Amazing Landscape Ideas in Designing your Oddly-Shaped Backyard

Who among you here has a backyard in your home? Well, nod if you have one!  Can you determine what shape your backyard has?

For those people who just can’t determine what kind of shape their backyard has, then perhaps, it’s an oddly-shaped backyard. Not all yards have an ideal and perfect proportion that you want to have. Sometimes, it has their own and unique space that makes it more difficult for the homeowner to decide what kind of landscape they are going to have for their backyard. For this reason, it is one of the challenges most homeowners faced when it comes to designing and beautifying their home.

Although a lot of yards are uneven in some ways, however, it gives you an interesting and a variety of purposes. Well, the key to having a successful beautification on your oddly-shaped yard will always depend on what and how you are going to do with its landscape. If you can pull it off, then it might be one of your assets in your home.

Ok, let’s admit! Not all of us are good at doing the landscape, especially when we have an oddly-shaped backyard. While other homeowners can hire some professionals, others only depend on the DIYs on how they are going to design their yard. Well, fret not! Below are some ideas that you can apply to your yard. Of course, it is simple and doable!

Problem: Yards that are long and narrow

Quick tips: Divide space and conquer it with zones Image

When you divide a long and narrow yard into small and distinct zones, it will create more spaces in your yard. Moreover, you can also create different zones by using visual tricks like playing around with your furniture placement, lay down an outdoor rug or put up contrasting flooring, and/or strategically position built-ins and garden beds around the space.

Try not to slice up the space using physical structures such as privacy screens and/or tall hedges; it will make the area feel even more closed-in.

Problem: Yards that have curved edges and odd angles

Quick tips: You can play and fake with it Image

Most of the yards, if not all, have curves and a lot of odd angles. Of course, as I’ve said, not all yards are in perfect proportion. Well, you can definitely play with it by filling any awkward nooks and gaps along the edge of your rear garden with trees, flowers, and shrubs. With that trick, the area that you have made will have a square or rectangular space in the center of your yard. Moreover, the vibrant colors and textures of the plants that you have included in the area can add visual interest and draws attention away from the uneven spaces.

Problem: Yards that are sloped

Quick tips: You can definitely work it to your advantage Image

Don’t worry when your backyard is sloped, you can still use it to your advantage. You can make and include some terraces, which serves to minimize awkward inclines and transform the slope into a more functional and friendly outdoor area. Moreover, you can also play with space by putting a concrete slide, a pull-up rope and transform it into a play area for the kids.

Problem: Yards that have awkward corners and nooks

Quick Tips: You can add a statement feature on the corners

/ Image

One of the challenges, when your yard has an awkward corner and nooks, is how and what things that you are going to include to make it nicer to look at. Well now, not anymore! You can definitely include some water features such as fountains, sculptures, planters, sand pits and garden seating nooks are perfect fillers for oddly shaped corners and crevices that you are not quite sure on what to do with it.

Moreover, whatever space filler that you choose, you have to make sure that it fills the entire space for the area to look more cozy and complete, rather than bare and unfinished.

Problem: Yards that are large and empty space

Quick tips: You can introduce an attention-grabbing accent feature Image

Having a large with an empty space yard is definitely a no-no! Of course, you cannot appreciate its beauty when you don’t do something with it. Well, you can definitely add some focal point to your backyard. With that, it deflects the focus from an empty and/or awkward space. Also, you can add some design elements like a striking sculpture, a water feature, an accent wall, etc. in this cozy rear garden are guaranteed to make a big impact on its landscape design.

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