10 Ways To Improve Confidence and Productivity To Gain Income


Real success is self-improvement. It’s choosing to improve your personality and way of living. Success also covers your ability to serve and relate to others.

If you define success, it is not only your job. It is how you live on Earth. Several people only survive. They do not live to conquer their daily life. Meanwhile, others have a fulfilling life with a job at Nuvali One EvoTech. These people were able to find confidence and become productive to earn their income.

If you want to increase your confidence and become productive, you must read on. You can find useful tips in this guide that will turn and transform your life into an upgraded version.

1. Conquer the pain of getting up early.

Psychologist Ron Friedman says each person has about three hours each day of being in tune with what they are doing. Do not lose this precious time by sleeping in or getting out of bed. The decision to sleep in or catch up on lost snoozing hours robs you of the opportunity to create and do something good for yourself.

2. Begin your day with your priorities.

Set your priorities straight. Be wise and pick the most important activity over what is urgent. It is a wise decision to put the vital and critical stuff first before you can complete your day with fillers. Remember, you can live without fillers, but you cannot miss the crucial decisions in life. Hence, you must be wise in picking and making decisions because things will not take care of themselves once they start falling apart.

3. Do the things you have been avoiding to do.

Everything in your life will suffer if you keep on pushing back the things you must accomplish. Do not avoid what you must finish. Stop procrastinating and neglecting the thing/s you must work on so you can free your time and finally do other stuff in your life.

4. Try and accept a different learning style.

Learning new concepts is always out of the comfort zone. When you open yourself to different experiences and learning styles, you begin to reach the levels out of your comfort zone. You allow your brain to form new connections. You become confident in what you can achieve and start to become a flexible learner. When this happens, you become committed to accomplishing stuff out of your league even if they suck.

5. Answer your “why’s.”

Why do you work? Why do you stay at a crappy job? Why do you eat crappy food? Why do you leave with your parents? Why do you date your current partner?

All of these questions are critical to your existence. These fog your brain and keep you from seeing your dreams, goals, or ambition. When you take time to answer them, you gain clarity. You can use this simple question to examine your goals.

Consequently, ask yourself, “What about ___________ is important to me?” It will help you get to figure out and answer your questions with overcomplicating things. Use the line to question your answers until you are seven questions deep.

6. Become a giver.

People who desperately successful in the aspects of their life where they think they must succeed are takers. They form transactional relationships. They engage in people because they can get something out of the other person. They look forward to the exchanges because they will gain something.

Takers only think of scarcity. They only give an extent because of this thinking. If you want rich and fulfilling relationships, you must learn to give and appreciate what others provide.

7. Choose the quality of your relationships.

Givers who work with other givers enter a transformational relationship. This is the effect of two people coming together to create a something new from the sum of several parts. Meanwhile, a relationship between a giver and a taker is purely transactional. The relationship only lasts until the taker gets what they want or until the giver realizes the situation.

To succeed, you must connect and work with the right people. The right people double the effort and create a whole out of parts. They do not eat the pie until it there is nothing left for both of you. Also, these people stick with you even after conflict. They embrace conflict because it leads to clarity. Clarity improves communication which also affects the quality of the relationship.

8. Avoid sacrificing the quality of your work.

Do not lower your standards for anyone. Do not get things done at the last minute. Try not to sacrifice the quality of the final product as it shows the mark of your character.

If you wish to learn how to improve the quality of your output and pay more attention to details, you must work with craftspeople. These people emphasize the importance of quality in their outcomes. They will teach you how to plan and delegate time. They will show you the ropes on how to exceed expectations. When you learn the way of a craftsman, you become a person who continuously works on raising the quality of your life.

9. Figure out how to get the kind of life you want.

You must remember the kind of life you want does not depend on your paycheck. Money is valuable, but it is merely a tool to purchase and acquire the “things” you need and want. The kind of life you want depends on your dreams and goals. Your answers to your “why” questions will help you realize how you can fit your current lifestyle to your dreams.

Decide how you want to become an asset for yourself and others. It will lead you to the means on how to make things happen.

