6 Qualities of a Kid-Friendly Community

Before deciding where and what kind of property that you want to invest, one of the most important things for you to consider is its community – whether if it is a kid-friendly community or not. Well technically, this applies to homebuyers who have their kids living with them. Making sure that their kids can safely play around their home and with their neighbors is one of the most top priority homebuyers look into.

Considering the fact that there are a lot of real estate properties available in the Bonifacio Global City alone, it is undeniable that finding a place that is right and fit for our lifestyle can sometimes be difficult on our end. Of course, there will be a lot of careful thinking as to where and what kind of property are you going to choose, especially when it comes to the safety of your kids.

When choosing the right property, you have to make sure that these 6 qualities are included in your home standard. Some of you here might find this as “being picky,” however, these certain qualities can help you live a healthy lifestyle, without worrying about what’s going to happen next.

1. Tight security

Aside from the kind of property that you are going to choose and have, you should never forget about its security. You have to ask and make sure that that particular property has a highly tight security. From the security guard on your area – make sure that they roam around the community regularly to make sure there are no suspicious people that can enter any house, and to its security cameras that are installed in each street.

Sometimes, kids roam around the community on their own, and it is comforting to a parent that their kids are safe in the vicinity of the area.

2. Schools are nearby

At this young age, going to school is a must. And considering that they are vulnerable, having long travel in going to their respective school is not a good idea for them. As a parent, you should consider having a nearby school for them to have more energy to make friends and study more. Moreover, this will also give you an assurance that your kid is safe since you can look after them any time of the day.

3. Amenities kids can safely use and enjoy

Most of the kids, if not all, won’t definitely mind where and what kind of property that they are living, for as long as they have a place where they can make fun and enjoy, then they will be okay with it. Of course, their mind is focused on the things that they can play with. And availing the amenities for your kids to use and enjoy such as the swimming pool and/or playground within the community, you are giving your kids the opportunity to enjoy and learn more. And that what makes a kid – to enjoy life.

4. Flood-free

Whether you agree with me or not, there are some areas and/or real estate properties that are prone to flood. And not knowing what kind of property is a flood-free community can endanger your kids. Of course, you cannot deny that flood water is dirty, and it can cause your kids some sickness. And as a parent, you don’t want that to happen, right? Moreover, even if a flood-free community may be expensive, you should also take the safety of your kids seriously. Never mind the price, for as long as you know that your kid is safe, then you should avail that kind of property.

5. Proximity to health care

Since most of the kids are vulnerable to sickness such as flu, colds, cough, one of the best choice of property is having health care facilities near your community. With that, whenever you kids catch some flu and/or any other sickness, it will immediately be cured. Also, this is a convenient way to take good care of your kids, especially when he/she needs a regular check-up.

6. Close to malls and leisure centers

Ok, let’s admit! One of the past times we usually have is going to malls and/or leisure centers. We just love to go out with our kids and take them to their favorite restaurant. And for you to save time and effort, it is wise for you to choose a property that is near to malls. With that, it will definitely be a convenient on your part, especially when you have a lot of kids to bring with you.


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