5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Food Aficionado 

February is known to be a love month. It is the time for couples to think on to where and what things they would do on a special day. Couples are now excited on to what surprise one might give to the other. And dining the in restaurants in the Philippines while spending the moment together is one of the things couples usually do.

They say one can impress the other is through his/her stomach. Well, who doesn’t want to impress your loved ones? There are couples who prefer dating in the restaurants or other places as long as they can eat something. Though it involves money, it is still worth dating. I’m sure; you too would definitely love to date someone who fills your stomach.

Dating a food aficionado is fun and exciting. Here are the reasons why you should date a food aficionado and treasure him/her.

You will never get hungry on your dates

This is one of the advantages when you date a food aficionado. You will never get hungry on your dates. They will know when you want to eat something even you won’t say a thing to them. They will notice your mood whether you are already hungry or not, and when you do, they will surely let you eat for you not to starve. Of course, they will bring you to the restaurants that you will surely be satisfied.

Knows where and what restaurant is open 24/7

When you are up for a late dinner or a midnight snack, you might want to call your boyfriend or girlfriend to ask where and what restaurant is open 24/7. They know what restaurants or food chains that is near to your house and are open 24 hours. You can rely on them especially when it comes to that matter.

Knows where and what restaurant is best and affordable

When the budget is on tight, food aficionados know where and what restaurant that is affordable without compromising the quality the food they serve. They will bring you to that particular restaurant and let you enjoy the food without worrying how much they would pay since they can afford it.

Of course, if they know where and what restaurant that is affordable, they also know what restaurant that is good for fine dining. They will also bring you to an elegant restaurant where you can dine and spend time together. Well, it won’t hurt to bring your loved ones to an expensive and elegant restaurant sometimes.

Knows what food that is good and healthy for you

Food aficionados, especially those who are health cautious, will remind and recommend you to eat this and that is good for your health. They will not let you eat something that can make you weak and is not healthy to eat. Sometimes, they are strict when it comes to that matter. Of course, they don’t want you to get sick for, not eating something that is good and healthy for you.

He/she makes a good cook

Most of the food aficionados, if not all are a good cook. They know the kitchen well. They will make or cook you a good food. Especially when you are sick, you will surely love to taste their cooking. Sometimes, they will go to your house just to cook you a good and tasty food.

When you have that kind of boyfriend or girlfriend that will cook something for you, cherish him/her. They are a good husband or wife figure. Like they say, to impress someone is through his or her stomach. So, let them eat to their heart’s satisfaction.


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