5 Brilliant Ways on How to Spend Free Time Productively

All of us have free time, who doesn’t? Even the busiest person has free time. I know you have time to spare too!

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can spend your free time. You may spend your time shopping or even go to the best resorts in the Philippines. It is your time; it is up to you what you want to do with it. You may waste it or spend your free time productively.

When we say ‘productively’, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is doing or achieving a lot that produces good results. And when we say ‘spending your free time productively’, it is doing the things that make you productive. Well, if you want to know what are the things that can help and make you productive, you might consider doing things brilliant ways.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Read’?

When we hear the word ‘Read,’ a lot of people won’t do it since all they know, reading is boring, it can make you feel sleepy, it can make your eyes and head hurt and it is not fun to read. I know you had those feelings too. But what if these ‘boring’ textbooks can make you productive, are you going to change your mind and read?!

Reading books, magazines, newspapers and other references give you a lot of information that other people don’t have. You know what the ins and outs of today’s are; you know who these particular people who contributed big time in our community or in our country, and you will know what to do when circumstances occur.

It is always an advance when you read. Reading can bring you to places where you haven’t been there yet and it gives you better perspective and understanding of the world. You will also feel confident in whoever you meet since you know something that they don’t.


Unfortunately, there are few people who write. Writing is not that hard as what you think. You don’t have to write an entire article for you to start writing. Writing journals is a good start.

Writing can give you the benefit of telling or sharing what you feel where you cannot share it with others. You can write what you feel for the entire exhausting day, how annoyed and pissed you are, how your boss or friend sucks or how happy you are when your crush talks to you. You write it down.

You are the boss of your writing, you can write what you want and let your imaginations run wild. Just write it down, it is fun!

Listening to Good Music

Every day, we are bombarded with the noise around us. Noises from the vehicles, noises from the people, plus the noise of your boss who keeps reprimanding you, all these can make your day a living hell which can affect your entire day.

Listening to good music can put you in a good mood. Sometimes, even though you are stressed, it makes you feel relax and at ease. There are also times when you needed some inspirations; listening to good music can help. It can make you do better things when you are in the right mood.

When we say ‘good music’, it doesn’t mean rock or metallic rock. ‘Good Music’ is when we listen; it is pleasant to the ears.


Engaging your body in an active activity can build a better and healthier lifestyle. It gives you the energy to work for an entire day. Being lazy and not in a mood to do a certain work is the least you can do. When you are in a good and healthy condition, it affects the entire day.

Not only health benefits you can get through sports, you can also have fun and enjoy what you do. It is a matter of conditioning you for a better you.

Family Bonding

This is also one way to spend a quality time, not just for you, but also for the family. Having you around makes a family bonding complete and fun since it is when we tell or share our thoughts and experiences with our family. Cheesy as it may seem, but one way or another, we can have our moral support from them.

Eating together with our family is also a way to bond. Bonding with your families is not just for fun, it is also where we can have a heart to heart talk with them that can bring the family members closer to each other.


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