10. Embrace automation to free up your time.

Unlike money, you cannot generate time. You can get additional time, but you cannot get back the time you lost. Thus, you must use the tools of the 21st century to free up your days. Use technology to finish tasks faster and make your life a breeze.

Utilize the power of automation and the perks of technology. That way, you do not have to worry about delegating your monthly salary to bills and other financial obligations. Lastly, you will not neglect to save some to build your passive income.


These tips will not only improve your confidence and productivity. The tips will also strengthen your relationship with your workmates and yourself. They will enhance the quality of your life and how you see the world. Last but not the least, it will push you to reevaluate your definition of success and the importance of income in your life.


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Send Me Your Location: Office and Start-Up Version

Location is crucial for businesses.

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It helps customers and clients identify the headquarters. It gives employees a conducive space to generate ideas, innovate and work on their projects. Most of all, it provides a solid ground for your brand.

The locations serve as the shelter for the business. It houses your assets – equipment, supplies, and goods. A small shop or a spurring start-up can function without one. However, a growing enterprise needs space for daily operations. As your business gains more employees, equipment, and pieces of furniture, it requires a working area for all of these things.

The Right Working Space

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Choosing the right office space depends on your company’s needs. You can go for the traditional set-up – typical rented or leased spaces. You can occupy a unit or the whole floor. This type of set up can be costly and increase monthly expenses.

There’s an alternative for companies starting out. They can go for coworking spaces to reduce their annual fees on rent and increase income. A coworking space like a serviced office Makati allows employees from different companies to work in peace. The ambiance is relaxed and employs an open-floor plan.

Finding the right office location comes with finding a suitable working space. Surveying by asking the needs of your employees, considering your priorities, and positioning your business near the target market are some ways to help you spot the right location.

Coworking Spaces vs. Normal Spaces

weekend table

As small businesses favor collaboration over competition, shared working spaces become the trend in the industry. Gone are the days when a building is dedicated to one establishment. Moreover, there’s a limit to cubicles and cubbies. Extended sofas and long couches are welcome in the office. Identifying the difference between standard and coworking spaces helps you decide which office space fits the bill. Below are some of the concepts behind shared working spaces.

1. Open-floor plans encourage interaction.

Start-ups embrace the casual and informal. A modern working space can be a large open floor plan in a high-rise building. It can also occupy several floors in a renovated warehouse. The lack of physical barriers such as walls, cubicles, and dividers draws people together. Brainstorming sessions, a quick chat, and other social interactions allow people to converge. Convergence helps sort out problems and come up with innovative solutions. The effect increases overall creativity and productivity.

2. The office becomes an avenue for networking.

A coworking office has a charged environment. Ideas continuously bounce between professionals even when they aren’t in the same industry or working field. As long as they have a similar nature, they can discover new schemes relevant to the playing field, acknowledge a different set of skills, or find a collaborative venture. A working setup that’s open to people from various industries allows them to target market other than existing ones.

3. Coworking spaces build communities.

The freedom to network and build lasting connections promotes communities. Shared interests and similar values bolster camaraderie. The casual set-up takes the pressure off networking while retaining the professional stance. Hence, people become comfortable working on their own or with a colleague by their side. Communal working areas strengthen the bond between organizations.

4. The set-up reduces operational costs.

When a company subscribes to communal spaces, it taps to others to share the rent or lease expense. The strategy is a win-win for both enterprises. Both companies reap the rewards of coworking environment while working on their individual goals and targets. The coworking space won’t become a place for seclusion. It becomes a place where everyone can use the resources that won’t limit their capacity when working on a project.

These are the backbone of the coworking space concept. It only gives the overview of the office set-up and doesn’t include the full picture of working in one. It tackles the interior of an office location since it is vital to the company. Though safety and precaution are necessary to the reputation of each establishment, having the right set-up still on the same level as those factors.

With that in mind, you can bring the best office experience to the table when you maximize the potential of your space. This year brings new exciting trends to office space interior design as it considers the role of employees’ lifestyle changes and self-improvement. Furthermore, enticing interiors are companies’ ploy to lure the best talents and clients. It becomes a factor to optimize performance without sacrificing the perfect office location. Below are some of the 2018 office management trends that would circulate the corporate environment.

