Smart Home Buying: Negotiating Tips and Techniques Every Homebuyer Must Know



“In business as in life—you do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” –Chester L. Karrass


It has never been any question whether real estate is a good investment, it has long been considered a given.

However, considering that real estate property might be one of the biggest investments you would probably make in life, it is imperative that you go approach the endeavor with much contemplation and shrewdness. In this regard, selecting a property is in by no means a task you should treat arbitrarily—you need to weight your options insomuch that you can find a property that is not only suitable to your lifestyle but comes at the best price and terms as well. After all, an old adage in real estate is that everything is negotiable. But, just how much is your prospective willing to compromise? Furthermore, do you possess the necessary skills to bring the agreement equally in your and the seller’s favor?

Buying a home does not only mean scoring the best property available, but it also means getting it at the best price possible as well. However, negotiating is a rather tricky skill that is refined over years of experience. Furthermore, it requires a great deal of knowing when to start the negotiations, how to push for more and when you should stop. In conjunction with all those, you would need to possess a shrewd skill in researching the real estate market plus a commitment to being familiar with your prospective property’s neighborhood. Take note: The more properties there are than people who want them, the better your chances in a successful negotiation are. And in this case, homebuyers have more leverage over the home prices which would then create an excellent avenue for negotiation on some homes.

Unfortunately, most homebuyers are unaware of their haggling options. Consequently, opportunities for negotiations are left unexplored when they should have been capitalized. To ensure you get the best deal possible for the prospective homes you are considering—whether that may be a condo for sale in Quezon City or elsewhere—take a gander at your options for negotiating. In any case, here are some of the techniques and tips you should never miss as a homebuyer:


Get an agent

As a buyer, you may have a little breathing room when it comes to the purchase of real estate property. But, that does not automatically mean that you are in the driver’s seat and can dictate the terms of how the sale would go. Unfortunately, with property listings available online, many homebuyers fall into a false sense of security and would think that real estate agents are unnecessary. Sure, you might find a house online but that does not guarantee you can actually get that offer to close.

Put your finances in order

Your offer would be so much more persuasive if it holds more weight. In this regard, you should get yourself pre-approved for a home loan. To highlight its importance, take note that some home sellers would not even consider prospective buyers who do not have a mortgage preapproval making it a paramount requirement not only in negotiations but in buying homes as well.

Do the math before getting hung up on small price differences

More often than not, homebuyers—especially first-time homebuyers—tend to be a little myopic about their prospective real estate property insomuch that they would only look at the price without considering other factors. Sometimes, you need to consider every aspect of the deal before you even consider closing on it or overlooking it. There might be instances wherein small differences would actually mean you get a better property or a more flexible payment rate. In any case, you should do the math and consider the deal from all angles before accepting or rejecting an offer.

Base your offer on the home value and not the list price

Before pitching an offer for a prospective property, take a look at the recent sales in the neighborhood first. From there, you would get the necessary information to arm you in your negotiation endeavor. Keep in mind that homes priced at or below the market value are highly unlikely to budge on their asking price whereas those priced at above market value and have been in the market for a while would be more receptive to lower offers. However, do not immediately jump the gun on the negotiations and accompany your negotiation pitch with a market analysis first.

Be prepared to move fast

Most properties that go in the market tend to disappear as soon as they hit the listings—especially if they are in ideal neighborhoods and are priced reasonably. In a competitive market, keep in mind that your first offer SHOULD BE your best offer. You might never get another chance, so ensure what you offer would not only be persuasive but enticing enough as well.

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Mind Your “Apartment Manners”

Being on your own doesn’t mean you can go around the area and trash the place. You need to build a good reputation. A good reputation will help you get along with your neighbors. It makes the landlord proud of you. Most of all, you learn to live accordingly.

You need to cultivate manners. Being a twenty-something at the Lerato for rent is classy, but nothing beats a tenant with manners. Nowadays, renters and homeowners are much focused on traveling. They forget to provide a sense of community because they are not bent on settling. Still, people with class would rather have apartment decorum before expensive upholstery.

