Working Tips: A Must Do Before You Start Working

Working in an office space can sometimes be demanding. Especially when we have deadlines to meet, and your ideas won’t just flow, it is just so frustrating in our part of an employee and/or employer. Sometimes, we just don’t understand why our ideas won’t cooperate when we need it the most. Or are we going to agree that creative ideas will flow during last minutes? Image

There surely must be some scientific explanation for how our ideas flow and/or why sometimes ideas will just come at a specific time. Have you ever notice and wondered about that? Well, whatever the reason behind it, I’m sure you have some remedy or some things to do to address that kind of situations.

If you are a person who usually experiences such, perhaps you have to change a few your daily routines before working. Changing your routines would not be a bad thing at all especially when if it is for your own good and productivity. Here are some tips on how you can avoid situations when ideas won’t just flow in times when you need it.

Breakfast Image

Eating your breakfast is an important thing to do before going to work. Being starve overnight can make you feel hungry in the morning. Eating your breakfast gives you fuel to think clearly and properly which makes you do more work than not eating breakfast at all. It will also prevent you from having headaches and stomach aches while working.

There are also times when you don’t have enough time to eat your breakfast since you are already late for work. When you do, try to bring bread or biscuits for you to eat at work. As long as your stomach will be filled, and then you are ok for the day, just don’t make yourself starve while working.

A minute of relaxation Image

Relaxing for a few minutes does not mean you are already lazy. The moment you arrived at your workplace, you have to relax a bit since you are traveling from your home to your work. There will also be a tendency that upon arriving at your workplace, you pant heavily and need to catch some air to breathe. Of course with that, your mind does not set automatically for work.

When you relax your mind and body even just for a few minutes and taking a deep breath before working, can help you think clearly and properly. You won’t rush things without properly thinking since you already have a clear mind on what to do before you start your work.

A cup of coffee Image

There is a scientific reason why coffee can help us be productive in our work. Perhaps it is because of the caffeine in it which gives us the energy to do work more than not drinking a cup of coffee at all. And, it does not just give energy, but it also helps us think smarter. It is proven that by drinking a cup of coffee before you start working can also calm your nerves down which makes you think clearly and properly.

Of course, too much coffee is also not good for our health and while in work since it makes your heart palpitate when you drink too much. You must be moderate in drinking coffee, just enough for you to have a good startup before working.

Organized working place Image

If you have a clean and organized working space, you will love to work at your desk. Without something that bothers and/or irritates our eyes, we can concentrate and focus on our work. Also, it can help us finish our work faster since the things around are desk are organized, and it is easier for you to look the things that you need.

You will not also be worried whether you have something that you misplaced or lost. All the things that you need are properly arranged for your convenience at work.

Music Image

Listening to music can really help you when it comes to your work. It does not just pleasing to hear, but it also helps us think properly and clearly. Just make sure that you are listening to good music. Yes, good music that can help you be productive in your work. Avoid listening hard rock to work, or any other music that is irritating and noisy to hear. If you are using speakers, then you must be considerate on your workmates as not to disturb them in their work.

Instrumentals, classics, country music, mellow and other kinds of music genres that are soothing and pleasant to hear which definitely make you productive in a way where you can think properly and calmly.

These are just some of the things you can do before you start your day at work. and whatever you want to do before work, do it, for as long as you feel comfortable and can also make you productive out of it.

What about you? What are the things you usually do before you start working?


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