Deciding to Live Alone? Here’s How to Plan

Living solo can be scary yet exciting. And whether you agree with me on this or not, people who decide to live alone have the courage to move out from their parents’ care and live life on their own. Well, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your parents any longer. It just means that you’re brave enough to step out from your comfort zone and face the world.

Although living solo may have a lot of adjustments, especially when it’s your first time to move out, copping up with the things around would probably easy. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you choose to live in Makati condo or any Manila properties; you can have and live the life you wanted to have. Moreover, this is also one way to learn new things out from your own experience while living solo.

However, living alone can also be daunting and frustrating especially if you are not prepared for moving in. Of course, you also have to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to easily cope up the things around you. Well, if you are one of those people who is planning to live solo, then below are some tips for you to know and apply.

Prepare to conquer your fears

First and foremost, you cannot survive living alone if you are scared to leave your parents’ side or your relatives. Perhaps, you’re too attached to them to the extent that you can live without them. Well, you’re not alone since fear is one of the obstacles for most first-timers. Your decision of moving out is crucial. Before anything else, you have to make sure that you are ready mentally and emotionally. You can live your life together with them forever, especially when you decide to settle down.

Obviously, if you conquer your fears of living alone, you can live and enjoy life without any worries at all. Moreover, it doesn’t always mean that you can’t visit your parents or vice-versa. Right? That means fear is only in your mind. Your mindset is what matters the most. If you are willing and brave enough, then there will be no fear.

Set up automatic draft for your bills

Again, there will be a lot of adjustments when you live alone. One of those things is paying your bills. Of course, there will be no parents who will remind you to pay your bills on time. That means, you only have yourself to remind every now and then to pay your bills to avoid facing electricity problems later on. Moreover, this is also one way to discipline yourself that you should also be mindful of the everyday situations that you have.

Generally, one of the most common and simple ways to keep track of your bills is to draft your bills. Perhaps, you will make a memo every month that this particular amount should be raised for you to pay your bills. Also, don’t ever forget to keep every receipt after you pay the bills to help you keep track of how much should you pay next.


Saving may be mainstream, but it is one of the most important things that you should never forget to do. When you do, then maybe you can’t raise the exact amount of paying your bills. Of course, it is going to be a problem if you miss paying your bills. As much as possible, you don’t just keep track of the bills, you also have to keep track of the things that you buy. Well, if you think that you are spending too much money on the things that are not really that useful to you, then you better stop buying it.

Yes, we may be tempted to buy that particular thing. But before buying it, you have to think again if it’s worth your time and money. If not, then don’t. Again, discipline is the key. Control yourself when it comes to the things that don’t really matter to you. As much as possible, buy the important things. With that, you can definitely save a lot!


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