  • There will be a community manager.

It helps when there’s an administrator to tie loose networking connections in coworking space. The community manager helps business from various industries to connect and work alongside each other when needed. It enables companies to team up through referral or other forms of networking function. The result increases the value of the office location and furthers the growth of the industry.

  • Workspaces are flexible.

Besides working hours, office spaces are now into flexible arrangements. Some companies embrace unassigned seating and resimercial design on the production floor. On top of that, there are different conference rooms for casual and formal meetings.

  • The one-size-fits-all is dead.

As stated above, every organization has different needs and requirements. Thus, the design of the working is must not be about whether it’s a closed vs. open plan office. The office area must support leadership goals of the organization before anything else. Hence, it must take note of the organization’s unique requirements to optimize employee performance.

  • Women will take over leadership positions.

The number of female employees in an organization will rise as the cultural shifts occur in societies. As companies tap into the potential of women to lead and execute powerful business strategies, the company expands into various proportions. Consequently, exploring the pool of female talents is a great avenue to differentiate your practices from the norm.

Office location, set up and management is the triad of a thriving office environment. A great business location isn’t because you’re in Paseo de Roxas or McKinley Hill. It also considers the workspace layout and administration.

Though start-ups have limited net income, going for coworking spaces just might save the day. Going to a communal working area won’t be bad once the organization sends their location to focus on communicating their brand.

The Big Sell: Experts Share Pitching Advice


Another day at UP Ayala Technohub, slaving for 8 hours. You have an idea brewing in your head. You also have a plan to improve your group’s communication system and project management style. But these powerful ideas or well-kept backup plans are just in your head, and won’t matter unless you share it with the group; most importantly, to your superior. Until then, it will just be a plan or idea that won’t be making the changes you envision for the company.

The aim is to have their approval. To hear that sweet sounding yes is a melody to the ears, which makes you fly high in the sky even if it means being buried in paperwork. Before that, you have to face your boss, the management or whoever it is you have to talk with to settle the proposal. Sometimes, it only takes one chance for the person or committees to decide your faith, so it’s better to ace it on the first try.

Few experts had a say on how to successfully present a pitch to a challenging audience. To show off your ideas without a hinge, read on to find what the experts had to say to amp your presentation.

John Rood of Next Step Test Preparation

John Rood suggests to lay out how management should judge the project’s success quickly. What are the indicators that the project will be a success? Having a specific goal will help you set measures of success or key performance indicators (KPIs) early on. Step-wise goals or buildable goals are easier to digest than having a long-term goal. It also suggests that fewer risks are involved. Thus management is more accepting of the idea.

To reduce the risk of rejection, form alliances with those in the upper levels of the company who will approve the pitch. Test out the waters, talk with them to see what clicks and what doesn’t.  It will also help you improve and expand your idea. There will be instances when they will see the details you may have overlooked. The more feedback you get on your pitch, the better you can prepare for the actual and formal meeting.

Phil Chen of Systems Watch

It’s not enough to just have the proposal ready; it’s also important to prove you can handle it. They want to see a work ethic that can sustain the onset of the project throughout its growth. You have to show redeeming qualities – agility, thoughtfulness, and efficiency.

Remember that you still have current task and projects. Phil Chen advises preparing an outline that illustrates the order of your priorities. It will show you still have the time and resources to lead a new project. The outline is especially useful if you haven’t proven your leadership potential.

Brian Honigman of BrianHonigman.com

Brian Honigman shares a piece of advice that isn’t often followed. Composing a polished plan shows the time a thought invested in it. It also shows you’ve reviewed potential problems along the way. It suggests you can take charge and lead the project which will help convince the management of the proposal.

Kenny Nguyen of Big Fish Presentations

As much enthusiasm you show when presenting the project, prepare to defend your idea when objections arise. Being able to justify your proposal is particularly useful when negotiating with investors. You should not be swayed by counter-arguments no matter how logical they may seem. Withstand the onslaught of questions and prepare a counter-attack.

Thus, when answering the management or investors’ queries, pay attention to the current inquiry only. Give a simple and straightforward answer. Avoid getting thrown off your train of thought by overthinking the panel’s questions.

