5 Ways on How to Identify Homeowner’s Personality Based on their Home

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Whether you agree or not, each of us has our own unique personality. We have our own approach towards a specific thing or situation. And whether you like it or not, we just can’t immediately tell what kind of personality that he/she has when we don’t even know them yet. However, don’t you know that we can now identify what kind of person he/she is just by looking at their home and assessing their lifestyle?

Some of you here might find it judgemental, but nope! Definitely not! It is actually a fact that most homeowners tend to have their home exactly the way they wanted it to look like. Our home is a reflection of who we are. What we usually do in life? What kind of lifestyle we are into? We can know all of these things just by assessing on what kind of home they are living? What kind of paint color they have chosen? What kind of arrangement and/or exterior and interior design that they have? What kind of furniture they used?

Being observant is the key. If you just know how to be seen in every detail, then you will surely identify what kind of personality they have. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Dark colored furniture

Most homeowners who have dark colored furniture like their sofa, the color of their walls, their floor and/or any other things that are colored dark, are usually have children and/or are pet lovers. Dark colored furniture will help them cover the chocolates that were melted on the sofa, their drooling dogs, or a peanut-butter smeared child. Of course, they definitely don’t want their things to be stained. That is why they usually have and used dark colors.

2. Minimal home decorations/furniture

Busy homeowners usually don’t have the time to spend too much on cleaning and/or arranging things in their house. That is why most of them choose to have minimal home decorations and/or furniture to cut them a break and reduce the amount of workload they have at home. Well, that unless they have a helper at home, they can have more things that they want to include in their interior and/or exterior design.

3. Things that are placed lower or higher

When a homeowner is particularly short in height, he/she usually had their things placed lower for them to reach it. Of course, they will not put their things higher than them. Well, that unless you are a tall person, then you definitely would place your things on your height level, where you don’t need to lower your body just to get something.

4. Things are well organized

When you notice that each thing has their own place and is well organized, then you are encountering a formal person. Technically, they don’t want to have a messy home. All the things they have at home have their own place. On the other hand, an informal person doesn’t care about dividers. They are usually are not particular on the arrangements they have at home. For as long as they know and they can find the specific thing that they want to have, then they are okay with it.

5. Things have their own room

If a person wants his/her own privacy, then you will notice that most of their rooms have their own designated place. Their living room is separated by a particular divider. If you want to go to their kitchen, they also have their own room for their kitchen where they cook and another room where they would eat. Also, their bedroom is separated with the other rooms. You can distinguish what and where their particular room is located.


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