5 Things you Usually Do in Your Bed

Soft, comfy, and warm, that is the reasons why you want to stay in your bed, right?


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The good thing is that there are already affordable yet comfortable beds available in malls in the Philippines. You can choose on to what kind of designs or styles of bed you want to have for as long as it is safe and comfortable, of course. And it will always be up to your liking.

Now, you have to erase your belief that the bed is only used for sleeping, taking some rest and or whatever that is in your mind, because aside from those things, there are actually a lot of other things you can do in your bed. Well, that, if you like doing these.

Breakfast in bed


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If a person is so sick and is having a hard time going to the kitchen for breakfast, usually, breakfast in bed is being served. There will always be a little table placed on the bed for the food. Or if you have a loving partner who is sweet enough to serve your breakfast in your bed.

Well, there is an advantage when you have your breakfast in your bed. First, of course, you don’t need to go to the kitchen and have your breakfast. Second is that it is just so sweet knowing that someone who is caring enough serving you a breakfast in your bed. And lastly, if you’d agree, it is comfortable sitting in your bed while eating your breakfast.

Studying in bed


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Oh, this! I know students can surely relate to this. Most students, if not all would prefer studying in their bed. Perhaps it is because they find it relaxing and comfortable way of studying in bed. They can lie or whatever position they want to have while studying.

While other students would prefer studying in bed, others find it uncomfortable. They can’t concentrate or focus on the topics they are studying. It makes them feel sleepy when they study in bed. Maybe it is because of the comfort the bed has that makes them feel sleepy. Definitely, both have their own reasons, whether studying in bed is advisable or not.

Playing games in bed


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Admit it! We all do love playing games in bed. It is quite enjoyable when we play in bed. Oh, and, by the way, there are actually a lot of indoor games that you can play. Board games, for example, you can definitely play it in your bed, or truth or dare, or even play games on your tab or smartphones.

Of course, that, if you don’t want to go out just to play or even sweat. Playing games in bed is a convenient and a stress-free game you can have.

Chatting in bed


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We all do this! Who doesn’t? There is no better and comfortable way to chat than chatting in your bed. You can lie down or whatever positions that you want while chatting with your families and or with your friends. This is also one way to relax and unwind in your room.

With this kind of ambiance, surely you will have a good chat since you will be comfortable in the place. And while chatting with families or friends, you can also do some other things which you both can have fun doing it together.

Watching movies in bed


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Aside from watching a movie in cinemas or in the living room, you can also watch a movie in your bed. This is also one way to relax and have fun watching while you are in your bed. If you don’t have a television in your room, you can have a portable DVD or a laptop to watch a movie.

Of course, you can also have any position while watching. You can lie down, or sit, it will always depend on your liking.

There are actually thousands of things you can do in your bed. This list is just a portion of what people usually do when they are in their beds. What about you? What do you usually do when you are in your bed? Anything in mind?


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