Jyot Singh of RTS Labs

The benefits of the pitch should be clear – how will it add value to the company. Jyot Singh says the presentation should be directed to those benefits and the ways how it will be utilized by the audience of your presentation.

A presentation that states the advantages of the projects creates a positive mindset over the project proposal. With that, keep your winning statement simple.

Adam Stillman of SparkReel

Of course, create visual aids. Adam Stillman knows the importance of visual aids. Visuals are powerful; they help make the plan seem real and relatable. Visual aids also hold power regarding communication as the information comes much faster and lingers in the form of memory.

When creating visuals, concentrate on the essentials. If it allows you to explain the project, return on investment and growth strategy for five minutes, then you’re good to go.

These experts know what they’re talking about, and you should too. When proposing an idea to top-level management, remember to account for risks. The less risk involves, the higher the chance to get their approval. A clear-cut and carefully constructed plan will cover the basics. No matter how polished the proposal is, there will be details which aren’t acceptable to the audience. Hence, prepare to defend your ideas during the presentation. It means you can handle it the pressure and sustain the project.

Maximizing Space: How to Make your Small Office Space Look Bigger

We all do know that office spaces are important. The office is where we usually do our work efficiently and productively. However, even if you have an office space in your own condo or if you are working in a condo office for rent in Makati, if you feel that your room is not that spacious and welcoming, then the productively of your work will be compromised. Of course, if you are doing business, a compromised work is a no-no.

In times when you don’t feel like working at all, think of the things that might be the cause of it. Perhaps, you just don’t like the ambiance of your office space or the things inside the office are all messy which makes it harder for you to focus and think of a better idea. And mind, you don’t want to experience that kind of thing.

There are a lot of ways you can make your small office space look bigger than you think it is. Well, if you are curious and want to know more about it, then below are some tips on how you can achieve your desired office space.

Multipurpose everything

When it comes to the things that you want to keep, there are a lot of ways you can make a neat and clean arrangement. Of course, if you think that a particular compartment in your office is still empty and is available for other things, then you can use it. You just have to make sure that you arrange the things correctly on the empty spaces.

Moreover, you can use your walls or any other spaces where it can still be of use as storages on your other office stuff. For example, if you are planning to decorate something on your walls, you can place a book or any magazines in it. With that, it saves more spaces than before.

Flexible and moveable

When arranging office things, you have to remember that not every arrangement that you have will be permanent. Your arrangements will depend on every situation that you have. If you want to change your arrangement into a particular arrangement, then you can easily pull that off since your arrangements before are flexible and movable.

This also gives you an advantage whenever you want to decorate or renovate your office. You can decide to whatever theme decorations for your office without any worries about on how you are going to move office things.

Essential elements

One of the many things that you should not forget to consider and do is the key elements that need to be included in your office. Of course, you should not forget the lighting and ventilation of the office. Without such, it is impossible for the employees to work efficiently and productively. Moreover, if you include the essential elements such as the clock, cabinets, and other things that are useful for the office can help the productively of an employee.

Moreover, for you have a good outcome; why not consider the suggestions of your employees. With this kind of method, they might give you a beautiful and exciting idea to include in the office. And of course, when you have proper elements found in the office, you can work efficiently.


If you are planning to put some divisions in your office, you have to make sure that the measurements are correct. When you do, there will be no spaces that will not go to waste. You need to think about the measurements of a particular cubicle or division for you to know where and how much space you need to have to have a distinct work area.

Moreover, if you think that putting up a division is not that important, then you better think twice or thrice before deciding to have one. Since divisions can sometimes eat spaces in your office.

Well, the renovation of your office will be depending on how are going to make it look like what you want it to be. If you want to make it bigger, then you have to think of the things that can help in achieving such desires for your office.

Office Rules: The Don’t’s While Inside the Office

Working in an office space can sometimes be demanding and daunting, especially when you are working with your coworkers. There are a lot of things that you need to adjust not just to you, but also with the office space that you are working in.


sofvapor.com Image

If you are a kind of people who are observant enough with the other people, you will definitely notice that there are a lot of different people with different personalities that you might be working with. That is why there are also a lot of things to know more about and adjust depending on the situation in the office that you are in.