Manners are easy to learn if you give time to it. Here are five civilities you can practice:

Sending warm greetings to neighbors

It feels nice to receive a “good morning” with a smile.

jakub-kapusnak-319771Photo by Jakub Kapusnak 

Why don’t you try doing the same to the people next door?

Offer a smile and nod to acknowledge their presence when you encounter anyone from the building.  That way, they can warm up to you. Bid them a good day and remember to say please or thank you every time something comes up. A sincere greeting now and then is the easiest way for people to like you. Plus, they will remember you for your pleasant attitude and friendly demeanor.


Spending time with family and friends

family photo, frame, family picture, mom, dad, kids, children, mother, fatherPhoto by Lindy Baker 
It may not be your neighbors’ business, but having no one come to your home may send warning bells. Neighbors can get suspicious of you.

It’s unusual to have no family or friends come over, even just once.

To avoid suspicion, invite your relatives and friends over the weekend.  You may not have the luxury to meet them in your hometown or at the usual hangout joint, but your apartment is free. Bring the festivities at indoors. Host a dinner or slumber party. You can also offer your place as a chill-out spot for the barkada. You can suggest a potluck on food and drinks if you’re not the type to cook.


Keeping your apartment tidy.

park-dasol-146056Photo by park dasol 

Consider other people in the vicinity, especially if you live in Lerato. If you are not aware, your home extends to the other areas of the complex like the fitness area, pool, gardens and parking lot.


Practicing neatness and order doesn’t stop at your unit.

Try not act like a privileged neighbor who has an au pair which follows your every move. If you have to dispose of your trash, properly segregate and wrap it. Take note of collection dates and don’t leave a week’s worth of junk at your door. Don’t expect others to dump it for you. Stocking the junk will leave an unpleasant smell. Neighbors will come knocking at your door.

At the same time, don’t be a slob behind closed doors. While no one can see the state of your rental on days you are in a rush, the stress of having a messy space can affect you. What’s worse, you never know when maintenance will visit. Better keep the place clean at all times.

When people come over, remind them of the rules in the building. It’s best they follow them to avoid penalties. It’s hard to get branded as misfits.

Organizing and making the space personal.

chuttersnap-330202Photo by chuttersnap

Space is limited in a rental. It doesn’t have the comforts of a house, especially when hanging clothes. Have a space for hanging delicates in the kitchen or corner space instead of the balcony. Place these pieces of clothing out of the way.

Try to personalize your living area.

Add decorations that will bring out your personality. A cozy interior provides a breather from the pressures of work and daily life. Inspirational pieces will break the monotony of the space and motivate you in the walls of your home.


Prioritizing your health.

arek-adeoye-213476.jpgPhoto by Arek Adeoye

Spreading virus and bacteria especially in confined spaces is possible. The elevator, function rooms and communal are possible breeding grounds for harmful diseases.

Be a good neighbor by taking care of your health so you won’t be the one to start an epidemic in the area. Stay active and make use of fitness amenities in the complex. The moment you find yourself with signs of any sickness, take some rest. If it doesn’t go away, visit your doctor.

If you start practicing these five manners, neighbors will start being cordial to you. Ditch the habit of being a flighty millennial and embrace the warmth of belonging to a community. Attend to your manners and your apartment’s building will be the oasis you crave.

A Guide to Suburban Neighborhood in the South

There’s a sprouting suburb in the South, and you don’t know if moving there is a good move.

Vermosa is a suburban development that features active living. It’s in Cavite, and it perfectly combines residences, retail spots and business hubs in one area, which make it seem like a good place to settle down. But hold your train of thought. Did you consider what you need to know before buying a house? Do you know what kind of neighborhood will be at Vermosa?

Before setting your sights on this new development, read on to find out the standards of what makes a good neighborhood.

There are street walks.

And those streetwalkers are for walking.

