5 Awesome Ideas for Purple Bedrooms

Nod if you are one of the girls who just can’t get enough with the things that are purple! Well, count me in! For most girls, if not all, purple is a cool color. This is one of those times you can identify girls who are girly enough basing on the color of her bedroom. Well girls, whether you are living in Amaia Skies Cubao and/or any real estate, you can definitely have an awesome bedroom idea.

Some of you might think that having a purple bedroom would be too much. Well, you have to think again since most girls would definitely want to have a purple color in their bedroom. However, even if you girls want to have that kind of color in your bedroom, you still have to remember that painting your bedroom with a purple color can also daunting and demanding. You have to know what other colors that can also match with the purple.

Thinking what kind of ideas for having a purple bedroom can also be a challenge. If you are still stuck on contemplating on what to do, then here are some of the purple bedroom ideas for you to have and enjoy. Of course, you can definitely have and try these ideas in your own bedroom.

1. Having a darker shade


mopodir.blogspot.com Image

In choosing the right color for you, you also have to know what kind of color that you like the most. Ask yourself whether you like the color of your bedroom to be darker or lighter. Surely, you can definitely have your own style on what things that you want to include in your bedroom or what are the other colors that you want to have, for as long as it compliments with the color purple.

2. Having a lighter shade


soulfjord.com Image

Some girls don’t like to have a darker color in their bedrooms, they just want to have a lighter one so that they can also appreciate the color that the chose. Having a lighter color in your bedroom is also one of the things that are pleasing to the eyes. So, girls who like to have a purple yet with a lighter version, you can definitely have it in your own bedrooms.

3. Integrating stripes


desigfx.com Image

There are actually a lot of ways you can paint your own bedroom. Of course, that aside from the typical paint that most people do in their rooms. You can definitely add some style to your paint. Painting it with a purple color and style it with stripes, then you definitely already have a good and charming bedroom. You just have to make sure that the stripes are properly painted for as not to look messy on your walls and/or any parts of your bedroom that you want it painted.

4. Mix matching colors


vizimac.com Image

If you are one of those girls who want to have and/or paint your bedrooms with the colors that you want, you can also definitely do it as long as you want. Well, you can match the colors purple, violet, lavender all over in your room. You can also paint your cabinets with the color that you want to have. And don’t forget the decorations and/or the painting on your wall, that if you also want to have something on your walls.

5. Purple bed sheets, pillows, etc.


telecomwiz.com Image

One of the perks when you one a certain color in your bedroom is that, you can also have a certain color for all of your things. Of course, that if you also like to have one color for all. Well for some, have the same color is also cool to look at, especially when you really like that particular thing. You can also definitely have a purple color on your bed sheets, pillows and/or any other things that you wish to have it purple.

These are just simple yet awesome purple bedroom ideas that you can choose from. Of course, it will always be up to you on how you want to design, decorate and/or renovate your bedroom to look the way you wanted it to be. Just make sure that the things that you want to include in your bedroom and/or the furniture compliments with each other. So girls, enjoy having a purple bedroom.


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