Interior Design Hacks for Hands-on Moms

What comes to your mind when we talk about interior designs? Perhaps, some of you here might think about class and elegance. While for some, it doesn’t matter what designs for as long as it looks great. Right?  However, most people believe that a mom can create a homey feeling when she’s hands-on with the interior design of the house. They know what to include to create an appealing and livable home.

That simply means moms don’t settle for less. They hate boring and lifeless interior design for their home. Hands down to hands-on moms! But let’s admit! Not all moms have their extra time to figure out what and what not to do to achieve a desirable outcome.  As a result, not all of them appreciate their home. But fret not! Although some of you here don’t have enough time for it, you can definitely achieve the right interior design for your home whether you are living in Amaia Scapes or any other real estate properties in the Philippines.

Well, if you are one of those moms who want to take interior design to the next level, below are some things you might want to consider and apply it to your home. Of course, these things are simple yet nice to have.

DIY Pompom Rug

A pompom rug is easy to make. You just have to follow a guide or step on how to make one. Yarns with different colors, scissors, toilet paper rolls, and strings are the main materials you need. With this project, it doesn’t just save you a lot of money, you will also enjoy making it for your family.

Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors that are typically installed on your wall can be boring, which it shouldn’t be. To make it more appealing, why don’t you hang your mirror by using ropes instead? Well, you that the rope and the mirror are properly installed to avoid falling down.

DIY Family Hand Print Tree

Having picture frames on your wall is nice, but it would be more appealing when you also include DIY family handprint tree in it. Make it a variety. Kids would definitely love to join you on this project. Isn’t it nice to look at when you have the handprint of your kids, yours, and your husband’s into one frame?

Decorate A Vase With Pennies

Unless you request the maker to personally make it, you cannot find vases in stores that are decorated with real pennies. If you like to collect old coins, why don’t you use those coins to decorate a vase? The materials you basically need are the vase, glue, and your coins. This DIY project may be simple, but it would definitely add beauty to your home.

DIY Tape Wall

Aside from the wallpaper and the paint you have on your wall, you can also do a DIY tape wall. As simple as 123, you can already decorate your empty wall with tapes. How? Just simply stick the tape on the wall with the designs you want to have. Of course, you also have to make sure that it is nice and stylish to look at.

Fresh Plants 

As a mom, you have to know that plants don’t just add beauty to your home. It is also beneficial for you and for your family’s health. Just don’t include plastic flowers, though, make it fresh to make it more appealing.

Beautify Your Shower Supplies

Taking your show supplies to the next level would definitely be nice. Instead of having your shower supplies in their original bottles, you can transfer it to stylish ones. This will give your bathroom a more cohesive and organized one. Of course, mark your bottles with what’s what for you not be confused.



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