Some residential communities are disorderly, so cyclists pass through pavements instead. A neighborhood with functional road walks prioritizes walking over the use of vehicles. Low-carbon communities have sidewalks wide enough for bicycles and establishments. It gives the cafés liberty to set up tables for outdoor lounging.

A spacious sidewalk also gives room to set up benches – a great feature for relaxation and people watching.


There are various transportation modes.

What a nice feeling to have when travel from work to home is a breeze. Often, an exclusive neighborhood isn’t commute-friendly and is only accessible through private vehicles. An ideal community should be available through different road networks. You can get to Vermosa via Daang Hari Road, SLEX through the MCX exit, and the upcoming Cavite Laguna Expressway (CALAX) Road – which are also the routes of public transportation. The proposed LRT 6 will pass through Daang Hari Road which makes Vermosa accessible to the bulk of passengers. The community is also less than an hour away from Makati, Manila, Muntinlupa, and Tagaytay.


There is a foundation for education.

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School (DLSZ), a member of De La Salle Philippines (DLSP), is an established educational institution in the South. It will open its second campus in Vermosa to provide quality basic and secondary education. DLSZ is also an establishment that pronounces spiritual and moral maturity through the teachings of Christ.

The DLSZ-Vermosa Campus will implement the Next Generation Blended Learning Program which will include the latest trend and innovation regarding teaching strategies and educational research.


There are high-value residences.

Property value varies greatly from one development to another. A neighborhood with quality housing options allows people with the different financial capability to lead a quiet and comfortable life. When there are lots of people are waitlisted, it is a sign that the particular neighboorhood is hot on the market.

Vermosa will have diverse living options with Ayala Land’s urban residential developers – Alveo, Avida, and Ayala Land Premier. Alveo offers upscale residences while Avida is perfect for compact city living.

Since Vermosa is a new community, most of the people in the neighborhood are homeowners. An area with high rate of homeownership is stable. Renters are mobile and flaky, so they don’t add value to the community. Long-time residents have been there all way. They watch out for their neighbors, which makes the area feel safe and secure.


There are communal facilities.


Vermosa has a total of 165 hectares of open space for wellness and recreation, training facilities, and retail shops.

There’s Vermosa Sports and Lifestyle Complex which will have an Olympic-sized pool, a 400-meter track oval, and a Sports Science laboratory that caters to all the training needs of endurance athletes. The MX Track and the Bike Skills Park offer a place to fill the need for speed and thrills for bikers.

There’s Vermosa Midtown, a pedestrian-focused, bike-friendly area with a commercial district. The Ayala Malls Vermosa will be within the limits of Midtown and will complement the active life of Vermosa by housing sports-themed retail stores.

A contemporary active living is kept alive in Vermosa with its engaging facilities for its residents. Besides these amenities, a balanced community should have a place of worship. It shows the collective and strength of the community.

There should be a hospital, police and fire station.

Safety first.

The right neighborhood adds value to the entire community, not just to the houses separately. You can check out if the community is fit for you if it has the qualities on this list besides the things that you want. Your new neighborhood should meet your standards and if you’ve found it in Vermosa, then go ahead. Enjoy the fulfilling life of active lifestyle.

Top 7 Hacks to Improve Your Outdoor Décor

A lot of us here may have experience decorating the interior of their home. In fact, interior designing can be an easy task that they can do some DIYs on it. But the real question here is, do you do the same with your outdoor decorations? Some of you have tried but not to the extent they are happy and satisfied with it. Right? Generally, it doesn’t matter if you are living in Marquee Residences or any other real estate properties, improving your outdoor decoration is within your reach.

But just because it is an outdoor décor, that doesn’t mean it is going to be that hard for you to do. Well, you can say that there will also be some things that you need to consider before deciding on what you should do with it. Of course, you are not just going to do something that can ruin the beauty of it, right? However, if you are one of those homeowners who doesn’t have any idea at all on what and what not to do when it comes to outdoor decorations, then below are some hacks you can easily apply when you make some outdoor improvement.