In an office, there are rules and/or policies for the employees and employers to follow. Now here are some of the things that you should do as a responsible individual to avoid problems that might occur later on.

Don’t discuss things out loud

One of the things that we tend to be annoyed is that your workmates are discussing their plans or suggestions loudly where everybody can almost hear it. Even if you are talking about work-related topics, you also have to be considerate for as not to disturb other employees who are also working silently.

There are also times when your ideas clash, and there might be some heated arguments within the discussion, try to make your voice lower enough for you and the other employee can hear you. Do not be carried away by your emotion that leads you to be excited or in rage that makes you discuss things out loud. Just be moderate in your voice.

Keep your cell phone in a silent mode

A cell phone is a necessity in our daily life. We need it to communicate with our loved ones but using cell phones while working hours is a big no. You should not text your loved ones in the middle of your working hours unless it is an emergency.

Entertaining calls that are not that important can disturb you from your work. You have to be disciplined when it comes to picking and entertaining phone calls. Emergencies are rare to occur, so it is not an excuse to text your loved ones just for the sake of texting. It is entirely a big no.

Strong perfume

Ladies and gents who are a fan or into using perfume, make sure that is not strong enough. There are just times that strong perfume lingers longer in the office than those perfumes that are not. Even if you like the smell of your perfume though it may be strong, there are employees and/or employers who hate your perfume. So, you also have to be considerate of the others.

If you really want to make yourself smell good, you can have a light scented perfumes that are not strong and pleasant to the nose. There are also a lot of scents that you can choose from for you to buy it. When you choose the right perfume, there might be possibilities that your workmates will also love that they have just smelled.

Spending almost an hour talking with coworkers

In every company that you are working, there will always be a time for you to take a break from long hours of work. There you can have a cup of coffee, a snack, or anything that you want to do for as long as you can stay relaxed and be ready for the next working hours.

There are just some employees who go beyond the said and/or allotted time for the break, the chit-chat for almost an hour forgetting that they have still work to do. It is also a big no to do when you are in the office. Practice time management for you to make your work done at the right time.

There are actually a lot of things that you must avoid when you are working in an office space with the other employees. Discipline is one of the keywords for you to be guided by the things that you need to do when you are in the office. Common sense will also teach you that what you do is already not applicable inside.

Working Tips: A Must Do Before You Start Working

Working in an office space can sometimes be demanding. Especially when we have deadlines to meet, and your ideas won’t just flow, it is just so frustrating in our part of an employee and/or employer. Sometimes, we just don’t understand why our ideas won’t cooperate when we need it the most. Or are we going to agree that creative ideas will flow during last minutes?


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There surely must be some scientific explanation for how our ideas flow and/or why sometimes ideas will just come at a specific time. Have you ever notice and wondered about that? Well, whatever the reason behind it, I’m sure you have some remedy or some things to do to address that kind of situations.

If you are a person who usually experiences such, perhaps you have to change a few your daily routines before working. Changing your routines would not be a bad thing at all especially when if it is for your own good and productivity. Here are some tips on how you can avoid situations when ideas won’t just flow in times when you need it.



pixshark.com Image

Eating your breakfast is an important thing to do before going to work. Being starve overnight can make you feel hungry in the morning. Eating your breakfast gives you fuel to think clearly and properly which makes you do more work than not eating breakfast at all. It will also prevent you from having headaches and stomach aches while working.

There are also times when you don’t have enough time to eat your breakfast since you are already late for work. When you do, try to bring bread or biscuits for you to eat at work. As long as your stomach will be filled, and then you are ok for the day, just don’t make yourself starve while working.

A minute of relaxation


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Relaxing for a few minutes does not mean you are already lazy. The moment you arrived at your workplace, you have to relax a bit since you are traveling from your home to your work. There will also be a tendency that upon arriving at your workplace, you pant heavily and need to catch some air to breathe. Of course with that, your mind does not set automatically for work.

When you relax your mind and body even just for a few minutes and taking a deep breath before working, can help you think clearly and properly. You won’t rush things without properly thinking since you already have a clear mind on what to do before you start your work.

