3 Ways to Let Your Kids Enjoy While Inside the Malls

Shopping! Yes! But with kids pestering you around, I bet if you will enjoy your shopping time. It is quite mean going to malls alone while your kids don’t have the chance to enjoy. With this concern, there are already malls in the Philippines that let your kids enjoy while you go shopping.

For parents and guardians, it is more convenient when they allow their kids to enjoy in these centers while they are busy having their shopping or groceries. They don’t have to worry when they leave their kids in these centers because they will learn while they are having fun.

These centers in malls have their way to let your kids enjoy. They are much willing to teach your kids while meeting and playing with other new kids. It is also one of the benefits they can get while they are in these centers.

Play areas/group


Play areas have a lot of toys for kids to enjoy. It is an area or room where kids got to enjoy fellow kids. They usually enjoy sharing toys or playing tag with other kids in the room. And they don’t just enjoy the toys they played but they also learn out of it. They learn the colors, the shapes, and the textures of the toys they are touching. Play areas also have swings, slides, monkey bars and trampoline for kids to play and enjoy more.

Fret not when you leave your kids behind in these areas. There are stuff or personnel that will assist your kids while playing. They will keep an eye on your kids. They also have sets of rules and regulations within their vicinity to ensure safety while playing.


Malls nowadays already have an area where kids got to ride mini bikes, mini horses, mini trains and other kinds of mini transportation. Kids have the chance to drive it on their own. With the assistance of the personnel assigned on the rides, they can learn how to maneuver the wheel, how to turn it left and right and how to stop it.

Big boys will definitely have fun in playing this mini transportation in malls, especially when they have the chance to play and drive it together with other kids. These mini transportations have four wheels, so you don’t have to worry about balancing. And when your kid is new to that kind of mini transportation, there is a personnel that will assist your kid on how to drive and rides on it.

Painting areas

There are malls, if not all, have painting areas for kids. These centers let the kids do artworks like; paintings, drawings or sketches on their own. There is a personnel that will assist and teach your kids about how to paint. They also have readily made sculptures for the kids to paint it with their own choice of color. These painting centers are more concern about their creativity. They help cultivate and encourage your kids to exercise more on their imaginations to enhance their skills to produce beautiful artworks.

There are also some of these centers cater workshops for kids. They accept enrollees to join in their activities. There they will teach your kids about the basics of painting, drawing, and sketch. Your kids will learn more about their workshops while they will have fun in doing what they like together with other kids.

Now you don’t have to freak out leaving your kids behind while you go on a shopping. These centers will make sure that your kids will be safe while having their time playing and learning. One way or another, it helps your kids be exposed to the outside world and have fun and enjoy.


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