1. Hammocks

Hammocks are one of the things you definitely want to have for outdoor use. Of course, when you want to relax from a tiring day at work or from school, you hammocks can definitely help you get the satisfaction that you want. Moreover, this is also good when you want to have other ambiance aside from your bed. You can take an afternoon nap in your backyard. And yes, there are actually different styles of hammocks. Well, you can choose the stylish one to make a good look outside.

2. Choose a palette

If you want to have a homey feeling or a tropical one, then you can choose to use palettes for your tables or chairs. If you have a piece of the palate in your backyard that is not used to you anymore, then you might as well turn it into a table or chair for your outdoor use. With this, you don’t need to buy furniture for your backyard. Of course, you can do it on your own if you just know how. Moreover, you can also paint it to whatever color you want for it. Just make it stylish, and it will definitely be nice to look at.

3. Tropical touch

One of the many reasons why most homeowners love to have their backyard is to have some relaxation with it. Well, why don’t you bring an island or tropical feel in your backyard? Yes, you can definitely do such thing by incorporating a little palm tree print with your lounge chairs cushions. Moreover, try to add little pink flamingo whenever possible. With this, you can definitely have a comfortable feeling being around your backyard.

4. Intimate setting

As a homeowner, it is up to you on how you going to make your backyard the way you want it to be. And if you are one of those homeowners who want to have more than just a relaxation, then you can, of course, have an intimate setting in your backyard. Well, image your backyard is your room without walls, and how will you design a room to make it more intimate to have.

5. Add a fence

This is one of the many things you should consider when you want to improve your backyard. Obviously, without any fence, there might be a danger when you will not put one. Also, this will also give you a sense of safety when you want to spend your time outside your home.

6. Build a daybed

Aside from the hammocks you have, you can also build a daybed. This is one of the many things that help you feel relax whenever you want to have one. Well, building a daybed is not that hard as you think it is. You just have to make sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to installations, then you can have a beautiful daybed in your backyard.

7. Potted plants

Of course, this! A good tropical feel will never be complete when there are no potted plants. Yes, plants in your backyard are important to have. They don’t just add beauty, but they also are beneficial to your health. Of course, this will also give you a tropical feeling when you also include palm trees in.


5 Smart Tasks to Do Every Daylight Savings Day

We all know time is precious – every second count. That is why we tend to do a lot of things just to finish all of our tasks within the day. Sometimes, we even tend to multitask. Of course, we all hate to waste our time, especially when it comes to accomplishing important tasks. This is also one of the reasons why we regularly use electricity at home which may sometimes result in financial troubles. Do you know that there are things you can do without any using too much electricity at home?

A lot of you here might wonder and ask, “We all use electricity, what else can we do without it?” Well, you might be right about it. Electricity is important. However, if you are one of those homeowners who want to save more when it comes to their financial status, then you might want to consider doing tasks that only need daylight. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you live in Abreeza residences or any other real estate properties, you can definitely save a lot.

To give you some ideas, below are some things you can do every daylight savings day. Considering these tasks will help you realize how important daylight is. Moreover, there are more and more homeowners are already starting to do these tasks below.

1. Wash your windows

Basically, it is not advisable to wash your windows at night. Of course, it is already night time, you cannot clearly see the dirt in each corner. And if you want to have a clean window, you have to do on the day. Moreover, you have to make sure to rinse and wipe window screens too to for a better and clean result.

2. Dust behind furniture

Like cleaning your window, you cannot see clearly dirt if you will clean it in the night time. For you to have a deep clean with your appliances, you have to make sure that you can see clearly all the dirt in every corner. And for you to accomplish such, you have to do it in the daytime. Moreover, don’t forget to clean refrigerator coils to help it run more efficiently.

3. Deep-clean carpets

Cleaning your carpet is best done on the day. Of course, you have to make sure that everything is going to be clean. And for you to have to do it successfully, you can properly clean it if you know what to do when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Moreover, there is a must for you to clean your carpet for as not to collect dust in it.