A cup of coffee


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There is a scientific reason why coffee can help us be productive in our work. Perhaps it is because of the caffeine in it which gives us the energy to do work more than not drinking a cup of coffee at all. And, it does not just give energy, but it also helps us think smarter. It is proven that by drinking a cup of coffee before you start working can also calm your nerves down which makes you think clearly and properly.

Of course, too much coffee is also not good for our health and while in work since it makes your heart palpitate when you drink too much. You must be moderate in drinking coffee, just enough for you to have a good startup before working.

Organized working place


iheartorganizing.blogspot.com Image

If you have a clean and organized working space, you will love to work at your desk. Without something that bothers and/or irritates our eyes, we can concentrate and focus on our work. Also, it can help us finish our work faster since the things around are desk are organized, and it is easier for you to look the things that you need.

You will not also be worried whether you have something that you misplaced or lost. All the things that you need are properly arranged for your convenience at work.



huffingtonpost.com Image

Listening to music can really help you when it comes to your work. It does not just pleasing to hear, but it also helps us think properly and clearly. Just make sure that you are listening to good music. Yes, good music that can help you be productive in your work. Avoid listening hard rock to work, or any other music that is irritating and noisy to hear. If you are using speakers, then you must be considerate on your workmates as not to disturb them in their work.

Instrumentals, classics, country music, mellow and other kinds of music genres that are soothing and pleasant to hear which definitely make you productive in a way where you can think properly and calmly.

These are just some of the things you can do before you start your day at work. and whatever you want to do before work, do it, for as long as you feel comfortable and can also make you productive out of it.

What about you? What are the things you usually do before you start working?

Tidy Work spaces: How it Makes You Productive at Work

Admit it! There are just times when we have our workspaces are full of papers and other documents that are scattered all over our table. Whether you are working in an office space or any other offices, we all experience a messy working space. Who doesn’t, right?


saladacorporativa.com.br Image

A messy working space is inevitable to every working people especially when there are a lot of things to do. Sometimes, we can no longer pay attention to how messy our tables can be. Well, having a messy working space is normal, but it doesn’t mean that we agree to have a messy table.

Don’t you know that when you have a clean and organized working space or table can make you productive at work? Yes. Now here are some of the reasons why you need to have a tidy working space and how it can help you be productive.

It doesn’t disturb your eyes

We really hate it when there are papers and other documents that are scattered on top of our desk. It is disturbing and irritating to the eyes. Not just it, we can’t focus on our work since we can see other papers in our working tables.

But when you have a clean and organized desk, you can only see and focus on the work that you are doing at the moment. You don’t have to see other unnecessary things aside from the one that you are working on.

It gives you the peace of mind

Who among you tried being worried over an important paper which you thought you lost it? We all do. When you have a lot of paper and other documents piling on your working desk, you tend to forget that there are other important papers that were covered with the other documents. And by the time you will need it, you’ll definitely be worried finding that paper especially when it is just a piece of small paper.

Now if you have a tidy working space, you will be worrying too much since you know what and where you put that important document and you don’t have to be that furious when it comes to finding that document.

Important things can easily be found

Whether you are an employee or an employer, we all have important things in our desk aside from the papers and other documents; be it a ball pen for signing, sticky notes for the reminders, and other small things on our desk yet very useful in our work. Admit it! We take the time finding those things especially when we really need it at that moment.

You will not get to feel difficulty in finding that thing when you just have a clean and organized working desk. Placing it in the place where you can easily find it would be convenient on your part. You don’t need to take so much of your time just to find that thing whenever you need it.

It helps you do the work faster

Have you ever notice or experience that when something bothers you, you tend to stop working and tried thinking about it for the rest of the time you have? Yes, we all do. We can’t stay still and focus on our work when there is something that keeps bothering us especially when that thing is an important thing to have.

When we have a clear and focused mind, we tend to work faster than thinking about the things that keep bothering us which interrupts our work. Of course, you will be engrossed in the things you do since you don’t have anything else in mind but to finish the work that you have started.

