moment, then you still have the other three options for you to call. Just make sure that those remaining companies in your list are all trustworthy and professional enough on their field of work.

4. When an estimator comes to your home, show home everything

When you hire a mover, you should also expect that there will be estimators that will come to your home. Of course, they have to know how many moves will it takes to transfer all of your belongings to your new home. From the things in your closet, backyard, basement, and even in the attic, you have to show them everything. This will also give the estimator an idea on how much you should pay for the overall moving package.

5. When you’ve gotten all your estimates in, compare the bids

Whether you realize it or not, each moving company has their own way to estimate your things. That is why it is a must for you to know which company offers a lower price than the other. Moreover, don’t forget to make sure if there are any add-ons on the overall cost of the moving process.

6. Make sure your moving company has the license and insurance it needs to move your things legally

For you to avoid any complications later on, you need to make sure that the company you choose is legally enough to do the job. At least, if there will be some problems later on, at least you know where to complain. Moreover, this is also to ensure that they are not any scammers who will trick you will a higher price yet with a lower quality of moving services.

Four Features of a Good Neighborhood



Love thy neighbor as yourself, but choose your neighborhood. ~Louise Beal

One of the most crucial aspects to consider in purchasing a home is the neighborhood. As it is, you are not only there to buy a comfortable home to live in, but you are buying into a neighborhood where you would raise your children and foster relationships as well.

Considering this to be the case, it is a good idea to carefully scrutinize every single facet your potential neighborhood has in such a way that when you have ultimately arrived at a favorable decision, you can see yourself and your family acclimating to the new environment well.

Every single one of us may have a different set of standards for when purchasing a home, but a universal characteristic for these homes regardless of whether they may be billeted in a condo in Mandaluyong or any other lush area is that they should all be from good neighborhoods.

So what are the various characteristics that would make a good community? Read down below to find out.

1.) It should encourage greater mobility

Apart from accessibility, your neighborhood should offer its residents the convenience of getting around not only for motorists but for pedestrians as well. It should provide an equal ease of access and mobility for everyone. In the same vein, your neighborhood should be equipped with adequate parking spaces for cars or motorcycles and similarly should have sufficient pathways for pedestrians.

These pathways should be well lit and should accommodate pedestrians of any kind (cyclists and people on non-conventional vehicles such as Segways, Skateboards, wheelchairs and the like).

2.) It should have features that would add to the overall comfort and convenience of residents

A comfortable and safe home is one thing. But a good neighborhood complemented with essential establishments within its vicinities such as places of work, malls, recreational facilities and hospitals is the penultimate factor in deciding whether a home is billeted in a good neighborhood.

This provides its residents easy access to major establishments and would make city living rather easy.

3.) It should have adequate security measures

One thing you should never compromise when it comes to choosing a neighborhood is safety. It is imperative that each and every single one of your family members can truly feel at safe whether they are coming home from work or school or are making their daily commute towards their destination.

One thing that can guarantee you that a neighborhood’s safety is of paramount interest to the developer is when you see visible security personnel such as security guards doing rounds at random hours of the day. Take note, your home is a place of sanctuary, and if your neighborhood is not even safe, to begin with, any potential breach into your homes is not entirely impossible.

4.) It encourages social interaction

People are social creatures, and in choosing a neighborhood, it is important that you consider the potential neighbors you might have should you integrate yourself into their social sphere. One aspect if a good neighborhood is one that has an established sense of community and belonging among its residents. This is because should you be their neighbor, you would know that your neighbors would be more than willing to help you should there be anything you need.

Community facilities such as playgrounds, sports courts, and other recreational amenities would provide easy avenues for neighbors to interact and bond.

Last, but not the least characteristic that one should consider in choosing a neighborhood is that it should have character. Whether that may be the artsy neighborhood where most lost artists, vocalists trying to find their voice and soul or revolutionary chefs or an emerging hub for young corporate employees looking to establish a family.

Whatever it may be, make sure it has that one distinct and identifiable character that would strengthen your affinity towards it. This would set your neighborhood apart from all other communities and make it uniquely you—a home in an environment you can truly come home to.

Renovate or Relocate: Six Questions to Ask Yourself

A house is made of bricks and beams while a home is made of hopes and dreams

While this well-known maxim about homes and houses is true, the same could not be said about a home or a house that has been deteriorating over the years. And this may prompt you to look for an affordable house and lot Laguna, Philippines.

