Palawan: Reasons Why it is the best Place for Retirees

Paradise. Is a word that describes the resorts in Palawan. The country’s last ecological frontier as they may say. It is where we can find the beauty of nature’s wonders that surround it. The smell of the ocean breeze and the beautiful scenery are one of the things that you don’t want to miss.


Knowing that the Philippines is rich in natural resources, many Filipinos and Foreigners choose to make the Philippines as their second home. Away from the noise of the busy city and a place where pollution is not an option, are the things they usually consider in choosing a place to live.

Some of the retirees will make sure that the place where they want to stay is a place where they can call it a home. They usually check whether the place is worthy to live for retirement or not. Sometimes, they have this ‘qualifications’ in mind before they decide where to stay.

With qualifications in mind, Palawan has its own beauty where one can say it is a home away from home. It is a place where one can be satisfied with everything he does. Yet some of the retirees still can’t decide where and what place is suitable for their retirement. Giving you some reasons why Palawan is the best and suitable place for retirees might help you out.

  • Breathtaking scenery

This is one of the reasons why Palawan is a suitable place for retirees. The beautiful sunrise and sunset, the vast blue sea, and the fauna and flora can mesmerize you. Seeing these breathtaking sceneries, it can make you feel more relax and at ease. It is the best place especially people who are into nature.

  • Peaceful and clean environment


Not like other provinces, Palawan is not overcrowded. They respect and live their lives peacefully. Not only living a peaceful and simple life, they also maintain clean and green policy where everyone abides by it. The people living in there are discipline when it comes to cleanliness with their surroundings. They are a nature lover which is why they give value to it.

  • Friendly

Filipinos are known to be friendly and hospitable. A smile will welcome you whenever you run into them and greets you warmly. They also care for you and will give you a helping hand whenever you need one. They will also let you feel that you are always welcome in the neighborhood. These are the traits of the Filipinos that foreign people loved the most.

  • Cheap

Buying is not a problem when it comes to goods, rentals and house and lot in the Philippines since they are cheap. Especially buying it at wholesale prices, it can really let you save a lot. Discounts are also common when buying wholesale products. Though it may be cheap, the quality of the product is not compromised. Not just in buying something, services are also cheap. You can tip them with money or snacks, as long as it is heartily given.

These reasons may be simple but it can make an impact in your way of living. It helps you decide whether Palawan is worth the place or not. A place like Palawan gives you the security of a home, pleasure and the satisfactory where individual dreams to have. It is a simple life to live yet it is full of great opportunities and memories to make.

We all do know that being away from home is an adjustment to make. Especially deciding for a place to retire, it requires deep thought before you give in. The thought if it is worth the living, the adjustments, and the sacrifices before moving may be hard. But when there is a place where you can fall in love with, it is worth it all.


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