4. Swap out your beddings

This is also one of the many things you need to do in the day. You also have to clean your bedding and replace it with a new one. Of course, you definitely don’t want to sleep with dirt in your beddings, right? That is also not good for your health. That is why you have to make sure that you are doing it in the day for you to know which part is dirty enough for your clean. Moreover, you can only clean your beddings properly if you see clearly all the dirt.

5. Declutter

Yes, there are just times we tend to clutter a lot, especially when we have so many things to do and don’t have enough time to clean our home. Moreover, if you are going to declutter the things in your home, there are tendencies that you may not clean the place properly since it is already dark. You have to use more lights if you are going to declutter in the night time, which is also going to be a waste of electricity. That is why you have to do it in the day.

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects to Look Forward in 2016

Ok, let’s admit! If we are not satisfied with what we see, we tend to change its style or structure. Right? And if you are one of those homeowners in Marquee Residences or any other real estate properties, home renovations is one of the things that comes to your mind if you want to make your home worth living. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can achieve the desired outcome of their home. Perhaps, the renovations were not properly done. And as a result, they regret having it renovated.

However, if you are just had a careful plan on the things you want for your home, you definitely won’t regret having it renovated. Of course, you’re improving your home for the best, not for the worst. Well, if you are planning to renovate your home, then below are some home improvement projects you might like to consider.

1. Paint your walls

Whether you like it or not, the paint on your walls will eventually fade away through time. You will even notice some peeled paints or cracks on the wall. For your wall to make it new and fresh looking, you have to paint it once again. Make sure to coat it properly for the paint to last longer. Moreover, if you paint your walls with light colors, it will make your home feel brighter than before.

2. Corner shelves in the Kitchen

If you don’t have corner shelves at home, then now is the time for you to install one. This shelf is used in your kitchen. You can put your seasoning, and kitchen wares in there. Moreover, this is also one way you can save space in the kitchen without compromising its beauty. Of course, you also have to make sure that the installation of the shelf is properly done to have it durable enough to last long. You can do some decorations on the shelf. Particularly with the lights underneath, it also gives beauty to your kitchen.

3. Refrigerator workstation

Most of us here are a fun of posting bills, and other documents in the fridge for you not to miss or forget it. And since we have a lot of documents to posts, our fridge became messier than before. We can still keep our documents posted in the refrigerator but stylishly. Instead of using plain and boring paper, you can use sticky notes to jot down the things for reminders, and new magnetics to keep your documents intact. Moreover, when you upgrade the style of your postings, this will help you organize your things and tasks that need to be done.

4. Cord organizer

Having a cord organizer at home is essential especially when we have a lot of gadgets at home. If you think that the wires and other cables are already tangled with the other, you better use a cord organizer. It is useful for your TV cables, laptops, chargers, personal computer, and other gadgets or appliance you have at home. Well, just make sure to observe safety first before the arrangements. Turn off the electricity before handling or untangling the wires. With that, you don’t have to worry about being electrocuted.

5. Fix swinging door and window hinges

If you think that your doors or windows are already swinging, then you better change its hinges into a new one. Of course, they don’t just a bother, it also can compromise the beauty of your home. Moreover, you also have to fix pesky squeaking hinges to make sure that the door and windows are properly installed in their proper places.

Whether you realize it or not, home renovations are not that hard as you think it is. For you to achieve the desired style of your home, make sure that you know what you want for you to accomplish what you want.

Home Cleaning 101: Top 5 Habits of People Who Have a Clean Home



Hands up if you are one of those people who agrees that there are more benefits of having a clean home than merely impressing your visitors. For some reasons, it improves every single quality of life that we tend to have. Moreover, cleaning your home is not just about being healthy when it comes to our surroundings but also, it is one of the many ways we can achieve a healthy mentality.