While our homes could withstand ordinary wear and tear, it would not stand erected perpetually as certain factors may contribute to its steady decline, some of these factors include how many years the house has stood and what sort of wear and tear the house has withstood over the years.

As you grow older and spend more years billeted at the same residence, you’ll notice the wear and tear. You would probably see more and more broken tiles, doors detached from their hinges, kitchen cabinets that no longer close properly, floorboards that creak. These are just some of the things you would routinely notice around your homes as it gradually ages with you.

And as the things you have slated for repair start to pile up, you are presented with a rather common dilemma of whether to renovate the old and trusty home you have known for years or buy an entirely new one and save yourself the time and effort of doing it all on your own.

Both options have their own respective advantages and disadvantages. One of them is the financial consideration when it comes to purchasing a new home while fixing up an old home does not always guarantee that you would get the best bang out of your buck.

However, the list of pros and cons are more extensive than the one given above, but before weighing your options, you should first consider asking yourself some critical questions that may potentially affect your decision making. To have a clear picture of what sort of questions you should be asking yourself, take a look at the listed items below.


Is the location you are staying in really that important to you? The neighborhood you are living in is a crucial factor in deciding whether you would renovate your home or just relocate to a brand new neighborhood. Because whether you are residing in a high-rise condo or billeted in residence in the suburb, it is all about location.


Do you have the budget to renovate your home? Consider the type of neighborhood you are moving into, if it in the high-end price range, it might be friendlier to your pockets if you renovate your existing home.

Floor plan:

Deliberate on the renovations you are about to make, would it affect or change the existing structural elements of your home? Do take note that it would cost you, at least, fifty percent less if you left the structural elements as it is. If you are considering a renovation that would involve a significant change in the home’s structural elements, then it may be wiser to just invest in a new home.

Increase in value:

Remodeling your home may cost your exorbitantly depending on the type of accents and overhauls you introduce to your home. Consider the type of remodeling you would want to introduce and assess if it would potentially augment your home’s existing price in the market. A wise advice would be to consult a remodeling expert before you embark on aesthetic or altering projects as you may just be flushing money down the drain.

Long-term plan:

Reflect on your long-term plans before making any costly renovations on your home. Are you planning to expand your family? If you are, then maybe making improvements on your existing two-bedroom flat may not be the most practical route you can take and consider buying a new home instead.


Depending on the current market conditions at the time of your purchase, buying a new home might mean a lower mortgage for you. There are also some instances where you would end up with approximately the same mortgage as you had before. To weigh your options properly, consider seeking the aid of a real estate pundit and hear their counsel so that you may be able to have the best deal you can have.

Turning Your Bathroom Into a Sanctuary? Here’s How!



A lot of you here might wonder and ask “a bathroom into a sanctuary? How’s that possible?” It is possible. The bathroom is where we make ourselves clean. However, when you convert your ordinary bathroom into your sanctuary, you don’t just feel clean but satisfied as well. In fact, this is one of the times most homeowners enjoy a relaxing moment while on their bath.

And if you think that turning your bathroom into a sanctuary would be hard enough for you to do, then think again. It doesn’t matter where you live; be it in Bonifacio Global City condo or any other condominiums, having this project is within your reach. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about having no time for it at all since it doesn’t require too much of your time. All you have to do is to treat yourself a relaxing atmosphere inside.

Don’t worry if you are one of those homeowners who don’t have any idea on what and how to start. You can apply these simple tips below to make a desirable bathroom you will definitely love. And of course, the project would only cost you less.

Bath Caddy



Having a bath caddy is helpful when you want to read a book or drink some wine while sinking yourself on the bathtub. This comes in handy especially when there is no enough space each side for you to put your things. Bath caddy has different styles, it is up to you to what style you want to have for you to use.

Scented Wax Bars



If you want to add aromatic ambiance to your bathroom, have a scented was bars inside. These bars don’t just give you a relaxing scent, but it also adds beauty to the room. Basically, you can buy it at an affordable price. But if you want to make your own, you definitely can. It is up to you on what kind of scent you want to have, but if you want to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and lift your mood, we recommend the lavender and sandalwood scent for your bathroom.

