4 Signs You’re Craving for Food

Admit it! As Filipinos, we are all fun with eating good and delicious food. Who doesn’t? Be it delicacies or any other good food from the restaurants in the Philippines, we eat! Sometimes, we eat five times a day which we always include snacks in our daily menu.


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But have you ever noticed that you are looking for a particular food that you want to eat? Even if you are still not hungry, you want to eat that specific food. Sometimes, you even feel uneasy when you don’t have and eat that food that you are looking for.

That is what we call cravings. You crave for the food that you like; be it sweets, salty or any other food that comes to your mind that you want to eat something like it. And most of the times, we give in to these cravings.

Now here are some of the signs or symptoms that you are already craving for the food that you want to eat. I bet, we all have these common signs when it comes to our cravings.

1. You always think of food

When you crave, it is just normal that you think of food. Even if you are working, all you think about is what kind of food that will satisfy your cravings. If you are craving for sweets, you will think about what kind of sweets that you want to eat. What kind of sweets that can really satisfy your crave and will not crave again.

2. You always talk about food

When we think about food, sometimes it goes with talking about it. You talk food that you like with your workmates, families or friends hoping that you will eat or taste the food that you are talking about later on. And sometimes, even if you are working or doing something, you tend to stop and ask your parents or workmates if there is food that is available in the fridge or in the store. You will not be satisfied just by talking about it. You will definitely want also to eat that food that you are talking about.

3. Mouthwatering

Who does not experience mouth-watering when see or smell a particular food that you like, or even if you are just talking about food with your friends and/or families, you mouth-watered. Well, we all have experience that situations when we can’t control our urge to mouth-water.

We mouth-water especially when we smell unripe mangoes and other sour and/or salty food or fruits and then, we give usually give in by buying and giving in to those craving that you really like.

3. When you smell food, it is always a good smell

There are restaurants that whenever they cook a certain food, the smell of it will go out and will linger in the place which we usually smell it when we pass by. Sometimes, you will even sniff the smell, since the smell is a good fragrant for you.

Even if you just smell a certain food from the restaurants, you will feel hungry and want to eat that particular food that you want or the food that you just smelled. And sometimes, you even mouth watered just by smelling it.

4. Finding some ways on how to get that particular food

Sometimes, when you are craving for food, you tend to be uneasy not getting what you want. You will not be contented just with thinking and talking about it. Even if you are far from the store or you are at work, you will find ways on how you can excuse and buy and have that particular food. Or even ask somebody to buy that food for you for as long as you can eat it and be satisfied with the cravings that you have.

These are just some of the common signs that we had experience when we crave for food. Craving for food is not a bad thing at all if you know how to control it. You also have to watch your health and be careful on the food that you are eating.


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