Interior Design: 7 Cool Ways to Bring Space-themed into your Home

We all do love to have a cool and lovely home in Amaia scapes, San Fernando. We want our home to look like the way we wanted it to be. Of course, who would want to stay and live in a lifeless and boring room? We don’t have it, right?

There are actually thousands of decorating ideas that you can choose from. You can choose an interior design based on the things that you like most. You can actually do whatever you want in your house for as long as it will look nice and good.

If you are one of those people, who are also into decorating your house, designing it with a spaced-themed can also be an exciting one. Now, here are some spaced-themed ideas that you can choose from.

1. Galaxy blinds Image

Having blinds on your window can help you prevent too much sunlight from coming into your house. It will help you avoid a direct hit of the sunlight and/or the heat of the sun. What makes it more interesting is when you have a cold galaxy blind on your windows.

When you have a galaxy themed blind, it will really be a cool thing to look at since the stars that are in the blind reflects the light from the sun, and that makes it nicer to look at.

2. Planetarium lamp Image

This kind of lamp will definitely let you experience the outer space. The holes of the lamp illuminate the room which makes a cool planetarium themed lamp.

When you have a planetarium lamp in your house or in your room, it will bring you to the place where the stars are all in, and it will also bring you to a whole lot of new level when it comes to lamps.

3. Galaxy wall décor Image

Like galaxy blinds, your wall will also be a galaxy themed décor. You can have and placed it on your walls. It will really be cool to look at especially when your wall will be all covered with the galaxy themed wall decor.

Also, it is not that hard to place it on your wall since you can have it as a wallpaper. You definitely buy it in the store if they have some available galaxy wallpaper.

4. Moon door sticker Image

Of course, from the word itself, it is a moon designed sticker. Well, you can definitely place on your doors so that it will be cool to have. It is like you are going to enter a moon from your door. Cool, isn’t it?!

5. Galaxy beddings Image

If you are one of those people who just can’t get over with the galaxy theme, then you can also have a galaxy theme on your beddings. You can have a galaxy design pillow and blanket, and of course, you can also include your bed sheets.

The galaxy themed bedding is not just for coverings, but it will also give you a new and unique satisfying look on your beddings.

6. Moon clock Image

Your spaced themed décor doesn’t just end up on your walls, you can definitely also have it as one of your furniture at home. You can also have a moon clock hanged on your wall. It is also cool and nice to look at when you have like this in your house.

7. Moon rug Image

Aside from the typical rugs, we have at home, why don’t we upgrade it to having a moon-themed rug? Well, having it in our home will also give us the feeling of experiencing the outer space.


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