Top 7 Interior Styling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Believe it or not, we all do commit mistakes when it comes to designing our home. Some of you here might wonder, why is there such thing as mistakes when you got to do what you want when it comes to designing and/or decorating your home? Yes, the interior design of our home will depend on the things we want to have and enjoy. However, there are just certain guidelines you need to follow for you to achieve your desired outcome.

However, there are just times that what we know is right, it is actually not right at all. And the worst thing is, we continue to make the same mistakes even if we know that it is not an appropriate thing to do. That is why some of us here are not contented with their arrangements at home. If there is anything that is more frustrating to experience, I’ll tell you, it is when we see our crooked arrangements at home.

Although we sometimes feel guilty of these things, we have to remember that there are also certain mistakes in interior designs that we need to avoid. Below are the top 5 interior styling mistakes that we are guilty of, and we need to avoid these things next time.

1. Matching everything

Whether you like it or not, you have to try avoiding the use of all matching furniture sets, matching frames, and/or any other matching decals. If you want to have a stylish home, you also have to try variations of arrangements. Try to be creative. You will eventually realize that there are so many things you can pair with particular furniture. That is, of course, with a twist. It this is a creative way to mix and match furniture at home.

2. Spreading out a collection

If you are a kind of person who loves to collect, try not to display your collectibles in every room. The tendency when you do such, it will diminish the beauty of your collection. Instead, display it in one place to create more impact.

3. Everything with the same height

Try to observe things that are lined up with the same height, boring, isn’t it? If you want to have an interesting arrangement, why don’t you try varying the height of things grouped together? Well, you can also have it in a group of three’s and make sure that they are in different height.

4. Empty spaces

Having an empty space in your home is one of the common mistakes most homeowners make. We all know that there are just times that we have nothing to put in that particular space; that is why we leave it empty. However, this is still a mistake that we need to avoid. Having an empty space at home looks like unfinished and uninviting – and not to mention, it’s boring. Well, you better think of a thing/furniture that would create an interesting arrangement of that empty space.

5. Over-accessorizing

Unlike filling up an empty space, you have to make sure that it will not look too crowded. The more things/furniture that you put in a particular space, it will also not nice to look at. Sometimes, it could be an annoying thing to have. Yes, there are also times that we want to overdo it, but don’t control.

6. Fake greenery

This is definitely a no-no. We understand that sometimes, we just don’t have a garden where we can just pick some flowers, or we don’t have time to go to the flower shop to buy our favorite flower. However, this doesn’t mean that you are going to put fake greenery in your home. It degrades the thought of having and decorating plants.

7. Lack of meaning and personality

One of the reasons why we decorate is to have lived in our home. Without it, our house may not be called as our home. We decorate because we wanted it to be the way we wanted it to be based on the things we usually like. Well, if you are a kind of person who likes to collect antiques, then you may also have a vintage style of home. It will always be up to you. When there is a meaning behind it, then you will be motivated and be proud that you have such nice and amazing interior design.


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