Teacup Candle




Yes, you definitely can choose different candles. But if you want your bathroom to be more elegant with a personal touch on it, then you might want to have the teacup candle. Of course, candles are one of the things you should not forget to include since it adds beauty and style, especially when it comes to its lighting.

Floral Arrangement



Isn’t it even more relaxing when you include a floral arrangement in your bathroom? Displaying flowers can liven up space. Of course, flowers and some other greens should be fresh. Plastics are a no-no. And don’t forget to put your flowers into a beautiful vase to make it more appealing to the eyes.




Who says paintings are only displayed in living rooms and bedrooms? You definitely can include paintings in your bathroom. We suggest that you include a watercolor painting of a beach since it brings calming vibes on it. However, if you want something different, just make sure that that particular painting can give you some relaxing feeling when you look at it.

Oyster Shell Catch-Alls



One of the things that frustrate us the most is that we don’t have something where we can put our jewelry. That is why having something that can hold your jewelry such as the oyster shell is advisable. You don’t have to worry about having it lost while having your bath. Moreover, these things don’t just hold your things, but it also adds beauty to the room.

Makeup Brush Holder



This is one of the things ladies should have. Instead of putting your makeup brushes in a drawer or a makeup bag, why don’t you display it? Well, you can definitely display it in a customized box where you can easily get and use it. Just be creative enough on how you can display it in an appealing way.

Stop! Don’t Sell Your Home! Be Thankful Instead!

Before you decide to sell your home, you better give it a second thought! Yes, some of you here might be tempted on converting a home into cash, but there are a lot of ways you can have an extra income without selling your home. Even if you are living in Park Point Residences or any other real estate property, you have all the rights to be happy with it. Of course, being happy doesn’t only mean through financially but also, you can be happy by being satisfied with the lifestyle and the place you are now living.

There are people who are struggling to get their home. Others don’t even have some place to stay. Instead of complaining the things that you have, why don’t you sort it out instead, quit complaining and be proud of your home. There might be some of you here don’t have any reasons to stay still in their home, however, here are six reasons why you should turn those restless feelings into reasons to be thankful for having your home.


Ok, let’s just admit! We hate it whenever someone reprimand us for being noisy, go home late or even do some crazy things. And if you have a landlord, you will certainly follow rules and regulations when it comes to the house rules. If you don’t follow simple rules, then you better be prepared to be kicked out to your house. However, if you own your home, you don’t have to worry about those things. You have the freedom of doing whatever you want at home.

Relaxing weekends at home

When you sell your house, you can’t freely have a relaxing weekend alone at your home. Sometimes, some landlords will come to your house without any prior notice, disturbing you from your good night sleep, or on your relaxing day. However, nobody will reprimand you for dressing like a beggar, sleeping for the whole day, or putting on your old and stained pajamas, if you just own your home.

Comfortable clutter

One of the reasons why you should not sell your home is that you don’t have to worry about the clutter in your home. If you want it the arrangement the way you wanted it to be, you can do it since it is our home and nobody is there to reprimand you for doing it the wrong way. Moreover, there is no landlord who is nosy enough when it comes to the things that you want to do in your home.

No interruptions

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to be interrupted by someone in so many ways, then you better not sell your home. There will be no landlord who will tell you to go and pay your monthly bill in the middle of you sleep or work, and there will be no roommates that are there willing to disturb you any time of the day. It is your home, your rules and your own time.

Selling sadness

Being sad when selling your home is one of the reasons why you should think again and again before you are going to decide to sell it. The memories that you have made inside your house, the sweat and effort that you gave just to achieve your desired outcome on your home or room, and other things that you are going to miss if you decide to sell your home. Of course, some of us here don’t want to feel lonely being far away from home.

Holiday cheer

When it comes to holidays, you don’t have to worry about hosting a party since you already can. There will be no landlord who will reprimand you for being noisy. You can invite friends and families to your house.
In sum, some of you here might have hundreds of reasons as to why they should sell their home. But always remember, there will always be sweet and warmth when you own your home.

Should You Go for a Remodelled or a Brand New Home?

If you think that all homeowners are happy about housing dilemmas, then you better think again! Particularly for extended families, one of their dilemmas is whether or not they are going to have a bigger home through renovations or renting  Better yet, they would contemplate whether to buy a  house and lot in Philipines. Some of you here might wonder and ask if whether of the two are advisable to do. Well, you have to expect that there will be a lot of homeowners who will answer either way.

