6 Spaces that Prove There’s Always Room for Books

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A lot of you here might not be convinced that living in a small apartment Cebu is definitely not a problem even if you have plenty of books to keep. Although there might be some things that we need to fix to achieve the desired bookshelves, having your own and personalized bookshelves can never be this exciting and interesting before.

Book lovers and/or people who just love to collect interesting and engaging books will definitely love these kinds of arrangements. Of course, even if not all people are there to realize that all things are possible, for as long as you are willing to make some changes, then you will definitely be fine with all those precious books with you.

If you are one of those people who wish to have some space for their books, then fret not! There are already solutions where you can put your books even if you are living in a small apartment. Below are some tips that you can apply to have a good and nice bookshelf. Of course, these arrangements are doable enough for you to do.

1. Above a desk

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Of course, there will always be a table or a desk for you to do your homework and/or a work task that must be continued at home. For you to save some space on your apartment or room, you might want to try having your bookshelf above your table. With that, it will be easier for you to get the things that are the need for your school and/or for your work. You don’t need to go to a particular place just to get a specific book – it is all above you.

2. Around the entryway

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If you are a hardworking person and wants to have a unique style of a bookshelf, you might also try repurposing your old wood and make it as one of your bookshelves. And since your apartment is not that big and doesn’t have enough space for your books, then you might want to put it around your entryway. With that, it will give you a unique style of decorating your bookshelf and on your own apartment.

3. In the bedroom

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I’m sure, there will always be a space in your bedroom. Even if it is just a small space for as long as it can still be of use, then we can definitely use that space to make it as one of your bookshelf in your room. Well, you just have to make sure that you are also making an improvised bookshelf and placed it in the space that is provided. Taking advantage of the space in your room will give you an opportunity to save more space in your bedroom, even if you have a lot of books to keep.

4.  In the hallway

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Your hallway in your apartment is almost guaranteed to have an open wall. Of course, it gives you a chance to make it as one of your bookshelves. Who would have thought that you are making use of a boring wall in your hallway? Well, it doesn’t just serve as a bookshelf but also, it serves as decoration on your apartment – it definitely serves a dual purpose.

5. In the closet

We all know that closet is for the clothes only. However, if you just be creative and innovative when it comes to thinking, then you definitely can think that our closet can also be one of our bookshelves – of course, that if we want to. Moreover, this will definitely give you a lot of space in your apartment. Well, you just have to make sure that the books that you have will not mix into your clothes, you also have to make a partition for you to know where the books and your clothes are located.

6. Under the stairs

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If your apartment has a second floor, and there is still a space under your stairs, then you might as well make use of it. You can definitely make it as one of your bookshelves. With that, there will be no problem on where to find your books since it is neatly and properly hidden under your stairs.
These kinds of arrangements are just a simple yet an elegant way of arranging your books. Moreover, it will always be up to you on what kind of arrangement you want to follow. Enjoy!


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