It gives you enthusiasm for doing your work

Most of us, if not all, tend to be excited and enthusiastic when it comes to doing his or her work, especially when working on a clean and organized working desk. Perhaps it is because of the ambiance of the environment and the working place that you have in the office.

And when you are enthusiastic enough about doing your work, you will feel productive. The more productive you can be, the more things you can do in a day. and that what makes a good employee and/or employer.

10 DIY Ways to Organize a Work Place

Who wants to work on a messy desk? No one, right?! We all hate working with all the papers, pens and other documents that are scattered on our desk.

It is only normal to have a lot of things placed on our desk especially when we are working in an office space Philippines. Documents that need to be signed here and there are already piling up, sticky notes all around our computer monitors since we have a lot of schedules and things to be done, and that we need to be reminded, plus other important documents that are on the table that needs to be reviewed. Chaotic, isn’t it?

We all know that the things on your working desk are important, but it is not an excuse for you to have a messy and chaotic working place. Now, if you are already sick and tired working on your messy desk, you might want to try these brilliant ways to organize your workplace.

Use empty cans, boxes, and jars to separate things


architecturendesign.net Image


architecturendesign.net Image

Instead of throwing empty cans, boxes and jars to the trash bin, use them as an organizer in your office. Recycle and reuse it. You can creatively make something for your office out of it. Make a design and transform it into whatever you like. In that way, you can put your things in order.

Use a toy as holders


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If you like displaying a toy on your work desk, why don’t you try thinking of a toy that can also hold your pens and other things on your desk? In that way, the toy is not just only for displaying, it will also help you organized the things on your table.

Use Ziploc bags


architecturendesign.net Image

When you have cable wires, chargers or extensions, you can place it in a Ziploc bag. In that way, it will be less hassle since the wires are separated and are not tangled. Labeling the Ziploc bag can help you find the things inside and that makes it easier on your part.

Use ice cream container for letters


architecturendesign.net Image

Yes, we love to eat ice cream! And don’t forget the container, don’t throw it away. You can definitely use it as a letter holder. Just creatively transform it into the design that you want, and then you’re done.

Use clips or clipboards for sticky notes


architecturendesign.net Image


architecturendesign.net Image

Instead of putting your sticky notes all over your computer monitor, why don’t you put it in the clipboards? Or you can hang it in clips that are labeled with dates? In that way, it is organized and neat to look at.

Use shoeboxes for keeps


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When you have a lot of empty shoeboxes at home, and you are planning to throw it away, why don’t you make it an office organizer instead? You can put the documents inside and other things that are still useful. Just do some designs and transformation on it, and then the shoeboxes are ready to use.

Improvised bookshelf


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When you think that the empty spaces in your office can still be filled, you can make an improvised bookshelf. There you can put your notes, books, magazines, newspapers and other things that you want to put. Just make sure that it is not messy to look at.

Improvised drawer dividers


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Putting your things in the drawer can sometimes be messy especially when there is no object that can divide the things from the others. Why don’t you try improving your own divider? You can create a divider out from a cardboard or a folder. Cut it into small squares, glue it and put it in your drawer. Make sure to dry the glue first to avoid sticking your things in the cardboard or folder. Or simply use small boxes that can fit in the drawer and you can now put the things in order.

(Guest Post)The Tricky Business of Looking for an Office Space: A No-Fuss Guide

When you think of starting a business, one of the first things that will probably come to mind is where your office will be. Since this is where everything will happen, you have to find the most suitable one for your budget, needs, and preferences.

However, searching for the perfect office space can be more challenging than you think. Just like looking for a house, you would need to consider several things before making that final purchase. More often than not, that decision is very hard to make.

A sketch of an office building

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Would you just settle for the first office space you see? Of course not! Make your search a whole lot easier with these tips:

  • Give yourself some time to look for options

Planning is everything when looking for an office space to rent, especially since you will need to stay in your chosen place for at least a year or more, depending on your contract. To avoid rushing with your decision and to make sure that you have enough time to look for options, start your hunt at least 18 months before your opening day.

