7 Annoying Jeepney Facts

“You are not a Filipino if you don’t know how to ride a jeepney.”

People say.

There are millions of people commuting every day, and we are one of those people. We commute going to the malls in the Philippines, going to school and other places where we want to go. Commuting is already part of our daily living. Well that, if you don’t have a private car.

Have you ever experience being annoyed just by commuting? I bet we all do! We tend to get annoyed and pissed at the passengers in the jeepney. And mind you, it made our day! Most of the times, we can’t avoid these annoying, disturbing, irritating and nerve-wracking incidents inside the jeepney. It’s based on experience actually. So, hands up if you also had experienced these annoying jeepney facts.

Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Ok! I know this is a rare situation, but there are still people, or couples out there dared to display their feelings to each other in public. They giggle, kiss and hug. Literally! I just don’t understand, and I bet you do too, why are they doing that?! You are to the public, people! It’s unsightly! You can always do that at home or wherever place you want to, for as long as it is not in public.

Smelly Person beside You

This is disgusting! I know you want to puke smelling the person beside you. Especially when he or she moves, the odor will really spread enough for you to smell it. Perhaps, they are already immune to their odor which is why they don’t know that they are already smelly. Well, you really need to bring a handkerchief all the times for in a case like this. Guys and girls, please observe healthy and clean hygiene. You know what to do to make you smell and look good.

Girls with Long Hair

Most girls with long hair, if not all, don’t usually tie their hair. Perhaps, they have a new hair rebond or they just want to flaunt their curly or straight hair. And while riding on a jeepney, their hair is being blown away by the wind. It is itchy and painful whenever the hair touches your face.

And the most irritating part is that, even though that girl knows that her hair is all over in someone’s face, she just let it without minding the person beside her. Good luck when you sit beside girls with long hair who just let their hair be blown by the wind.

Laughing out loud/ talking loudly

Yes! Hands up! I know you, and I have done it, especially when we have friends that make us laugh out loud and exciting topics that make us talk out loud without minding other commuters. We may be having fun talking and laughing, but other passengers are already annoyed by the noise that we make.
Moderation is always the keyword. You may talk and laugh with your friends while inside the jeepney but make sure that nobody will get annoyed.

Slow Jeepney Ride

Have you ever notice and experience that whenever you are in a rush, there are just times that the jeepney that you ride is just too slow, plus you are caught in a heavy traffic?! You will not just be annoyed; you will really be pissed since you are already late in your work or in school. I salute when you can tell the driver to make it a little bit faster. I’ll tell you, it takes courage and thick face to do it.

Lesson learned, always be an early bird to avoid situations like this.

Paying for Fare

Ignoring you when you are about to pay your fare is just so annoying! There are times when you are about to pay the fare yet the person beside you pretend not to notice you. You still have to repeat “please pass the fare” over and over again so that the person next to you gets it. There are also times when they can’t hear you since they have headphones in their ears. Annoying, it is!

Sitting position

Some people are really stubborn while riding the jeepney. Even though, they know that they are commuters who have a hard time sitting, they still sit like they own the vehicle. There are even times when commuters have no choice but to sit in the air since they can’t sit properly. And mind you, it is really hard to sit in the air while riding a jeepney.

“You are not a Filipino if you don’t experience these annoying jeepney facts.” People also say.

Just don’t tell me that you are one of the people who do these annoying acts, if you do, please stop, be considerate and let’s change!

What about you? What is the most annoying and irritating jeepney acts for you?


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