Of course, there will also be a lot of advantages you can have when you choose either of it. But there are just times that you need to pick one for you to move on to the next process. Well, if you are one of those homeowners who is struggling in making some decision on which of the two, then you might want to know some tips for making an informed decision.

Know what you are getting into

Sometimes, not planning ahead or making an impulsive decision can ruin the things you might want to have. When you decide something, it is your responsibility to know the things that must and must not do for you to achieve your desired outcome for your home.

You also have to remember that doing things without any careful planning is also not a wise thing for you to do. Of course, you have to know if that particular property is suitable for your family or not. Moreover, you have to know how to balance which of the two are more applicable on your end. And before you make the final decision, know first the basic things.

Check your finances

Your budget is one of the most important things for you to consider. Without enough budget, it is going to be hard on your part when it comes to the down payments – that if you are aiming to have a new home. However, if you are planning for some renovations instead, of course, money is also involved. You have to have a budget of the things you should use for you to do the renovations and all.

Also, if you are aiming to invest in a new home, you have to make sure that you are free from other debts, check your credit cards if it’s still applicable for you.

Define your renovation requirements

When it comes to repairs, some of you here are planning to have a full home renovation. That means they will renovate their entire home. If you do, then you better think again first. Unless it’s your property, then it might be reasonable for you to renovate your entire home. But if not, you are just renting the lot or house, and then renovations might not be an ideal thing for you to do.

Investing in a new home might be applicable on your end. If you do, you don’t have to worry about any renovations. All you have to do is seek help from a real estate broker and do the things that need to accomplish; then you can already have your new home.

Don’t over-improve for the neighborhood

If you are planning to go for renovations, you have to know what you are doing. For instance, if you intend to extend your kitchen or any other room for an extra square footage, how sure are you that your neighborhood will approve to it?

As a homeowner, you also have to be considerate of your neighbors. It is also one way you can get along with your them and live a healthy lifestyle.

Get ready for a different kind of stress if you move

Moving out can also be stressful. It is distinct from the other stressors that we have. Of course, there will be a lot of things for you to think about when you move. Thinking about where to put your stuff, or what kind of vehicle are you going to use to move your belongings and other big furniture.

Expect the expenses

Whether you choose to stay and renovate your home or buy/rent a new home, there will always be costs that you need to have. Either way, there will always be monetarily involved. That is why you have to prepare enough budget when you decide to do such.

Home + Minions = Awesome DIY Home Décor

Shout out for minions!!! Who hasn’t heard yet about minions? Everybody does, right? From kids, teens to adults, minions are popular. They are everywhere, be it in memes, miniatures, and even food chains are promoting the little cute yellow creature who loves bananas.

And if you are one of those minion fans, you’d definitely do whatever you want just to get that lovely little thing – and a collection of those is one step you’d definitely do. However, when you are an avid fan, you just don’t end up collecting, you would want to go to the next level and decorate your home with minions.

Whether you are living in a house and lot at Cavite or any other real estate, you certainly can decorate your home with minions, And I’ll tell you, it’s going to be an impressive home décor you’d going to have. Well, it’s mostly a DIY. That means you have to be creative and imaginative in decorating for you to achieve the desired outcome.

If you are curious about how you can have them at home, below are some examples on how you can decorate your home with minions.

1. Make cool minions with terracotta pots and outdoor paint

If you have a garden at home, you might want to have some changes. Instead of using an ordinary flower pot, why don’t you turn it into a minion pot?

Things you’ll need:
2 big flower pots
12 small flower pots
Paint (yellow, blue, black, gray, white)

With these materials, you can form a minion pot. Well, you can have the 2 big flower pots as the body of the minion, the 8 small flower pots would be on the left and right hand of the minion, and the other 4 small containers would be for the feet on both sides. Use the string as the handle for both hands and feet. And for you not to be confused with what you’re going to do, especially when it comes to its color, you better have a picture beside you for you to follow.

2. Paint mason jars into minions

Aside from the miniature that you already have collected, you can also have minions made out from a mason jar or any other small jars. And instead of throwing your jars away, be creative in making your cute minion.