  • Create a list of all your business needs

Since your needs can be different from other businesses, it’s best to have a list of your office requirements so it’s easier to narrow down your options to those that are most suitable for your company. Here are some of the things that you need to determine before looking for an office space:

  1. Number of Employees
  2. Office Equipment and Supplies
  3. Storage
  4. Number of Rooms Needed
  • Look for a location that’s nearest your target market

If you want your start-up to succeed, you would need to be accessible to your customers. Your address would also play a huge factor in your company’s image so it’s best to rent an office space in a place that people know about. The good thing about looking for an office these days is that so many companies offer good options in the best addresses in town. One good example of this is Regus Philippines. The company has a huge selection of office spaces to rent in some of the ideal locations in the country including Makati, Manila, and Cebu. They also offer other business solutions including day offices, business centers, virtual offices and meeting facilities in over 600 cities and 100 countries around the world.

  • Look at the big picture before making that final decision

After you’ve narrowed down your options to at least two, it’s time to think about the big picture. How do you see your business three years from now? Do you foresee the need to hire more employees after a year or two? Are you planning to expand your company? By asking yourself these questions, you could choose on an office space that could cater to the growing needs of your business. This way, you wouldn’t need to go through the motions of looking for another office and adjusting to a new working environment again.

Once all these steps are done and you’ve finally decided on the best office space for rent, make sure to review the contract first before signing it. This is to make sure that you’ll really be getting everything that you need and require for your business. This is also the best time to choose a reliable office rental company to avoid any problems later on.

After everything is done, you shouldn’t also forget to follow some good practices to keep your office organized and productive as possible. You can teach your team some tips for a more organized work desk in the office so they can maximise their space. You can also follow the seven basic tips on how to become productive at work so you can really make the most out of your time in your office.

Seven Basic Tips on How to Become Productive at Work

Productivity in the workplace can make or break a company. Having highly productive employees often translates to the success in the business while keeping unproductive workers frequently results in minimal output and lower profits. Needless to say, it plays a huge role in maintaining a good and stress-free work environment.

How To Be Productive At Work

Learn some tricks on how to greet and balance your daily work to produce positive and desirable outcomes. Here are seven tips to show you how.

1.       Start early. The secret to getting a lot of things done lies in starting with your tasks ahead of the rest of your workforce. Get up at 5 in the morning. Ignore the summons of getting back to your bed. Stretch those muscles and do a few warm-up exercises to boost brain function. Eat heavy breakfast and go straight to your office. Chances are, the earlier you leave, the lesser the chance you’ll encounter traffic and the higher the possibility that you’ll be the first one to arrive at your workplace. This means no distractions and bigger opportunity to focus more on your to-dos.

2.       Setup your workstation. Organize your area so that it attracts positive vibes and energy. Keep it clean and clutter free so that no time is wasted when you need to pull up a file or two. Get rid of the items that you do not use. Post your goals prominently on your desk for encouragement. Create a to-do list and utilize calendars for easy scheduling.

3.       Prioritize. Browse through your checklist and tackle the most important ones that generate the highest ROI (return on investment). Do remember that setting priorities is a habit that every person should employ.

4.       Deal with emails, phone calls and meetings strategically.

  • Email. Avoid checking your inbox as soon as you arrive at your desk. Do them in the middle of the day when you have completed the majority of the urgent tasks. Refrain from viewing your messages every time you hear a notification.
  • Phone. Talking to the phone eats a lot of time, therefore, you should return calls at the end of the day. Employ a calling habit like standing up while on call so you are more likely to get to the point of the conversation right away.
  • Meeting. Keep them at its minimum and do not schedule them all at the same time. 

5.       Handle distractions smartly. Check Facebook and Twitter only during your breaks. Do not encourage any type of procrastination – visiting websites that require a good amount of reading, answering every question that a colleague asks or assigning a distracting message alert tone on your mobile.

6.       Take a break. Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by the walls of your office. A short 5-minute walk does wonders to your mind and body. For instance, if you work in Makati City, consider eating out nearby commercial spaces in Makati instead of having your lunch delivered to your desk. Drink water every now and then. Get up. Step away from your tasks and take ten-minute breathers.

7.       Set deadlines. Knowing that you have a deadline helps you focus on the things that are needed to be done. Hence, always make sure that everything you do has a deadline.