Cleaning is one of the most tiring and hassle things to do. Agree? Of course, you are exerting effort when you clean. But for some healthy people, they can’t just live when their home is not properly clean. Whether you agree with me on this or not, when you have a clean home, it will reflect on your outward appearance. Of course, you cannot properly clean yourself when you can’t even clean your home.

If you have just noticed, clean people have this habits that they tend to do when it comes to cleanliness. Well, if you are one of those people who are curious about what things they usually do, then below are some habits of people who have a clean home.

1. They put their clothes in a proper place

Whether you realize it or not, your clothes are one of the things that contribute to the mess in your home. Sometimes, we tend to put the used clothes over a chair or throw them on a floor. However, people who have a clean home don’t do such. They see to it that their clothes will be in their proper places. If those particular clothes are already dirty, then they will immediately put the clothes in the laundry basket. And those clothes that are clean, they also see to it that it is properly folded and placed in their proper places.

2. They don’t keep unnecessary things

Your extra things that are not that important or useful to you is one of the common things that adds the mess at home. However, if you just know what are the things that you need to keep and things that need to get rid of, then you will achieve a clean home. If you think that that particular thing can be still of use but not useful to you anymore, then you might want to consider giving them away.

3. They keep papers and other documents organized

Whenever you leave your papers and other documents scattered on your table, it is going to be messy to look. This is also one of the many reasons why you tend to lose important documents since you don’t know which paper should throw away and which is important to keep. Being organize includes piling your documents properly where you can immediately determine which is which. When you adopt this kind of habit, you don’t have worry about documents that are very important to you, since you already know where you have put it.

4. They don’t take their bed for granted

For some people, they don’t tend to care much about their room. For as long as their living room, kitchen and any other room where visitors can immediately notice are organized and clean, and then it is ok for them. Well, if you do, then you better change that kind of habit. Even if visitors won’t go to your room, it is still your responsibility to clean and organize your room. Why? Because it is where you tend to sleep and have a good rest. Of course, you cannot have a good rest when you have a dirty and messy room. It is going to be a no-no.

5. They wash their dishes right away

Clean people hate using dirty kitchen utensils, especially when they are going to eat their food. Of course, we are already talking about health here. You don’t want to get sick due to using dirty plates and spoon and fork. Moreover, washing your dishes right away will prevent from having pests crawling all over your plates and in the sink. And don’t forget to clean your counters also. Counters are where you usually prepare your food. And if you have a dirty counter, your food might be contaminated as well.

Attitude Problem: How to Avoid a Horrible Roommate Legally

By nature, we humans are friendly. We smile and make friends with strangers. And there are even times that we treat and welcome them as our roommates. Of course, there are a lot of advantages when we have someone to share our home with. There will be fun and excitement every day. They can also be your life savior when at times you need them.

However, there are just some roommates that are a total opposite of what you have expected them to be. They might be rude, no manners, horrible, discourteous, inconsiderate, insulting or even worse. You even think and wonder how come you have welcomed them and stay with your roommate? Well, for some reasons, you will eventually learn their true color on the latter part of their stay. For some, having a roommate is a blessing. While other considered it as a nightmare!

Some of you here who have this kind of roommate might want to avoid or get rid of them. Well, it is now possible. In a legal way, of course. Here’s how:

Communication is the key

Communication is one of the very important factors that you should not miss to do. When communicating, it is a two-way process. For instance, you’re going to talk about a particular issue with your roommate, and he listens. Vice versa. Talking about the problem is one of the common solutions whenever a problem arises. Yes, you might feel awkward about it, but who cares? You both need to solve the problem immediately to avoid making it worse.

If you think that your roommate doesn’t have any plans to talk about the problem with you at all, then you might want to try initiating it first. You might not know, they are just shy to talk to your first. When you both communicate, you will understand what the problem really is and why it is a problem. Of course, if you both understand each other, there will be a harmony between the both of you.