Things you’ll need:
Mason jars or other small jars
Paint  (yellow, blue, black, gray, white)

With the use of the right color, it will be easier for you to paint the jars since it is small. You just have to make sure that before you’re going to put the minion’s eyes and/or mouth, make sure that the color of his body is properly and completely dry, for as not to jeopardize the design.

3. Garden tool tire holder

If you have any used tire in your backyard, you can definitely also used it to make a garden tool tire minion. This is the time when you got to be creative when it comes to the storage of your garden tools such as your rake, shovel, hand pruner, utility bucket and other garden tools that you will need in gardening.

Things you need:

3 tires (or as many as you want)
Paint (yellow, blue, black, gray, white)

In painting the tires, since its color is originally black, you have to make sure that it is properly coated with the right color. If you think that the application of the paint is just light, then you have to paint it again, for the black colored tire not to be seen. Do this step with the other tires. Let the paint dry first under the heat of the sun before filling it on the top of the other tires. And as for its hands, you can use a tube steel metal for it.

Doing these DIY home decorations is simple yet fun to do. Of course, it is not just you who will love the design, I’m sure, your kids and/or visitors will appreciate on how you creatively make a minion out of your used things. Well, you just to be imaginative enough for you to make it the way you wanted it to be.



6 Qualities of a Kid-Friendly Community

Before deciding where and what kind of property that you want to invest, one of the most important things for you to consider is its community – whether if it is a kid-friendly community or not. Well technically, this applies to homebuyers who have their kids living with them. Making sure that their kids can safely play around their home and with their neighbours is one of the most top priority homebuyers look into.

Considering the fact that there are a lot of real estate properties available in the Bonifacio Global City alone, it is undeniable that finding a place that is right and fit for our lifestyle can sometimes be difficult on our end. Of course, there will be a lot of careful thinking as to where and what kind of property are you going to choose, especially when it comes to the safety of your kids.

When choosing the right property, you have to make sure that these 6 qualities are included on your home standard. Some of you here might find this as “being picky”, however, these certain qualities can help you live a healthy lifestyle, without worrying about what’s going to happen next.

1. Tight security

Aside from the kind of property that you are going to choose and have, you should never forget about its security. You have to ask and make sure that that particular property has a highly tight security. From the security guard on your area – make sure that they roam around the community regularly to make sure there are no suspicious people that can enter any house, and to its security cameras that are installed in each street.

Sometimes, kids roam around the community on their own, and it is comforting to a parent that their kids are safe within the vicinity of the area.

2. Schools are nearby

At this young age, going to school is a must. And considering that they are vulnerable, having a long travel in going to their respective school is not a good idea for them. As a parent, you should consider having a nearby school for them to have more energy to make friends and study more. Moreover, this will also give you and assurance that your kid is safe since you can look after them any time of the day.

3. Amenities kids can safely use and enjoy

Most of the kids, if not all, won’t definitely mind where and what kind of property that they are living, for as long as they have a place where they can make fun and enjoy, then they will be okay with it. Of course, their mind is focused on the things that they can play with. And availing the amenities for your kids to use and enjoy such as the swimming pool and/or playground within the community, you are giving your kids the opportunity to enjoy and learn more. And that what makes a kid – to enjoy life.

4. Flood-free

Whether you agree with me or not, there are some areas and/or real estate properties that are prone to flood. And not knowing what kind of property is a flood-free community can endanger you kids. Of course, you cannot deny that flood water is dirty, and it can cause your kids some sickness. And as a parent, you don’t want that to happen, right? Moreover, even if a flood-free community may be expensive, you should also take the safety of your kids seriously. Never mind the price, for as long as your know that your kid is safe, then you should avail that kind of property.

5. Proximity to health care

Since most of the kids are vulnerable to sickness such as flu, colds, cough, one of the best choice of property is having a healthcare facilities near your community. With that, whenever you kids catch some flu and/or any other sickness, it will immediately be cured. Also, this is a convenient way to take good care of your kids, especially when he/she needs a regular check-up.

6. Close to malls and leisure centers

Ok, let’s admit! One of the past times we usually have is going to malls and/or leisure centers. We just love to go out with our kids and take them to their favorite restaurant. And for you to save time and effort, it is wise for you to choose a property that is near to malls. With that, it will definitely be a convenient on your part, especially when you have a lot of kids to bring with you.