Top 5 Most Annoying Acts When Shopping

Shopping! Yes!

Everybody loves shopping. Who doesn’t?  Especially when shopping malls in the Philippines have thousands of things in store for you, you’ll definitely want to give in to those temptations. Well, giving into those things is not bad at all when you have the budget.

Shopping is fun when you have a companion. Sometimes, if not most of the times, companions can be useful when it comes to giving an opinion in choosing what’s in or not, what’s nice or not. But there are just times that you can’t avoid being annoyed with them. And I’m sure, you totally can relate to these annoying acts.

#5: Forgets that he/she have a companion

When you enjoy choosing a thing to buy, you are so engrossed in it. Which one is nicer? What color will I choose? Is it really worth it? I like this one, but I like that one too. These questions preoccupy your mind forgetting you have someone besides you. And then when you decide to go to another stall or store, you immediately walk leaving your companion behind. And guess; your companion pitifully followed you and chasing you for in case you don’t mind having one.

Tip of advice: include him/her in your dilemmas, ask them. You don’t know, they might be the one who can answer your questions. Plus, you will never forget that you have a companion. It’s worth it.

#4: Constantly following you around (like a tail)

Sometimes, it is awkward when someone is following you wherever you go. Especially when he/she is not quite helpful to you, being followed by them is quite a nuisance. Of course, you would not say “you go wherever you want, just don’t follow me”, that’s totally rude. Well, you have to endure it until you go home.

Tip of advice: while he/she follows you around, try to start a conversation. Like what #5 does, ask them. They can be useful. Also, try to ask whether there is a place where they want to go, tell them it is fine and you’ll just meet at a certain place and time.

#3: Distant walking and prolonged standing time

“Can we just stick to one store?” Well, think again when you want to ask this question, it is a no-no especially when you are with a girl. Girls would not be contented with only one store. They usually do store hoping to see if there is something better than the previous one. Most girls are meticulous in prices, designs and whatever they are looking for. When they don’t see the things that they are looking, expect to walk and walk from store to store. Enjoy!

Long lines when paying the bills or taking some order. Call it a patience test. Expect that to happen especially when you are buying when everybody does. Just don’t wear heels and you will be fine.

Tip of advice: patience is always a virtue. Just try to enjoy while you wait. It will be done eventually.

#2: Silence…

Awkward, yes it is definitely awkward! Having a companion with little words can make the shopping day a boring day. It is not a total silence though, but the thought of having a companion that doesn’t talk a lot can make you feel bored. It is just the same when you shop alone. Why did you let him/her be your companion again?!

Tip of advice. When you encounter this situation, take the lead. Be the talker. Talk about what interests you both and stick to it. Sometimes, these people are shy. You just have to take a step for them to open up and start to talk.

Note: just don’t talk a lot; he/she might get annoyed with your noisy talks. Be moderate!


Yes! Shout it out! You are not just annoyed, you are pissed! Ugh! Save it!



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