Off-the-record roommates

There are just times that we sense something that is so off when it comes to our roommate. And later did we know that they are an off-the-record tenant (e.g. an inhabitant who has not signed a lease of agreement). With this matter, communication might be useful, but make sure that you include the landlord when you talk about the issue. This matter already involves the landlord, since he/she is the one who will decide who gets in and goes out. Of course, you have the right to know how come they are living with you when he/she is not a legal tenant of the house. You are just concern with your safety.

Generally, when this happens and you want to get rid of your roommate, you have to make sure that there will be a written statement declaring that the roommate arrangement has ended should suffice. If not, then at least, provide your roommate with a deadline for leaving, at least 15-3o days from the date of the notice. Just make sure that the roommate actually receives the document and understands what he/she is reading.

Settle the problem in court

When talks are already not useful, then seeing them in court might help. Usually, courts are the least one wants to do since it is already a hassle on the part of the complainant, and of course, for your roommate. But if there is a need to settle things once and for all, the court is what you need. You just want to hope that your roommate will take the hint and gracefully exit to avoid inconvenience on both parties.

Usually, the court staff will give you a date and time for an eviction hearing, and you must be prepared for the legal documents that you need to present to them. With that, the court will likely grant the petition, and your roommate will have no choice but to leave.

5 Cool Wall Arts That You Definitely Want to Have

Who says wall arts are only for streets? Nope! Wall arts can also be applied to your walls be it in Alveo condo Cebu or any other Philippine properties. We can see how creative a person can be when it is shown through arts. And we usually appreciate it when the art that is placed on our wall is creatively and amazingly made.

Aside from other decorations that we usually placed on our walls, wall arts are now a chic for a modern style house. Most people that have an art design interiors are usually people who just simply appreciates and loves the beauty of arts.

And if you are one of the people who just love arts and/or other forms of arts for as long as it suggests creativity, you will definitely want to have these cool wall art ideas for your house.

Jumping horse wall art Image

They say when you have figures of a horse, picture frames of a horse that were hung on the wall, wall arts and/or other decorations related to a horse is a sign of good luck. Well, if you are a person who really believes in the significance of the horse to us humans, you can also put up a jumping horse wall art. Or if you don’t like a jumping horse, you can even have just a portrait of a horse on your wall.

Wall art quotes Image

Those people who love to read quotes will surely also love to have a quote placed or painted on their walls. The good thing about having a wall art quotes is that every day whenever you wake up before you go to work or to school and before you go to bed, you will be reminded of good and inspiring words that can lighten up our day. And even we have a long and tiring day, the stress that we have can lessen just by reading an inspiring quote we have on our walls.

Wall art for bikers Image

Bikers and aspiring bikers who just can’t get enough with the beauty a bike can give will surely love to have this kind of wall art. They will definitely be inspired by practicing and be a better biker than you are before. Aside from a simple wall art with a guy that is doing exhibitions with his bike, you can also have other wall art which is, of course, related to ‘biker’s theme.’

Page wall art Image

Aside from having a bookshelf, book lovers can also have a page of unused books that will be used as decorations for their walls. You can use old magazines, newspapers and other papers that you can use as a wall art on your walls. Having a page wall art gives the beauty of reading book where it can bring us to the places that we were there before. Having a page wall art will also remind us that every day, we have to read to have more and more knowledge since not all knowledge is thought in school. Sometimes, you have to read to know more.

Wall art for otakus/anime lovers Image

Hands up to those who are an otaku! Yes, of course! We also have our chance to paint or place a wall art on our walls. Do we want to have a portrait of our favorite characters on our walls, the reason? To be inspired, that what most otakus will tell when you ask them why they want to have a portrait of their all-time favorite anime.

And not to mention those characters with strong appeal, I bet, it will surely be placed on the main wall of your house. Who cares, right? For as long as it inspires you to do better every single day, then you are ok.

There are actually thousands of millions of wall art designs we can think of. Just think of what you really like to have on your wall that can make you inspire every day. How about you? Which of these few wall art designs do you like the most? Me? Wall art for otakus/anime lovers!